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  1. 111W117 on a table at last

    My apologies @dikman...I misinterpreted your location! We'll just settle for the Tri-Nations's that? LOL!! I am by no means a woodworker but I have made similar mistakes on the mill. But at the end of the day, it is all the fits and looks good!! I am sure you will get it sorted in short time!
  2. Bobbin Loading Issues

    Whoopsie!...Admit it..we have all been included...(on more than one occasion...repeatedly)!!
  3. 111W117 on a table at last

    I do apologize, as the seasons are opposite from one another (states vs Oz....Go All Blacks)!!! Not to get off topic but did play Division 3 Rugby (Hooker) here in the States and would absolutely love to see the All Blacks play live...oh how I miss it (but my spine doesn't)! Sounds as if you have a winter project...we don't really get a 'winter' (Florida) it is year round projects for me! After building the table for my Chandler, although shorter and less complicated, I am pondering the idea of building one to replace the chip board table that my Singer 111W155 sits on currently. I, however, am not looking forward to routing the appropriate slots, such as you have done. Although it may look easy, it gets quite involved, as you have found out. Ugh...I may just settle for the chip board...but a custom table does really set off the machine tho...decisions...decisions....
  4. 111W117 on a table at last

    Looks great! I have found that if you would like to replace the chipboard tops on the cheap, scour the local sell-it websites for a solid core door...they make very good table tops!! It looks as if persistence has paid off @dikman, now sit back and enjoy a cold one!!
  5. Here ya go... Singer 7-33 And another... Singer 7-9 (Too rich for my blood)!!
  6. doubt and would take an engine hoist to move them!!! But, I have no idea what @DelNeroDesigns was looking for..thought I would throw this up, as I check CL daily...I am not joking! You never know what might pop up! I agree, those are some big machines but someone, somewhere is probably looking for something to do what they do...again, I only know because I read this forum! But for the money, I think they would serve someone machine (if it truly works like the seller says) and a potential parts machine...that is still usable. To me, if I had a use for them, that is cheap! More often than not people get scared away because of their size but to someone that actually has a use for them...I think that is a bargain! Hopefully someone will save them, instead of ending up in the scrap pile!! Thanks @Wizcrafts and @Uwe, I don't think you both realize how much your knowledge truly impacts this forum! If it weren't for the both of you, so many of us 'new to leather' people, like myself, would be lost when it comes to machines such as this...icons of a time when we actually made things by hand....instead of running to WallyWorld to buy some cheap import. I digress...
  7. Don't know how heavy you want to much as I hate to post it but have seen them listed for a bit. Way out of my league for sure!!
  8. Chandler 305-64 Table Resto-Mod

    That sounds like a good setup @LumpenDoodle2..oddly enough, my major in college is renewable energy!!! Solar definitely will help you out..very little watt usage with LED's! If you should need any help in setting things up, let me know...can draw you up a schematic and such, if need be.
  9. Adler 30-1 help

    @Uwe..I did a quick search for the throat plate on the ' in the States, it will run you $154...on the 'bay in Germany..$90. At looking at the pictures @Hooksetz posted, it seems that the underside of the throat plate is flat...but that is where an acrylic prototype would come in handy, being able to see any interference. He is just a couple hours drive away from me...I am on the opposite coast. Something that could easily be done in a day. The hard part may be finding the screw that holds the throat plate down...although you could easily drill and tap if a replacement could not be located. If you wanted to go all out, I do have some 1/8" titanium plate but it is a royal PIA to work with sometimes...depending on the application.
  10. Adler 30-1 help

    @Hooksetz, I looked at the very same machine...but the price was a bit to much for me and settled on a 29K for half the cost of the advertised price of the Adler. The throat plate looks easy enough to machine and would probably only run you a fraction of the cost of what Adler would charge, unless you can find one used! A single piece of flat stainless would do the trick as long as you had the original dimensions...mainly thickness. You could easily make a template for the actual size by using the machine itself. If my garage was not still in disarray from the recent move, I would try to turn one out on my Clausing mill...just because I like to use the old gal!! Hopefully @Constabulary can find one for you!!! **Edit...on second thought, you could probably get away without using a mill...I might have some stainless kicking around here that may work if someone can get the thickness of the throat plate for you. Then it would be a matter of mounting a needle and marking your holes...that is where a cardboard template would come in handy. From there, mic out the adjacent hole...and you are done. Wouldn't matter the material...carbon steel, copper, or what have you....heck you could probably make one out of plexi or acrylic if you wanted!!
  11. Chandler 305-64 Table Resto-Mod

    Ok, one last little mod that I stumbled across while surfing the is a much needed help as my vision has began to least with objects close up. This is really nothing new but thought I would throw it up here. I stopped by the local auto store on the way home a grabbed a set of LED lights for a car...2, 4" strips containing 4 LEDs each. Each strip will connect to one another and both have 3M adhesive tape for mounting. I merely grabbed an extra 12v wall transformer from one of my old cell phones and hardwired it in...attaching the strip underneath the main part of the head. Here is the result...with the garage lights on and off. Will definitely help and I will plan on installing these on all of my cost $19.
  12. Chandler 305-64 Table Resto-Mod

    Thanks @LumpenDoodle2 and @dikman! It has been a long time coming to get it to this point. I will just chalk this one up to being lucky!
  13. Chandler 305-64 Table Resto-Mod

    @dikman..i feel ya...mine I call the 'garage'! So, after working on my main project ( I am trying to get it out of my garage for awhile), I found about an hour to work on the 305. As luck would have it or by mistake...however you look at it...the extension I made for the side is exactly the size I needed to mount the normal foot pedal! Instead of it mounting under the table...which was very uncomfortable and in a bad spot, I moved it out to the extension. Drilled a couple holes and mounted the pedal. Found an old bicycle brake cable I had and attached it to the pedal, then to the presser foot lift on the back of the machine. I was very surprised it went together like it did...guess a blind squirrel can find a nut every once and awhile!! It works like a charm and since my control pedal for the motor is 6+ feet, I am not forced to be in front of the machine to sew. I will add some non-slip tape to the pedal just for good measure.
  14. Budget Heated Foil Press

    Here is an idea, if you have an arbor press...very reasonably priced as well. Food for thought.... I checked tonight and the whole sha-bang was under $50(on Amazon)...minus the arbor press and heating elements.
  15. Chandler 305-64 Table Resto-Mod

    I am mistaken @dikman..looking at the pictures I posted above..I do have it...or parts of it! I am now on a mission to find what I may have done with it.......? Thanks for the picture, as I would have totally forgotten about that piece if you had not of mentioned it!!!