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  1. Hi, please send us an email to and we'll look into this for you. Ron
  2. Hi Tom, advantage of a machine like the Techsew 830 is the ability to sew right along the edge with increased visibility due to the proximity of the needle to the roller foot. For sewing 2-3 layers of 6-8oz leather you're better off with a walking foot machine. A roller feed machine like the 830 is great for soft leather and is commonly used for shoe and boot production, however it does not quite have the feeding power of a walking foot machine and you'll be limited if you want to venture into belts and thicker leather. Walking foot machines can also use larger thread sizes and are much more versatile (especially cylinder arm machines). If you're concerned about sewing straight lines with a walking foot machine you can always use an edge guide with a left toe zipper foot for better visibility and edge sewing. cheers! Ron
  3. For holster making we typically recommend a machine that can sew at least 1/2" leather thickness and something that can use size #25 needles with #207 or larger thread. Most of the machine advertisers on here offer such machines, the most popular being the 441-type which can handle up to 7/8". cheers! Ron
  4. thanks Dave, hope all is well buddy ! come visit soon. Ron
  5. For thin leather to beyond 1/2" thickness your best bet would be a 441 clone type of machine. They typically start at around $2500 but will be the closest to an "all-in-one" solution that you can find. Ron
  6. If you're mainly using garment leather/chap leather around 2-2.5oz, the machines you mentioned will all be appropriate for your needs. As someone previously mentioned adding a speed reducer will certainly help if you want extremely slow sewing speed beyond what a servo motor can reduce to. A cylinder walking foot machine would also be good for you as it would add some versatility in being able to sew into hard to reach areas. Ron
  7. I believe this belongs in the toilet forum !
  8. wow! that is something. thanks for sharing Uwe !
  9. For sewing 3 layers of 8-9oz leather I'd say you'd be looking at the Techsew 3850 or Techsew 5100. Even with a 1HP motor and speed reducer you would have trouble sewing that thickness on a Consew 206.
  10. A light/medium walking foot machine in the Consew 206 class would be fine for most of what you're doing but you'll run into difficulty with 3 layers of 8-9oz leather on that type of machine.
  11. good stuff Eric !
  12. Mike knows his stuff ! I would 100% agree with his advice. You'll have no problem sewing belts on the 2750.
  13. The 5100-SE is great for anything from 5-6oz leather up to about 7/8" thickness. If you're only using softer leather you may be better off with the 2750 which can handle soft, garment weight leather up to 3/8" max. Binding attachments are available for both machines. Ron
  14. Welcome back bud ! Ron