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  1. Problems with ferdco pro bull

    This machine has given me little problems here and there over the years but nothing like it has lately. I use 138 thread in the bobbin and 207 on the top, using a size #25 DYX3 LR needles of high quality. I've been using this combo for years with no issues until lately. I have 2 of these Ferdco machines, 1 usually works fine, its the new one I got thats a pain..Ive had a sewing machine mechanic out a few times and every time it works for about an hours and then goes back to being a POS lol. I dont change ANY settings at all. Goes back to gathering up underneath and skipping. I know its got to do with the timing.
  2. Problems with ferdco pro bull

    It happens in straight lines also. I am also going very slow.
  3. Problems with ferdco pro bull

  4. Problems with ferdco pro bull

    Ok so I've had this machine in my shop for almost 6 months. Since I got it its never worked correctly. I've had a sewing machine mechanic look at it a few times and we can never seem to figure out what's wrong with it. It constantly drops my lock stitch even if I do it manually. it will also skip stitches randomly when the rest of it looks fine. I'm getting frustrated..maybe someone on here can enlighten me with some ideas? I'll try and post some photos of what I mean.
  5. WTB round/head knife

    look into Ben Geisler on instagram, I know he has a bunch that he restored that are for sale.
  6. Wrapped rawhide tool handle

    Thank you. They are very special.
  7. Pfaff 138, general info wanted

    Ok, where do you buy the needles from? Which system...all very confusing to me.
  8. Pfaff 138, general info wanted

    thank you, ill give that a try
  9. Pfaff 138, general info wanted

    Thank you What needle and thread size are you using to do that?
  10. Pfaff 138, general info wanted

    Hey everyone, I just picked up a really nice Pfaff 138 machine and I was wondering what its limitations are? I was curious if I could sew lighter weight leather with it or is it only for fabric? I've been told different things from different people. So, at this point Im confused?? I am debating putting it up for sale if I cant use it for leather at all(which is why I bought it, and stupid for not posting this before I purchased it *facepalm*). Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. I just want to learn more about it, and decide if Im going to keep it or not. Its a great machine and in amazing condition! Thanks!
  11. 527-19.SLC.1.jpg

    where is this machine located?
  12. Strap cutter breaking blades

    Seems to have been the blades. New ones haven't had any issues. Thanks everyone for your feedback.
  13. Strap cutter breaking blades

    yes, the blades touch the nylon roller
  14. Strap cutter breaking blades

    It doesn't have a way to adjust the blade tension. Ill wait for my new (x2 the cost!) new blades to come in..if they break I guess I know its definitely not the blades.
  15. Strap cutter breaking blades

    I dont have a steel roller, its a nylon roller/tube. Brand new.