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  1. Leather Emboss Roll,bunkhouse

    Ok, I hate to revive an old thread, but I hope ya'll don't mind! This is the only example I have been able to find of someone putting a motor on to the Bunkhouse Tools embosser. Heck, I can only find 1 other example of someone doing it on one of the Tandy machines... but this is something I really want to do, so Frank, if you are around- I have a few questions! 1. can you provide any details as to the size/power/voltage/other specs of the motor you used, and perhaps how you set it up to attach to the machine (it looks like you have some sort of flywheel system)? 2. can you talk a little about using the brass wheels on the BT machine? I have some (and currently set up the Tandy one when I need to use those) because when I use them on the BT machine, they slip and/or chew up the leather (because I have to provide more pressure to make sure they dont slip). Any suggestions you can provide would be great because I would LOVE to operate just one machine. Long time lurker, 1st post. Thank you all very much!