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  1. There are a few interesting patterns on the piece, it's a shame it is a vinyl gun case of a leather craving!
  2. Lets see if this shows up? I was looking at the way the border was done incorrectly. It is one tool and not two, so I think I found what I need. The Veiner is about 1" (25mm) and is stamped at 1/2" (12mm) intervals. http://
  3. Hi folks, I am considering making a copy of an old rifle case I have. I want to copy the carving but lack one tool and can not seem to find anyone selling such. It is a Veiner similar to the Craftool V707 only twice the size, 1 inch x 3/4 inch. Anyone know what to find one? Here is a not so good of picture. It is used as a border overshadowing 2 stamps from a V407 Veiner.