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  1. 527-19.SLC.1.jpg

    where is this machine located?
  2. Strap cutter breaking blades

    Seems to have been the blades. New ones haven't had any issues. Thanks everyone for your feedback.
  3. Strap cutter breaking blades

    yes, the blades touch the nylon roller
  4. Strap cutter breaking blades

    It doesn't have a way to adjust the blade tension. Ill wait for my new (x2 the cost!) new blades to come in..if they break I guess I know its definitely not the blades.
  5. Strap cutter breaking blades

    I dont have a steel roller, its a nylon roller/tube. Brand new.
  6. Strap cutter breaking blades

    They insist that they are the same blades when I called and complained about it. I ordered their upgraded steel ones this time around so we will see if they make any difference. Hopefully thats the only issue. Its also breaking my old blades that should be the stronger ones as well.
  7. Strap cutter breaking blades

    Hey guys, my strap cutter is all of a sudden breaking blades. It was normal once in awhile when the blades would get thinner from sharpening but I got a set of 6 and they all broke in a week. These are the same blades I've always ordered. Any ideas? The blades also seem to almost be getting shredded. I also tried to put a new roller on to see if that was the issue and it still broke blades. I'm cutting a variety of leather thicknesses and types also. Been using this machine for almost 20 years and have NEVER had any issues.
  8. Landis Splitter - leather catching on knife

    Our splitter in our shop has this same issue. Would also like to know what the outcome to fix it was.
  9. Saddle makers stand

    still available..offers considered
  10. Landis #3 Harness stitchers for sale

    Update: 1 sold, 1 still available
  11. Various Stamps For Sell

    How much for all remaining stamps?
  12. Wrapped rawhide tool handle

    Hey all, I have a few tools in my shop that have been rawhide wrapped at the top. I was looking for someone to do this for me again. My original braided has passed away.. any leads would be great. A price also if you can do the job. Thank you. Photos of current awls.
  13. Creative Stamping Lesson 101

    not sure if these PDF'S are still available...they dont open when clicked on
  14. Saddle makers stand

    Vintage saddle makers stand. In great shape, heavy! Located northern California. Pickup only. Asking $199 pho can send more photos on request.
  15. Landis #3 Harness stitchers for sale

    1 is pending funds and pickup. 1 is still available.