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  1. Hi Kaden, I ran a small experiment on some roon I neutralized with some soda. After it went all rusty and iron encrusted after a day or so I transferred for one container to another and filtered the crud out. The remaining liquid is still a brownish color but I applied this to a piece of scrape leather and it turned black. Not sure at this point how long the neutralized roon will keep, still working on that.
  2. As for the use of cooking oils attracting rodents, for me the debate is still out on that. Some years ago my workshop would have a field mouse or two find there way in during the colder months. I would store my smaller bit and pieces of leather in an upper cabinet above my work bench, the only thing I ever found chewed on was some blacksmith side pieces, never and raw leather or treated pieces. Mind you I never had any leather treated with cooking oil there but there were pieces treated with neatsfoot oil, lexol and some other products for leather.
  3. I can not say anything as to where he leaned of this, sounded a little odd to me as well. As you say, I would not us a cooking oil on leather either and as for shampoo, maybe to try to clean something as a last resort.
  4. Just a question for those that may have heard of this. I had a conversion the other day with a fellow leather worker about what he used over a dyed piece as a final coating. His answer was a little surprising. Hair Shampoo and cooking oil mixture! He said to mix it 33 percent oil to 66 percent shampoo. Any one heard of this? I experimented with a small mix but saw nothing that great about it.
  5. Looking for a 1 inch (25mm) wide Veiner

    There are a few interesting patterns on the piece, it's a shame it is a vinyl gun case of a leather craving!
  6. Looking for a 1 inch (25mm) wide Veiner

    Lets see if this shows up? I was looking at the way the border was done incorrectly. It is one tool and not two, so I think I found what I need. The Veiner is about 1" (25mm) and is stamped at 1/2" (12mm) intervals. http://
  7. Hi folks, I am considering making a copy of an old rifle case I have. I want to copy the carving but lack one tool and can not seem to find anyone selling such. It is a Veiner similar to the Craftool V707 only twice the size, 1 inch x 3/4 inch. Anyone know what to find one? Here is a not so good of picture. It is used as a border overshadowing 2 stamps from a V407 Veiner.