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  1. Thinking about leather.

    You should first plan to spend some time doing some research, reading through some of the vast amount of information available on this forum, including many, many topics dedicated to beginning leatherwork. Without any knowledge/ information, including specifics regarding *what* you plan to make, there are too many variables to expect anyone to give you adequate assistance. There is a wide range of supplies, with a wide range of price points, with varying degrees of availability depending on where you live; what you need to begin tooling with veg tan is very different than what you may need for a bag or a notebook cover.
  2. $600 a good deal on Pfaff 1245 with servo?

    You definitely have searching "down", and I give you props for that (I don't think most people try that hard). With that level of diligence, you will definitely find something. I'm sorry about your loss, but glad 2 read about your addition. Mine joined my 12 yr old border collie mix, who finds him a *bit* annoying, yet goes and sleeps next to his crate, and instigates crazy chasing games. He follows her and copies much of what she does, like any little brother, so it's all coming together nicely.
  3. $600 a good deal on Pfaff 1245 with servo?

    No problem, I understand the frustration. If you haven't, already, get "creative" with your Craigslist searches. In my experience, even though you would *think* searching "sewing machine" would bring up every "sewing machine" post, it doesn't. So, also search "Industrial Sewing Machine", "Commercial Sewing Machine", "Leather Sewing Machine", etc. And look closely at the pictures in different listings (you can get additional information that way), not everyone listing knows how to properly list a product, and may not know anything about the machine they are selling, so they may not list the model/ model number/ machine attributes (this may or may not be a "bad" sign regarding the machine's condition). Definitely have your own needles/ thread/ leather to test with. Like others have said, a dealer machine will be in the "best" possible shape, but other machines/sellers offer buyers other possibilities. Unfortunately, you probably will "pay" with time/ frustration for a bit. I am currently on the lookout for my own cylinder arm "deal"; unfortunately, those I've found so far are either $$$, or in Wisconsin (and only fit the "200 mile" range if you chart it straight across Lake Michigan). I about cried last week when a Pfaff 335 went up for $600, and I'm telling myself it was a dud (it "disappeared" very quickly, hopefully to a good home). P.S. Craigslist has been good to me lately, and I recently added a sweet, devoted, handsome Australian Shepherd to my household, from persons who were physically and mentally abusing him through a combination of outright abuse and a lack of positive attention/ exercise. He and I fell in love instantly, although we are working on his ability to allow me out of his sight for any length of time.
  4. Leather Wrapped Bicycle

    OMG, that is incredible! I WANT it, it is even better than the awesome, pink glitter banana-seat Schwinn from my childhood.
  5. $600 a good deal on Pfaff 1245 with servo?

    Hey- I was also trying to offer a bit if hope, in that, in my experience, I went from absolutely nothing available somewhat nearby to more than a few, all in the course of weeks/ a couple months. I, too, was frustrated, and thought I might go crazy performing the same search over, and over, and over. Where I am, there isn't anyplace with industrial machines, although local shops specializing in embroidery and quilting machines can order products/supplies they know nothing about (a small vent, in that I prefer to work with knowledgeable companies/ individuals= a big shout-out to Bob at Toledo Industrial). Being more specialized, walking foot machines are definitely more scarce, and usually more expensive, than standard industrial or zig-zag capable machines (leading many to *want* vintage Singer and others to do things they weren't made to do). I know that there are a good number of individuals doing leatherwork in the NW, probably in no small part because of Maverick, Oregon Leather, and other suppliers somewhat nearby. So hopefully an appropriate machine pops up soon. A 6 hr round-trip is definitely a bit much. I can barely move today, after spending 13 hrs driving yesterday.
  6. all tools

    I wish I was closer. Do you have any Rampart edgers/ hand tools? I love my vintage Rampart edger, I know they aren't considered all that valuable, but it works so nicely for me. Or any vintage Osborne or Dixon edgers with "western" or v-type "common" heads? I have problems with most of the new-ish styles. You can DM me, if you want. - Elizabeth
  7. $600 a good deal on Pfaff 1245 with servo?

    I don't know how long you've been looking, but my council is, "Patience", regarding finding a "good deal" (I know, not really what you want to hear). Asking the gods of Craigslist to provide a good deal less than 1/2 hrs drive may be asking a bit much. It took me about a month looking somewhat locally, and a few more weeks expanding my Craigslist range, to find anything that was actually a walking foot machine, and they all required a bit of driving. I drive a 4door sedan, w/o easy access to a larger vehicle, and could haul home the entire machine/table setup by dismantling it (w/ my random collection of scavenged/inherited tools). Be aware that a "good deal" usually takes some mechanical work on your part, so if you need to be up and working quickly, you may want to change your strategy a bit. Good luck!
  8. Aviator helmet

    That is super cool! I 2nd Rockoboy in asking about sizing, or if you made it to fit yourself, or followed some sort of pattern? Hats and head-covers can be tricky to size, since everyone has a different circumference and depth to their crown. . - Elizabeth
  9. Harness needle in relation to thread size

    Here's my .02 (from someone with a card wrapped in "extra" pieces of wasted/shredded thread). The #1, #2, and #3 needles are all exactly the same; JJ and some resellers have included explanations for "why" (which are somewhat convoluted, and have something to do with different # systems and size expectations in different areas). In my experience, trying to use a needle size which is too small for your thread will shred your thread at the eye, if you can actually thread the needle at all. A smaller needle may be "easier" to sew your leather, but having to stop constantly to "fix" your thread (and losing some of your thread length) will not help speed up/ even out your stitching process. While Tiger thread is pretty flat, this doesn't necessarily mean it will fit through all needle eyes, and 1mm will not work well in a #4 needle (and you may break the needle at the eye). As others have pointed out, you should utilize an approriately-sized awl (or a different chisel size or type), rather than try to compensate with your thread/needle combination. Unfortunately, until you own nearly "everything" available, this may mean needing to pause your project until you have a better combination of supplies. - Elizabeth
  10. Belt Buckles

    Maybe create a new post, instead of using someone else's established sales post?
  11. leathercrafttools.com VS goodsjapan.com

    Leathercrafttools charges a separate shipping fee, which they state is calculated based on the weight of goods, etc. Goodsjapan has "free" shipping on most of their products. As you have already seen, there is never such a thing as "free" shipping, there is always a cost involved, somewhere. The trick, as a customer, is to create the same cart, with the same products, from each supplier, then you can calculate the actual cost if shipping from leathercrafttools, vs. the total if your cart with goodsjapan. You will also want to compare the stated shipping times on different options. My understanding from the many previous posts on this forum of goods purchased from both of these sellers is that they are both selling many if the same products, ie leathercrafttools is not selling counterfeit or unauthorized versions of products under the same name. The main reason I haven't purchased from either site is that there can be a lengthy wait time (generally 4-6 weeks) before your shipment arrives, unless you pay a good deal for expedited shipping. - Elizabeth
  12. Greetings from Michigan

    You are my new 3rd-best-friend (I promise this is a compliment, lol, after my dog, and my human best friend). Having read- and re-read your previous machine post, together with several members' ongoing, unequivocal recommendation of the dial-type Servos, that was the route I was leaning toward; this post just nudged me over the edge. As I will have 2 machines, I will start with the basic Servo, and probably order a second, rather than opt for an iffy "upgrade" at 2+ times the $$$ (there's the promise of a third vintage machine, I swear this is crazy, but I won't "look a gift horse in the mouth", not after turning up little to nothing at lower price points for months). Thankfully, my brother in law sells/creates/installs custom production line set-up, so there is the promise of pulley systems of any size/ configuration. You are right in that the Chinese systems could definitely be more readily available, at far better prices. Definitely plan to work on my own machines, more so than I already am. I am big on "do-it-yourself", grew up with the example if you don't know how to do something, you research/read/learn, and DO IT. Like I said, one bad experience with someone who charged for messing my machine up worse = never again (turned out was a design issue, and nothing I could have done, and had tried, helped). The amount if information offered by this site is incredible; once I am an "adult" again, not facing endless student expenses, I'll be able to give back in turn (I hope). Knowing there is assistance if I get stuck is enormously helpful. I'll post updates as they occur. THANK YOU, again. - Elizabeth
  13. Circle template

    Dwight- I copied the auction title, then pasted it into the eBay app (or just use the classic site), and got several hits, all shipping to the US for a grand total of $3.53. Thank you for posting the link; this time, the seller's title was purely descriptive, unlike some eBay listings. Now, to wait 4-6 weeks....
  14. Circle template

    eBay link? Please? I have a template used for engineering purposes, and a coupe french curve sets, but I like the possibility offered by this template in terms of pattern placement. And I know from past experience that the descriptive titles used by Chinese eBay sellers are seldom what I "think" they should be.
  15. New From PA

    That you are taking the time to work with your daughter on leather projects is truly heartwarming. I always love hearing about parents encouraging their kids to make things, let alone teaching and learning with them, it fosters creativity as well as problem solving abilities, all necessary skills. Congratulations!