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  1. Best machine for my purposes

    Any idea what model this is and if it might be appropriate for my needs? Assuming it's in good working condition, of course. Is it possible a 206rb?
  2. Best machine for my purposes

    Thanks for the information, everyone! I currently have a line on a singer 111w that I'm trying to get a good price for.
  3. Best machine for my purposes

    I messaged the seller on the Juki earlier today. They indicated they had two buyers firm at $550. I think I might go for it but it may not last long enough for me to pick up.
  4. I know that there is a lot of information already out there for beginners to choose a machine. However, I thought someone may be able to offer some suggestions given my particular scenario: I generally work with 3-5 ounce chrome tanned. So, in most cases the maximum thickness I would ever expect to work with would be 10 ounce together. Here is a list of some machines I found locally: Bernina Record 830 - $450 Domestic 153 Singer 500A - $50 Singer 401A - $250 Singer 15-91 Pfaff 34-6/2bs Pfaff 360 Of course, I understand that condition plays a big role here. I am hoping to stay in the $500 range. I don't expect to run this machine heavily or often. And, as mentioned I will probably max out at 8-10 ounce chrome tanned. I am hoping somebody can provide some recommendations or insights with all of this information in mind.