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  1. Knucklehead seat

    Very nice! More shots of the bike as you make progress wouldn't hurt either.
  2. Lets talk about WOW factor in leatherwork.

    I'm not trying to sell myself short. Affordable doesn't mean poorly made. Canes won't allow it. At the very minimum they need to provide additional support for the people who rely on them. Keeping things simple and using less expensive woods help keep things affordable. I gather and harvest most of the woods I use myself. They're not lesser quality, just less expensive to acquire and I have fun doing it. I look at my work from when I started to now and I see the improvement. But still I look at it and think: "That joint could have been tighter." or "I should have sanded it more." or "That shape could be refined a bit." They're things that won't detract from the function of the cane and a lot of people probably wouldn't even notice them but to me they're things that I can (and should) work to improve. I do agree that things don't have to be perfect to earn a wow. I would even go so far as to say sometimes it's the imperfections that set an item apart. Poor workmanship isn't one of them though. A lot of my canes feature the imperfections in the wood. Things like knots, old wounds and worm holes become features. I use a lot of spalted wood. Spalting is basically the early stages of rot but it can create some beautiful patterns in the wood. I think the leather working equivalent would be using brands, scars and the raw edges of hides as they come from the tannery as features.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with starting your own site. It indicates I made the right decision for me. I'm borderline computer illiterate. I can turn one on and type but not much more than that. After checking out various selling sites like Ebay and Etsy I decided that I would use Etsy instead of trying to manage my own site. They take a cut but it's a manageable one and it's easy. Are there things I don't like? Yes. That said I believe that for me the pros outweigh the cons.
  4. Lets talk about WOW factor in leatherwork.

    Great topic. The very definition of the Wow factor means that not everyone can achieve it. Would I like to reach that point? Yes. Will I? Probably not. The good news is there is plenty of room for makers like me who don't reach that lofty standard. Good, serviceable work has it's place too. I'm still a complete novice when it comes to leather. No "Wow" there and there won't be for quite a while, probably not ever. If I ever do get a wow on my leather work it'll be along the lines of "Wow. How did you manage to mess that up that badly?" That doesn't keep me from trying. Canes are my main focus. As far as my cane making goes, well, no "Wow" there either. I try to get better with every one I make and I can see the improvement. I'm still a long way away from equaling the work of makers I admire, but then, maybe that's not my biggest reason for making them. Canes are different than some things. Canes tend to be more needed than wanted. Nobody wants to have to use a cane. I see this frequently. A good cane has a profound effect on the user's self esteem. They give a a little bit of the person's dignity back to them. It's something your typical drugstore cane just can't do. That's an important reason why I make them. My goals are simple. I want to make nice looking canes that are comfortable and that get used. In fact I want my canes to be the ones my customers reach for first. I also want them to be affordable. If someone wants one of my canes I want them to be able to have it. I generally make a few lower priced ones too just for that reason. I would love the ability to make a truly high end cane. I envy the skill and precision of those makers. On the other hand if that's what I made maybe I wouldn't be able to achieve my other goals as well.
  5. Invisible stitch from both sides of leather

    It's an interesting technique, similar to a ladder stitch in fabric sewing but fabric has a flap that's turned under. The needle and thread doesn't need to be buried in the material on the back side. I'm pretty far from being an expert but would it be possible with a very tightly curved needle and a matching awl? Reading the article you posted this looks like a rare technique. Is there a practical reason why the bag must be done this way? Authenticity for re-enactment, something like that maybe? Also, (purely selfish here) do you have more pictures? I would like to see more of it please.
  6. Custom armguard for injury.

    Great looking job!
  7. Beautiful Sheath Ruined Furniture

    If it was me I would try a little automotive buffing compound on the table. It might be enough to blend in the shadow if the finish isn't lifted. Try the compound somewhere inconspicuous to make sure it's ok first though.
  8. Looking at the wood it's very dark, like many of the oilier tropical woods. Try your oil on a different type of wood. If it's still a sticky mess it's the oil. If not then it's a reaction between the oil and the wood. If it's the wood a thorough cleaning with lacquer thinner or acetone will strip the oils off the surface of the wood and the linseed oil will be able to stick to it.
  9. If the wood is an oily tropical it won't take a finish well. OTOH oily tropicals don't really need a finish. Just polish it up. A little gasoline might take the oil off without needing to buy any solvents. I use tung oil all the time. To get it off my hands while it's still tacky I use cooking oil and dish detergent (Dawn). Since it's not set up that might work too.
  10. How did you get into leather work?

    I haven't been involved in leather long. I mainly got into it as another option I can add to my canes-leather grips and wrist straps. I've only made a few so far and have a long way to go before I I'll be completely satisfied with my work. There are a few other leather projects I may attempt at some point, like a decent harness for our dog, but right now my focus is canes.
  11. Leather Satchel

    Great looking bag. It's a great design. I can't see the stitching you were complaining about. I'm thinking no one else will either. We are our own worst critics.
  12. Knife pouch restoration 2

    That knife with the repaired pouch looks very similar to the Old Timer pocket knife I have. Nice job on the repair. I didn't know a knife pouch could get that worn out. Rodney
  13. other forums

    Danged peasants. Always stealing the show...
  14. to: The Leather Gods... Really?

    I'm hoping one of the mods will chime in. I'm sure there's a good reason for it. Could be as simple as it's not about leather projects. I haven't read the whole thread. Was there significant drift in the topic? I'm a member on other forums too (mostly woodworking related). Some are stricter than others. All but one were fair in their policies. The one that wasn't (sewing related) was more interested in keeping their advertisers happy than they were in a free exchange of ideas. I don't visit that one any more.