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  1. whip braiding

    I have a question when braiding a whip and you start with and even number of strings (Just say you start with a 12 braid and go to a 11) and then go to an odd number. How do you guys go about it to keep the braid looking nice. Thanks
  2. How to Lace rear jockeys

    hopefully someone has some experience with lacing the jockeys together.
  3. I usually put a frog on my rear jockeys because I have never been satisfied with my attempts at lacing them together. I would appreciate any advice on completing the task including what size holes to punch, how far btwn holes, what width lace. Thank you
  4. Floral stamping swells

    Do you guys draw the pattern and then transfer to the swell are just draw it directly on the swells. Because the swells are an odd shape I am having trouble transferring the pattern Thanks
  5. Purse Patterns - Bruce Johnson

    Bruce I cannot get the link to work. Just wondering if there is anything I am doing wrong. Thanks
  6. Clicker help

    one more bit of info on this machine when you turn the flywheel the upper platen (head whatever it is called, the part that pushes the die into the leather) is still engaged and comes up and down so it makes the wheel hard to turn and you cannot turn the machine on. Hopefully someone has someone has some experience with this and/or can direct me to where I could get a manual Thanks
  7. Clicker help

    I'm sorry the clicker is an ideal cicker model c
  8. Clicker help

    I think it is a schwabe 25 ton mechanical clicker I have a clicker that I have used very little I tried to click out a piece and it locked up on the down stroke. I have gotten the die out and leather and tried to turn the large wheel but it is still locked up. The previous owner said that it did this from time to time however I would like to fix it. Any help from previous experience would be appreciated.
  9. whip braiding

    i will try and put some pics up
  10. Hat band

    alan, nice looke hat band
  11. whip braiding

    I have made several to try and have made them from thin to thick crackers, I have used bailing twine, nylon and poly with the same results. Meaning I haven't had a chance to rework the fall yet but am looking forward to see if it helps. My cracker when made and twisted up are approx. 11" long
  12. whip braiding

    Tony that makes a lot of sense to me and I am open for all suggestions. I am going to try what you suggested and decore one 30" cord and pull the second through it and then tie on the fall. Yes you are correct my has a twisted end rather than a plaited end. Thank you for your help and I will let you know the results as soon as I can give it a go. Thanks
  13. whip braiding

    Thank you for looking into the situation. The whip is 12' nylon 650 para cord and the fall is 24" and is a piece of the nylon 650 para cord (coreless). I attatched the fall to the thong using a version of the snelling knot that is on dave morgans site. I have tried several different crackers with no better luck. Also I should note that the braiding is really good and tight and all the knots I pulled tight with pliers and smoothed real nice to cut down on resitance. I am able to get it to crack nearly every time but it sounds like a slap on your leg. Thank you for looking into this and if you need anymore info or suggest any changes I would be interested because it has frustrated me to no end. Thank you
  14. whip braiding

    I don't know what is wrong then but I cannot get it louder than a comfortable slap on the leg.
  15. whip braiding

    tyler I have a question for you on whips is it possible to make one that will not crack. I tried making a nylon stock whip and having trouble getting it to crack although it looks real good and also is it possible to make the handle to large. when I swing it my arm really gets tired