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  1. Saddle makers stand

    still available..offers considered
  2. Landis #3 Harness stitchers for sale

    Update: 1 sold, 1 still available
  3. Various Stamps For Sell

    How much for all remaining stamps?
  4. Wrapped rawhide tool handle

    Hey all, I have a few tools in my shop that have been rawhide wrapped at the top. I was looking for someone to do this for me again. My original braided has passed away.. any leads would be great. A price also if you can do the job. Thank you. Photos of current awls.
  5. Creative Stamping Lesson 101

    not sure if these PDF'S are still available...they dont open when clicked on
  6. Saddle makers stand

    Vintage saddle makers stand. In great shape, heavy! Located northern California. Pickup only. Asking $199 pho can send more photos on request.
  7. Landis #3 Harness stitchers for sale

    1 is pending funds and pickup. 1 is still available.
  8. Swivel Knives for beginners

    Pm sent
  9. Romel repair

    I don't have facebook. I can have my friend contact you directly via facebook. Thank you!
  10. Romel repair

    Thankfully these aren't my reins...what a bummer. Customers dog got to these, probably going to be even more mad now..yikes Thanks for the replies though.
  11. Romel repair

    Hi there, I keep getting requests for rawhide romel repairs. Does anyone do that? Usually it's at the popper end where the leather piece attached thru,or at the rein connection. Id be super appreciative if anyone knows or does repairs like that. Thank you!
  12. Lots of tools for sale!

    Sent you an email
  13. Show your Shop

    This is a great thread! I'm in the process of setting up my shop. Love seeing everyone's machines. As far as work benches, what are the dimensions of most people's? As others stated, lower back issues keep me from bending over too much and I'm pretty tall. Would love to hear others opinions.
  14. Compression spring for Ferdco Pro 2000

    Thanks so much guys! Got the part ordered.