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  1. As for the use of cooking oils attracting rodents, for me the debate is still out on that. Some years ago my workshop would have a field mouse or two find there way in during the colder months. I would store my smaller bit and pieces of leather in an upper cabinet above my work bench, the only thing I ever found chewed on was some blacksmith side pieces, never and raw leather or treated pieces. Mind you I never had any leather treated with cooking oil there but there were pieces treated with neatsfoot oil, lexol and some other products for leather.
  2. I can not say anything as to where he leaned of this, sounded a little odd to me as well. As you say, I would not us a cooking oil on leather either and as for shampoo, maybe to try to clean something as a last resort.
  3. Just a question for those that may have heard of this. I had a conversion the other day with a fellow leather worker about what he used over a dyed piece as a final coating. His answer was a little surprising. Hair Shampoo and cooking oil mixture! He said to mix it 33 percent oil to 66 percent shampoo. Any one heard of this? I experimented with a small mix but saw nothing that great about it.
  4. Looking for a 1 inch (25mm) wide Veiner

    There are a few interesting patterns on the piece, it's a shame it is a vinyl gun case of a leather craving!
  5. Looking for a 1 inch (25mm) wide Veiner

    Lets see if this shows up? I was looking at the way the border was done incorrectly. It is one tool and not two, so I think I found what I need. The Veiner is about 1" (25mm) and is stamped at 1/2" (12mm) intervals. http://
  6. Hi folks, I am considering making a copy of an old rifle case I have. I want to copy the carving but lack one tool and can not seem to find anyone selling such. It is a Veiner similar to the Craftool V707 only twice the size, 1 inch x 3/4 inch. Anyone know what to find one? Here is a not so good of picture. It is used as a border overshadowing 2 stamps from a V407 Veiner.