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  1. I got into making dog collars

    Really nice looking! Good job. I love the D in the middle look.
  2. Belt Buckle from Sergey Neskromnyi

    wow. Really nice! do you make custom ones?
  3. Landis #3 Harness stitchers for sale

    Still for sale. Prices are negotiable. Please send me a private message for details and photos.
  4. ISO: Someone looking to do some piecework

    Please PM me to talk details. Ive also send you a private message with some more details.
  5. I've been searching for these buckle and loop sets for quite some time with no success. Trying to match a headstall set for client that had previously purchased. Does anyone know where to find these buckles and bridle adornments/conchos? Color at this point isn't important. I've tried the antik group, SX industries, and all the normal guys like Tandy and Weaver. Doesn't matter if its a European site either, I've just got to find them!! Thanks in advance for any leads.
  6. Celtic inspired custom baroque bridle

    Very nice work! How did you inlay the stone in the center?
  7. Hey there, In search of someone who would want to do some piecework here and there of floral acorn and rose designs. Would include breast collars and spur straps and slobber straps. Just the tooling, leather would be provided and shipped to you. Were located in northern California. If anyone is interested please send me a PM to discuss your prices and or questions. Thank you!
  8. Baroque Ornaments , Buckles And Concho's

    I'm bumping this post again. Any luck with anyone finding these exact conchos?been looking for months and cannot find anything close. Anything helpful. Thank you.
  9. Upgrading Our shop sewing machine

    Yes I did, and yes they are. However, my employees would rather stitch on the newer machines because it's easier for them and more user friendly. So getting another new machine will work better for our needs at this time. Finding parts is also easier..dont have the option to wait weeks or maybe never to find parts if a machine goes down. Thanks. I had forgotten about the weaver machines. Wasn't sure how good of quality they were..
  10. Upgrading Our shop sewing machine

    Thanks for the info. I will call and chat with them. Being in California is definitely a plus for shipping!
  11. Upgrading Our shop sewing machine

    Hey all, Ive been doing some homework on a new stitcher for our shop( we make heavy harness horse tack, everything except saddles). So we need a heavy duty motor, our current Ferdco 2000 has an underpowered servo motor and no speed reducer and it gives me some trouble going thru the really heavy 12/13oz stuff( dont really want to put a new motor on it right now). Either way we need another machine to boost our production time right now. That being said..I've been looking at a few different machines and wondered everyone's opinion on each. My budget is around $3500, and id like to not exceed that if at all possible. Just looking for the good and bad of each. Hows the company's customer service if something goes wrong or breaks? Techsew 5100-SE Cobra class 4 If there are any other machines I should be looking at within my price range as well, feel free to chime in. Want as much info as possible before I "take the plunge" and get a new one. Thanks all!
  12. Landis #3 Harness stitchers for sale

    Hi Jack, Sorry just seeing this message now. I will give you a call later this afternoon to speak with you about the details. Thanks! Or you can call me at 209 217 6286 anytime.
  13. Landis #3 Harness stitchers for sale

    Hey all, I have 2 Landis #3 stitchers for sale in my shop. Both are in great shape and are still used on a regular basis. Priced at $2500 OBO each. I have photos and videos of both in operation. Cant figure out how to resize my photos small enough to post on here. I am located in California near the Sacramento area but travel as far up as Washington and over thru Nevada and Idaho occasionally. Serious inquiries please email me @ Thanks
  14. Landis #3 info needed

    Hi everyone, this is my first post so I hope this is the right spot for this.. I have 2 Landis #3 harness stitches in my shop that I don't know much about. They are still in use and I have videos and photos of each one. My question is what is their worth? They both function great! Any info is appreciated. They both may be for sale also. I'm located in California. I will try to post the photos.