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  1. New Project in progress: Music Case

    Yin, I'd give you a hand, if you were closer, since your poor thumb needs a break (not literally, don't take that as a suggestion, all the wound holes are enough). It's a shame your strap lengths aren't 'measuring up, but sometimes it's the "artistic fix" that makes the project (and don't tell anyone later about those issues, and they will never know the difference). - Elizabeth
  2. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    Bill, thanks for reading and clarifying the info in my post. The issues many members have in buying smaller amounts of Hermann Oak are confusing/ puzzling, as many seem to gave completely opposite results within days of each other, to the point that, without picking out one's own sides in person, making any 2nd party recommendation just seemed unwise. As for Horween, the OP wanted a general recommendation for some point in the future; most smaller shops get in Horween sides in select styles/colors, without consistent inventory. While this is completely understandable, it made giving numerous, specific, possible suppliers untenable. I have also heard the Tandy announcement; the idea that Tandy will be selling Sedgewick products seems suspect, at best, regarding both quality & price. Given the company's historic and ongoing sales practices, low grades sold at premium prices sounds about right, leading to a general misunderstanding of the true quality inherent in English bridle leather. Frankly, I was disappointed in Clayton's/Sedgewick for entering such a partnership, given their emphasis on quality and history, as well as their relative transparency regarding the materials and processes they employ, something their new partner does their best to dodge and obscure, imo. - Elizabeth
  3. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    This is everything I have gleaned from this site, other's tales, and my own experience. 1) The "best" Hermann Oak is ordered directly from HO, as that's the only way to guarantee the highest quality, properly- graded HO. Tandy does NOT sell Hermann Oak, although they try to confuse customers with their nomenclature; many have purchased veg tan from Tandy they were happy with, but it almost always costs more than quality materials from WC, HO, or others. Purchasing smaller, real-world amounts of HO seems to have uneven results, and you can research many recent threads on this site about other's experiences. Wickett and Craig is very high quality, and can be purchased direct from the tannery, although they also have resellers. 2) I don't care for exotics/ the reasons behind them, so I won't even try. 3) True English Bridle is a British leather product, like Clayton's Sedgewick, and can be sourced direct in a huge quantity; they just posted something on here the other day about seconds being available soon to Americans. Moore Pearsall in Canada sources Clayton's products ( tannerywarehouse.com , although their website isn't terribly customer-oriented, but their employees are very knowledgeable). American- made "English" style bridle is tanned at HO, WC, and Thoroughbred Leather, among others, and can be purchased through the tanneries or via resellers. 4) Horween can be purchased directly from Tannery Row; it can be pricey, and you must plan ahead, as your order will take weeks/ months, but you will, again, be purchasing a top-quality product, in exactly the tannage/color you require. Horween can also be purchased from resellers and smaller shops, most notably Maverick, which usually deals with 2nd-quality sides, but in some tannages/colors receives over-runs and closeouts of better quality; the Buckleguy currently sells Horween by the cut piece. Individual sellers often pop up on this board selling excess product, scraps, and things they just want to clear out, in the Classified section; you have the power of the community keeping them above-board. Hopefully this helps someone, as questions like this come up all-to-often. - Elizabeth
  4. New Project in progress: Music Case

    Thx for the info. The Tandy leather photographs nicely, if that's any consolation, with a nice color/ variegation. The one time I went to Tandy to see about a sale leather, there was none of that particular product to be found, the "Miscellaneous/Sale" bin was terrible, and the employees were rude; if not for the Internet, I would never have begun leatherwork as a hobby. Your projects tend to be beautiful, so "prototyping" may not be terribly necessary (until it is, and then you'd be upset about "wasting" materials, so there probably is no winning in this debate). I wish you and your thumb a speedy recovery. "You see, leather, wood, and metal workers cut and stab themselves with alarming regularity. Regular folk don't do that!" - Add glassworkers to that list! In addition to being a klutz, far too many of my hobbies involve inadvertent blood donations. - Elizabeth
  5. New Project in progress: Music Case

    Sorry to read of your mishap, combining awls/ needles and fingers/thumbs is NEVER a fun situation. While you heal, and we wait for more progress pics, can I ask what leather outer/liner combination, and thread type/ color, you are using? It is very attractive thus far, like everything else you've shared. - Elizabeth
  6. Snaps for the first time

    I bought a General Tools "Snap Fastener Kit" a few weeks ago at Home Depot.The whole kit ran around $5; the Home Depot website made it easy to find and purchase them, as it shows you how many kits are in stock and where they are located. It comes with 6 snaps and the setting tool, and are billed as nickel-plated brass. They are fairly heavy, and seem more "solid" than the snaps from the fabric store. There isn't any size info (if the standard 20 or 24), but I'm pretty sure that they are size 24. You do have to be careful with snaps that they are thick/ deep enough for the leather you are using, similar to choosing the appropriate rivet size. Make sure you practice setting the snaps on scrap leather before you attempt to apply them to your project.
  7. Here's some "advice" from a fellow newbie. I'm a full-time college student who's been lurking, and working on small projects, since February. I have a background in fiber arts, so I have some understanding of threads/ fibers. It sounds like you have either a Michael's or a Hobby Lobby nearby. For the long-term, cotton isnt the best choice, but the braided cotton in the jewelry section would be somewhat more durable. They also have waxed linen and thin hemp threads in the jewelry supply section, they aren't great quality, but they "work", and you can split the waxed linen down if needed (to a 3-ply size, for example). Hobby Lobby also has a #5 nylon thread in the macrame or yarncraft area which you can experiment with (your local Wal-Mart may, as well, thry also usualky have waxed linen in their craft area). Ordering a spool or 2 of linen or polyester online will serve you better in the long run (I bought a spool of Somac 18/3 linen on Etsy; you can dye basic off-white threads additional colors yourself). Hobby Lobby has somewhat better quality leather and leatherworking supplies. Do yourself a favor and buy better quality leather than what is in most of the scrap bags, it is far easier to plan a project with better leather (I know this from experience; even if it's just the veg tan goatskin from Hobby Lobby, or the small rectangles of veg tan [you can make a couple front pocket card wallets from just 1], you can work much faster with larger pieces of decent leather). Good luck! It is an addictive craft.
  8. More Horween from an Odd lot

    If there's any if the Inferno remaining, I'd be happy to purchase it. - Elizabeth RhodesAveDesigns
  9. This thing is cool

    No, nrk is correct, this post should be in the Marketplace forum, not here, and there is, indeed, a rule regarding sales listings for Machinery: 6. Post must be modified with additional information as necessary, and marked when item is sold. ALL MACHINES FOR SALE MUST INCLUDE PICTURE. Placing a listing outside the forum, without a picture, seems an attempt to skirt the rules, something like the Craigslist postings where sellers "can't upload their photos", which helps keep fraudulent sales from the purview of federal laws. - Elizabeth