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  1. Welcome! Both our dogs are rescues too, though not your breed. We fostered for a little while and ended up with two we couldn't part with. Rodney
  2. Yes it is. I found out Etsy is real quick to jump on anyone not in complete agreement with their policies too. I don't frequent that forum much unless I'm looking for specific answers now. Rodney
  3. Thanks very much for that. Etsy has it's flaws but sounds like it's still the best thing going for me. Rodney
  4. I'm new here too. Welcome! Rodney
  5. I just had a look around Aftcra. My gut feeling is it's too small though I do like the idea of them only allowing actual artisan crafted items. Reading on their site I get the idea it was started by people frustrated with Etsy's policies (guessing only). I'd never heard of Aftcra before and when I searched for "Walking Sticks" and "Canes" on their site I only found 1 vendor in those categories. I don't think the exposure will be as good as I have on Etsy though there would certainly be less competition there. Aftcra's fees also look higher to me. Right now I'm paying around 7% total for listing, processing and financial service fees with Etsy plus I get discounted shipping through USPS. Aftcra starts at 7% then there are paypal fees on top of that and I'm on my own for shipping. Rodney
  6. I know it's an older thread but it's an interesting one to me. I opened my Etsy shop back in November selling wooden canes. I'm primarily a woodworker. I'm here to learn how to make good leather handles for my canes. There are a few leather handled canes being made already but I think it's a market worth exploring. For a small timer like me Etsy is convenient and worth the fees. I don't necessarily agree with their definition of hand made though I'm not sure where to draw the line. To me hand made implies one person made the item pretty much start to finish regardless of the tools used. I think you lose that individual attention to detail when you start having a bunch of employees putting things together in assembly lines. One person cutting, another assembling, yet another finishing. Maybe a better definition would be individually crafted as opposed to mass produced. I am interested in learning more about Amazon Handmade and Aftcra. I've never heard of Aftcra before now. Are there any members here using either service and what are your thoughts? Rodney
  7. I'm not sure what's wrong but your pictures are tiny even after I click on them. Rodney
  8. Welcome! I'm new here too. Looks like we're almost neighbors-at least as far as forum distances go. Rodney
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys. Sounds like the learning curve will be a bit steep at first. The handles I want to make are going to require a fair amount of precision in the fit and finish to look good. Think more along the lines of nice garments or upholstery than a rustic "wrap some leather around a stick" look. The good thing about it is there will be a nearly endless amount of possibilities for the handles when I'm up and running. I'm at least a few months off before I can even start making them. I'm just trying to do some research before I start. Leather is a completely new thing for me. All I know right now is it comes from dead critters and that I like the stuff. Rodney
  10. I've been lurking and reading here the last few days and decided to sign up. There are a lot of really talented people here and I've been learning a lot.. I'm not really a leather worker though it looks like I could get sucked into it pretty easily. I mostly do woodworking and am currently making canes. I have some ideas for leather wrapped handles on the canes I make and am trying to learn more about how do the job properly. I'm going to have a bunch of really basic questions when I get started. Rodney
  11. Great looking bags. I especially like the top one. Rodney