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  1. Good Places One Can Sell Leather Items For Sale

    I have bought and sold articles on Facebook in the marketplace section. There are some shysters on there, so you need to keep your wits about you. Good luck with your endeavours.
  2. Big cat

    If this is with 'reduced details', I am truly amazed. In full definition, I bet I could see flea bites!
  3. Advice.

    I totally agree with all that has so far been written in this thread. I have been on this website for a year or 2 now, and actively doing leatherwork for about the same time. Whilst I have achieved no masterclass in anything, I know what I like, and I can see some things that appeal, or lack appeal, to me. Some things I have learnt by talking with and listening to knowledgeable people, or reading or watching videos, and some things I have discovered for myself. If somebody makes a suggestion, I do not necessarily discount their ideas based on their work. Maybe they have a good idea, but lack the dexterity to make the concept a work of art. At the end of the day, anything I suggest to somebody, can be ignored or absorbed, I do not care either way. If I have assisted somebody with a snippet of information, that is good. If they believe my advice is rubbish, so be it. Move on, and find another solution. As for advice from others, I always listen in the 1st instance. The wisest man can gain insight from the youngest child. It can sometimes become apparent, that the "font of all knowledge" is a "wet dishcloth with no knowledge!"
  4. I have some bent needles, but I am not sure if they are saddlers needles (as I would prefer for this job). Alternatively, get some cheap needles and break them off around an inch long. Cheap needles for snapping off like this, could be cheap embroidery or sharp point needles. I have some broken needles for this exact job.
  5. Hello from Maryland

    Personally, I think the thickness of your leather is your biggest problem. Its going to be very difficult to get a tight seam with that weight leather. All my baseball stitch attempts (both of them) have been on lighter weight and softer leathers. Also the slanted stitch-line dos not assist you with aligning the edges. This might need its own thread rather hijacking another thread, possibly?
  6. Practicing Basketweave...

    I know I REALLY want to see it, and no worries about 'unseeing it', 'cos I definitely need a little help heaps of assistance with stuff like this!
  7. Steel rule bender manual

    I have not seen them in the last couple years, plus I have no idea how to place a link here. I think I Googled vise mounted bender ... or something similar. There were a few different posts of people making them. I tried to copy n paste the URL of the video, but all I could do, was put in the 'Reason for edit'.
  8. On your drawing, the stitch lines are horizontal. I am fairly sure what @Tugadude suggests, is having the stitch-lines running vertical along the edge of the vertical strap. I would stitch 2(two) lines, each stitch-line outside of the Chicago screws.
  9. Maybe its a very slow leak caused by the compression of the glue between the layers. Something I have never seen. For future reference, maybe apply the glue 1/8 - 1/4 inch away from the edge to allow for sanding and or glue leakage.
  10. Just starting! Need input...

    If you want to do any carving, stamping or wet-forming, AFAIK, you must have veg-tan, unless you want to open a whole new can of worms. You can get some results with heated stamps ... so I have heard. I think what you might need, if you want pre-dyed leather is called drum dyed leather. As far as I am aware ( hopefully somebody who knows for sure will step up soon), drum dyed leather is veg-tan but dyed in the factory.
  11. tension problem

    Sounds like a bit of an over-reaction for what could be a very easily solved problem. one of the 1st things I would suggest, pics, pics and maybe a video. There are folks on this site who could get a straight stitch off of a paperclip and an electric toothbrush! I am looking at you @Uwe, @Constabulary, @wiz ... Give it time to happen, @charlesfalzon.
  12. I like the shape of the nickel plated buckle, but personally, I prefer to match the polished nickel of the Chicago screws. 'Close but no cigar', can sometimes be worse than two totally different finishes IMHO. Oh yeah ... great looking belts and really nice colour.
  13. Have you tried burnishing the edge with dry canvas to get rid of the dried contact adhesive? I find it grabs the smallest speck from between the layers.
  14. Stitching looks great, edges look great, the textured finish of the leather looks great ... looks like a great job to me!
  15. Custom banjo strap

    Very nice tooling. Are the edges burnished? They look a little unfinished, especially on the wider section.
  16. Business Closed, Selling Hardware

    PM sent.
  17. embossing press attach stamp and tray

    Some of the rare earth neodymium magnets hold pretty well. The main things to remember with these strong magnets, be very careful if you have a pacemaker, and place them carefully by not allowing them to clank together or to a metal surface because they will crack In half very easily
  18. place mat

    Stunning work there @Tpc, both the place mat and the dragon!
  19. Just starting! Need input...

    Looks like you have made a very healthy start. Some great looking gear there already. Ohh yeah ... Welcome.
  20. When the handles are fixed to the bag, will that, maybe, hold them straight? Maybe applying some moisture and drying the handles whilst they're held in the correct orientation will help. Good luck, and please don't forget the pics when you get things fitted together ... or before.
  21. I think I will make one of these for my workshop, but I will mount it to a piece of timber with a leg attached below. That way, I can hold it in my vice, rather than cluttering up my workbench with fixed tools or jigs.
  22. embossing press attach stamp and tray

    When you say repeatable, I am guessing you mean along a line or being able to accurately place the stamp where you want it. All I can think of, is an edge guide of sort for the straight line, and carefully judging the distance between the last impression and the impression you are now making. As for repeatable placement, such as in the same spot on identical items, I would make up a jig, so that you place each item in the exact same spot. A jig might be as simple as a piece of masking tape applied to the press bottom plate, then draw a line on the tape to assist you in placing each item in the same position.
  23. Which sewing machine ?

    What a beast of a machine! I reckon that one would pull a bogged truck out of a mud-hole!
  24. Steel rule bender manual

    The cheaper option I have seen is 2 pieces of angle iron mounted in an engineer's vice, one mounted concave and one convex. I saw them a couple of years back, in a local tool/hobbyist store for under $40AUD. There are also several videos on yootoob about making one from scratch. Should take an hour or so, if a person was mildly capable.
  25. Rare Leathercraft Tool co Kelly Midas/Noel Kelly

    I have not heard of Noel Kelly Co. tools. Maybe they were an older Kelly Tool Co. offering. That stamp pictured is a really good looking design.