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  1. Feedback on buyleatheronline

    I totally recommend it!
  2. Octagon Buckle

    Hello guys! I'm trying to find this kind of buckle but I just found ONE place to buy, and it comes from Japan. Anyone knows some place preferencial in Europe where I can buy this and other good quality buckles? Thanks
  3. Thread for Leather

    I already bought a spool of Ritza Tiger Thread. But have a lot of options that you can choose. Some guys here in the forum tried some threads coming from China and they said is not a high high quality but for the price is nice. Edit: here you can find some talks and references
  4. Vintage women handbag

    BTW I'm working on that. A different style of chimayo/native American. Soon I send photos
  5. Vintage women handbag

    Exactly! :D
  6. Vegetable Natural Split

    Thank you Matt. That's exactly what I was thinking. No "smooth" side. Thank you for help!
  7. Vegetable Natural Split

    Hey Matt, thank you. That's the link that I saw and talking about: https://buyleatheronline.com/en/home/194-vegetable-natural-split.html
  8. Vegetable Natural Split

    Hello everybody! I want to know what kind of leather is that. Usually I produce some wallets, belts and small leather goods. These kind of leather is appropriate for that? Need a special treatment with finishing to looks good? Thanks
  9. Vintage women handbag

    So, I found out. This draw pattern is called "chimayo".
  10. Hello everybody, Someone knows about this type of handbag? If it have a "name" or something? I would like to do one of these for my girlfriend but I don't know exactly how to start. Thanks and regards