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  1. Saddle course in europe

    Thank you guys I can't in august, we're harvesting, we have a farm. Does anyone know of any other ?
  2. Hi guys, Do any of you know of saddle courses in europe ? Prefereably english saddles. Have a lovely sunday ! Kind Regards Christine
  3. Strap work - your dream setup with machinery ?

    Hi guys, I jumped into it and bought Weavers EZ edge doing all 4 sides I found and bought a strapcutting machine and a skiving machine as well. The EZ edger already arrived, now I wait for the other two. KR Christine
  4. Strap work - your dream setup with machinery ?

    You guys are just great. Thank you so much. I already have some helpers bought from Weaver, and am very pleased with them. Will be back when my baby sleeps
  5. Conchos antique brass lion head

    The only place I remember having seen a lionhead is in this german leathershop here: regards Christine
  6. Strap work - your dream setup with machinery ?

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. I have the edge dye box thing from Weaver, and the paint dries out even with the cap on. Really annoying as it is very difficult to clean and reload. Besides it is a crap job to edgepaint reins or other long stuff, as you get it on fingers and on it self when you cant dye in one long stroke. importing from outside EU, The equipment price is actually doubled before it is set up in my shop. Because of shipping and tax and handling. I found a german site selling a skivingmachine (can these machines skive bridle leather ?) and a strap cutting machine taking up to 10 oz leather in thickness.
  7. Hello everybody, I do a lot of horsetack and belts, live in europe. I started my own business 6 years ago. I do some strapwork, 100-150 straps a week, and I hate it. I do it all with handtools, one at a time. What would your dream setup be with machinery to this job ? It is belts, reins and strapwork for bridles. I am really considering how to do it faster and easier, but don't want to spend money on something not worth it. Have a great day ! Regards Christine