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  1. Hey all, I have 2 Landis #3 stitchers for sale in my shop. Both are in great shape and are still used on a regular basis. Priced at $2500 OBO each. I have photos and videos of both in operation. Cant figure out how to resize my photos small enough to post on here. I am located in California near the Sacramento area but travel as far up as Washington and over thru Nevada and Idaho occasionally. Serious inquiries please email me @ Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first post so I hope this is the right spot for this.. I have 2 Landis #3 harness stitches in my shop that I don't know much about. They are still in use and I have videos and photos of each one. My question is what is their worth? They both function great! Any info is appreciated. They both may be for sale also. I'm located in California. I will try to post the photos.