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  1. As I mentioned in my request for info. regarding some flat springs for a 45K and a 29k, I have just acquired a Singer 45K68, along with it was the flywheel, or inertia wheel, of its original treadle base. Now all the photos here and elsewhere show that these flywheels have a relatively short central shaft, but not my one. The shaft is 28 inches long and the wheel is 17inches diameter, and it is heavy! Now its most unlikely that I will need this flywheel, so if anybody is interested in it then please contact me. It would be horrendously expensive to ship to the USA no doubt but there maybe somebody here in the UK searching for just this item!!!
  2. Hi - I'm very much a new member from Plymouth, UK. I have a number of Singer Industrial machines and I'm slowly working my way through them, initially to get them working correctly, and then to tidy their appearance etc. I have just acquired a Singer 45K68 which is a cylinder arm machine fitted with what looks to be a standard straight stitch foot and feed dog. It seems to be fitted for a flat spring that goes along the back of the machine but I'm not sure what it actually does. It would appear to give pressure to the presser foot but it seems to be under pressure without this spring fitted! Similarly the flat spring is missing from my Singer 29K4 so I have purchased a piece of flat ground high carbon steel in its untreated state, and was planning to make the spring from this. Now its actually large enough to make both the springs for the 45K and the 29K but ideally I would need a pattern to enable an accurate reproduction to be made. As I suspect that the 45K68 has been modified since it was manufactured in 1912 it would be useful if I could converse with somebody who might be able to advise me what the modifications were etc so here is a plea to any 45K knowledgeable owners for an intro to enable me see exactly what I have purchased. My understanding is that it was owned for many years by a leatherworker who made saddles amongst other things here in the UK. A pattern for the 29K would also be most welcome, or a sketch with critical dimensions! Many thanks in advance for anyone who reads and responds... Davidmadd