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  1. Goat skin wallet

    Beautiful wallet. I actually like the thread. I like the looks of the leather you chose too. Tiger thread also comes in .6 mm if you like working with it. Rodney
  2. Really Stupid Basic Question on Leather Types

    Good idea. I actually have a rotary cutter already from sewing fabric. I'll give that a shot on the next one.
  3. Basic stitching tool related question

    I've noticed that Springfield uses the terms stitching and lacing somewhat interchangeably. I was hoping that one was actually for stitching. Thanks guys, the GoodsJapan prices seem reasonable and the tools look good. . I know with tools you tend to get what you pay for but my budget is limited. The GoodsJapan ones are within my spending range. I do have polishing equipment. Polishing the prongs, at least on the outer faces, won't be a big deal. I'll be using mostly a baseball stitch or possibly an X stitch on the wraps. I'm using a saddle stitch on the wrist straps. I'll most likely get the 3x5mm chisel to start. That should be a good compromise for my purposes. My first leather wrap was pretty crude. The only thing saving it is the rustic nature of the stick its on. I'm working on a cane right now that will be much more demanding. Straight lines and smooth curves are a must for it to look right. A decent stitching chisel will help. I'll post the new one when it's done. It's probably a couple weeks out from being finished. I'll take a look for the you tube videos. I'm curious about what they're doing. Thanks, Rodney
  4. Basic stitching tool related question

    I think I may have answered my own question. Springfield Leather has some diamond point chisels that should work.
  5. My first ever leather item

    You would never know it was your first. Great looking sheath. Rodney
  6. Sheath number 2

    I like it. Nice details. Rodney
  7. Newbie

    Welcome aboard and sorry to see you're disabled. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work, Rodney
  8. 4am can't sleep

    Very nice! Nice reference too. I think it's a great idea. Rodney
  9. I'm looking at buying a stitching chisel. Most likely I'll buy either a 2 or a 3 prong one. I will most likely be using 0.6 and 0.8 mm tiger thread for my thread. I'm mostly going to be covering cane handles and making wrist straps for them. What size(s) stitching chisel would be best? Also, which cheaper brands would you recommend? I am on a budget and don't want to spend a lot. Thanks, Rodney
  10. Really Stupid Basic Question on Leather Types

    This one is about as rustic as I make them. I have one gluing up right now that will be a lot more refined (I hope). That one needs the stitching right. I'll most likely buy matching thread and use a baseball stitch for it. Rodney
  11. Really Stupid Basic Question on Leather Types

    I'm a little confused on burnishing. (Back to really stupid basic questions) I know you can burnish veg tan. This is oil tanned. Is oil tanned leather veg tan that's treated with oil or is it a type of chrome tan? Can I burnish oil tan like veg tan? Also is it possible to mold oil tan? Fixing my stitch line is a pretty big priority for me. I also need to get a lot better at cutting a smooth seam edge. I've got some ragged cut lines on this one. It needs to be neater for what I want to do. This one was a good learning experience. It's also good to know bellies will work for me. I'd like to turn out a nice product but still keep costs down.
  12. Really Stupid Basic Question on Leather Types

    Thanks, I showed the pictures to my customer and she's happy so all's well on this one. It was a fun project and I plan to do more. I'm used to working with wood. I don't know much about leather but this piece had a lot of stretch and liked to move as I was cutting it. I don't mind the stretch. I think it was why I was able to get it to fit. Rodney
  13. Really Stupid Basic Question on Leather Types

    I completely butchered the black piece I bought. I ended up buying a bigger piece of brown oil tanned instead. The brown was a lot more pliable and forgiving than the first piece was. Anyway, here's some really bad pictures of what I came up with. Pretty ragged stitching. Cutting my lines could have went better too. I don't think there are two stitches in line anywhere on it but as a first attempt I'm pretty happy with it. I think there is a stitching chisel in my future.
  14. Beautiful work! I feel the same way about photobucket too. Rodney
  15. Flatten Re purposed Leather

    I have no experience at all but it might be worth gluing it to a thin leather as a backing and pressing it flat while the glue cures. Sort of like a veneer. I'm hoping someone will be along soon with a better idea. Rodney