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  1. I'd recommend putting them behind glass. Yes, the shop keeper will need a key but it will keep the touchy-feely types from handling them unless they're serious about buying them too.
  2. Sewing Machine Game.....

    The Singer 201 is one of the best domestic sewing machines Singer ever made. They also saw a lot of commercial use from tailors and dress makers. Great for fabric but not necessarily a leather machine though they should handle garment weight leather just fine. We don't see too many of the newer style like that one here in the USA. Rodney
  3. Nice job! I'm another fan of Dungeness crab. Rodney
  4. I forgot to add: is favored by the vintage sewing machine crowd for parts. It pays to buy better quality bobbins, etc instead of the big box store stuff. Rodney
  5. The top, larger machine is either a Singer 15 of a Japanese made 15 clone. I don't see the Singer badge so I'm thinking clone. Both machines are for domestic use. They can sew garment weight leather but I wouldn't give either one a steady diet of heavier stuff. They're really not made for heavier weights of leather though both are better made than most modern domestic machines. I'm not sure how heavy of thread they can handle. My sewing with them has been with standard household thread. Both use easily available needles (15x1, standard for most newer domestic machines) I think up to size 20. The top machine uses class 15 bobbins, the 99 uses class 66 bobbins. Rodney
  6. stamps as suggestion

    I like both but the dragon flesh rules. Rodney
  7. Greyhound type collar

    Lucky dog. Rodney
  8. I'll be praying for you. Rodney
  9. walking cane

    That's the main reason I signed up-to learn how to do a proper job of covering cane handles with leather. Rodney
  10. Praying Hands tribute

    I'm sorry for your loss. It's a very nice tribute. Well done and the frame sets your work off nicely. Rodney
  11. Rustic drinkin' horn

    You'll have to round up some mead and find out. Rodney
  12. Dice bag - my first sale!

    Nice looking bag. I would have loved something like that when I was still playing D&D. (many years ago now) Congrats! It's always a great feeling when your work is appreciated by others. Rodney
  13. Old dog and some new tricks.. 'bout time to share

    I love the sculptures too. I've never seen leather used like that. Rodney
  14. Oak Leaf Axe Sheath

    Thank you! Nice job on the axe too. Rodney
  15. Hello from Colorado

    Welcome! And Good For You! I don't drink nearly as much as I used to. It's amazing how much more time, money and energy you'll have for other hobbies. Rodney