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  1. good stuff Eric !
  2. Mike knows his stuff ! I would 100% agree with his advice. You'll have no problem sewing belts on the 2750.
  3. The 5100-SE is great for anything from 5-6oz leather up to about 7/8" thickness. If you're only using softer leather you may be better off with the 2750 which can handle soft, garment weight leather up to 3/8" max. Binding attachments are available for both machines. Ron
  4. Welcome back bud ! Ron
  5. I like the red dot! Seriously though, very nice mod. Ron
  6. well done ! beautiful detail.
  7. Off topic but that video you made of your used Techsew 2900 was a work of art - well done! Ron
  8. If you're sewing thin/soft leather you'll have issues with this type of machine since the feeding mechanism can be quite aggressive and tends to leave foot marks on the bottom side of the leather. It is a good starter machine that can handle thick leather - we have lots of customers using our 3650HD for belts, holsters and harnesses with size #277 thread and #25 needles. Parts are pretty easily available. If you're looking for an affordable heavy duty machine it'd be a good option but if you plan on sewing anything less than 6-7oz leather you may be better off with a walking foot machine. Ron
  9. This will likely be the best answer in this thread. But on a serious note, for sewing handbags and purses you'll likely want to use a light/medium, cylinder walking foot machine that can handle garment leather and thicker leather up to 3/8". A cylinder bed will give you added versatility for sewing into hard to reach areas vs. a flatbed machine. You can find these machines at any of our sponsors' websites (see ads above). Ron
  10. For 2 layers of 5oz leather you may be better off using a light/medium walking foot machine. These can usually sew up to about 3/8" leather thickness and are better for thinner/softer leather. A more heavy duty machine will limit you for when you're sewing thinner leather. You can find these types of machines from any of our sponsors' websites.
  11. Hi Jonathan, pm me your email address and I'll send over a pdf of manual. Ron
  12. Thanks Dave ! The tables are adjustable so when we pre-assemble your machine we can set the height for you. Recently we set one up for a customer who wanted the cylinder arm height at the same level as that of his flatbed machine.
  13. thanks for the heads up. we've been experiencing some server issues. should be resolved this morning. Ron
  14. Best bet is to return to original factory provided presser feet and feed dog and see if the problem persists. Keep us updated! Ron
  15. Will look into this one monday morning with the technicians. @TinkerTailor I'm more of a whiskey guy but I got nothing against a good wine !