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  1. Variations on a theme- More totes!

    Looks like you've got them down to me.
  2. Mystery braid bracelet for my wife.

    Great looking bracelet and nice touch on the snap.
  3. Another 3-Piece Body Tote Prototype

    Very nice! I like the black better than the hair on one that you made.
  4. Fantasy Scale Lamellae Cuirass

    You would be surprised at how marketable "post commercial waste" is. Re-using, upcycling, whatever you want to call it is really popular at the moment. When I was younger we used terms like "scrounging", "scavenging", etc. and it wasn't very marketable at all. Back to the armor. Great job on it! Very cool. Is it for yourself or are you selling it?
  5. One of latest works

    Nice job on both the leather and the pin. Your friend did some nice fine detail work there.
  6. Just a little curious...

    Depends on who you ask. If you check my driver's license I'm 52. My brain still thinks I'm 25, my body knows I'm at least 52-some days a lot older, and my wife and daughter are both convinced I'm about 12.
  7. Handmade machine stitched?

    I know in the short time I've been here I've learned a lot. I still have a long way to go. First thing I learned was it isn't as easy as it looks. Anyone can make a basic saddle stitch. That's easy. When you start talking about straight lines, smooth curves and consistent stitches, well, now you're talking about something much harder to achieve. There's no way I would attempt a watch strap right now. Maybe never. Things need to be pretty much dead on perfect at that scale for them to look right. I'm nowhere near that good and know it.
  8. Wallet that I am pleased with using brogue holes

    I love the pattern and colors too. Nice wallet.
  9. Wood box for my thread

    Your friend went above and beyond on that. My wife wouldn't let me keep something that nice in the shop.
  10. Envelope card wallet

  11. Handmade machine stitched?

    Currently on the leather side of things I am that "less skilled" hobbyist w/o the leather working chops, though I am trying to learn. I don't think the real leather workers here have much to fear from me.
  12. Handmade machine stitched?

    I think to machine stitch something and call it hand stitched is wrong, it's clearly misleading. Can an item be machine stitched and still be hand made though? Yes, I think so. My focus is mainly wood -canes (I'm here because I want to add leather to the handles). I use machines to make my canes. They take a lot of the grunt work out of the process. It's the same as clicker cut or round knife on leather. Wood doesn't care what cuts it either. I would use hungry rats if it got the results I wanted. The final shaping and sanding is done by hand though. I see this same argument about what is hand made in other forums too. It's not an easy one to define. How do you define the care an individual artisan or crafts person or even a small shop with only a few employees puts into an object as opposed to an item being mass produced in a factory with multiple people doing individual steps along the way? It's not simply a question of whether machines were used or not. All those employees are still operating those machines by hand. I think to me the defining thing is whether one person made an object as opposed to a large number of people, each completing an individual step. Then there's the question of a small shop or an individual doing runs of 500 essentially identical items. Still hand made, or mass produced? The lines do get a bit blurry at times. Maybe "Artisan Made" or something like that as opposed to "hand made" might be more appropriate.
  13. I'm still very new to this game and certainly have a lot more questions than answers. I do know I've seen "deer tanned" mentioned as well as "brain tanned" and "alum tanned". Deer tanned may or may not be one of the other two. I've also seen eggs mentioned as a tanning agent, maybe a variation on brain tanning? I also have trouble with "oil tanned" . What is it exactly? I'm guessing the oil is a treatment applied after the leather is either chrome or vegetable tanned but I'm really not sure. I do know I like the looks of it. It's a really confusing subject for me. I'll be reading Mike's article and following this thread closely. On a related note, I prefer soft, pliable, stretchy leather for my cane handles because it's easier to get it to conform to compound curves. I bought a piece of brown leather that is great to work with, the black leathers I've bought have been way stiffer. *EDIT* I'm not blaming the color here. I know that doesn't make a difference* Stiffer leathers don't work as well. Right now it's a real crap shoot for me with more misses than hits. What terms or leather types should I look for for these traits when I'm shopping leather? If this question is better as a separate thread, please tell me.
  14. Old Dake Arbor Press

    I don't own one but wish I did. They're good solid presses and useful for more than leather. Nice job on the cleanup.
  15. Tool Pot using Angelus leather paints

    Both fun and useful. Always a winning combination to me.