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  1. Sewing Machines Question and Recommendation

    Hello friends - I spied this on my local CL listing and was wondering if based on this discussion, this machine would be suitable for my first one? Thanks in advance
  2. DSC_0645.JPG

    Is that Cameron Diaz? If so, I recognized her so I would call this piece a success! Well done
  3. Sewing Machines Question and Recommendation

    Thanks R8R - this is all excellent information. I did see these machines on the Austin CL page, but gonna have to let these pass by. I'm figuring out what my budget is and how much I need to set aside to make it work. There will be others, I'm sure!
  4. Sewing Machines Question and Recommendation

    The amount of knowledge on this site is staggering. Please keep it coming. I'm starting to come up with a budget for these machines based on everything that I'm seeing on this thread (har har! see what I did there? I kill myself sometimes). For my needs, I'm considering the following: Juki LU1508-N or clone of same (Thor GC-1508, Artisan 1508-10H) Consew 206 RB-5 or Chandler CM406RB-1 (to my untrained eye, looks like a clone of the Consew, but couldn't find enough specs regarding the feed to say for sure) Cobra Class 18 Cowboy 227R with some kind of flatbed jig/attachment Eventually, as a second, something a little heavier like a Cowboy 3200 for the sheaths and holsters. I don't ever expect to be doing anything heavier than that, like saddles or tack. A huge factor regarding the purchase is whether I can pick it up instead of having it shipped. Thanks to everyone for posting on this thread. I sure do appreciate it.
  5. Sewing Machines Question and Recommendation

    @bikermutt07 I saw the discussion thread and was gonna ask you about how that went! Other than the machine, were there some other goodies in there? Which Consew did you get? Pepe
  6. Sewing Machines Question and Recommendation

    Which would be the modern/new equivalent of these machines or something comparable that's all included in the box ready to go aside from making setup adjustments? As I'm looking these things over, I keep seeing these machines for sale for 600-800, but it seems like I will also need a servo motor and a speed reducer, some didn't even come with a table. I saw a video of one of these clutch motors stitching at full boogie and holy smokes that's fast. Not for newbs for sure! I'm wondering if a Consew P1206RB, Consew 206-RB5, Cowboy 227R, or Cobra Class 17/18/20 would be suitable machines for a versatile starter machine. I don't intend to give up hand stitching, so for thicker stuff, that's always a go-to. Thanks for the good info, everyone. I'm grateful for your knowledge.
  7. Sewing Machines Question and Recommendation

    This is all super helpful. I hadn't even considered a walking foot flatbed as I thought that they were for upholstery and heavy duty fabrics. I see that they do that, as well as medium duty on veg-tan leather. Please keep the knowledge coming, I'm sponging it all in. Thanks @bikermutt07, @DonInReno, and @Hildebrand
  8. Hello friends - So as a hobby leathercrafter that sells a few pieces a month, I'm doing research on what options are available to me for machine stitching. Since I'm not in a production environment, and understanding that there is no machine that will do it all, I'm trying to find the best possible compromise that will meet my needs as best as possible. I have a limited budget (no surprise), and a very limited footprint, these are very important aspect of selecting the right equipment. I also understand that one grows into their equipment as their needs change, so in this case, I'm thinking of first time purchase only. For my uses, I don't intend to build saddles or make boots/shoes, so I'm looking for something that would sew weights from leather for a billfold, case, or other small leather goods, all the way up to belts, holsters and sheaths, maybe some simple motorcycle saddlebags or tool rolls, and maybe a vest or some other simple garment. I don't project having to sew anything thicker than 1/2". For the most part, I work with veg-tan tooling leather, except for some exceptions, like for some shop projects like making a tool roll, or something along those lines. This has narrowed my research down to 3 options: Tippmann Boss Cowboy Outlaw Cowboy CB3200 Note: I've contacted one of the dealers for this machine and I'm finding out if I can get the whole package and have the hand crank option installed, so once I have the space for it, I can do the whole installation. There's extensive documentation on this forum regarding the Tippmann and it's idiosyncrasies. I'm a very patient person and mechanically inclined, so I'm up for tackling any problems with this machine until I figure it out (yes, I'm up for some punishment), and the people I've talked to who have this machine dialed like it quite a bit, but it does require a bunch of trial and error to optimize it for your needs. Regarding the Outlaw, it looks like a great machine, but haven't found enough end user experience to make an informed decision. I believe that both of these machines are needle fed, and hand-cranked, so I'm assuming the operating concept is the same. The portability is attractive to me, even though the Outlaw is a hefty machine with twice the mass of the Tippmann. I also understand about the throat clearance on the Cowboy is more convenient than on the Tippmann. I've had the opportunity to examine the Tippmann up close, and understand about the aluminum frame construction, that doesn't bother me. I do like the 23lb weight though, I will have to install this machine in the 2nd story. As far as the CB3200, it seems to have an excellent reputation with good support, and it has the triple feed mechanism that seems to be the most desirable for our craft. Solar Leather has a hand cranked option, which is also very interesting with a custom stand for the machine that will fit in my space. I intend to buy this equipment new with a warranty, unless it's such a screamin' deal that I just can't pass it up. So here's the can of worms, I'm grabbing the can opener right now LOL I'm sure the discussion will be most interesting. Thanks for taking the time.
  9. Dead Blow Hammer

    Hello friends! Sorry about resurrecting this thread, but I was curious if a 4lb dead blow hammer from the hardware store would work for oblong and strap end punches, and setting hardware? I'd plan to cap the ends with some heavy leather to prevent marring my tools, even though the hammer is plastic coated. Thanks for your knowledge and insight, Pepe
  10. Joining Sides/sewing Gussets

    This is tremendous and timely information. I'm about to build a guitar amplifier cover using the exact technique described here, essentially an upside down "messenger bag" style container with no lid, but the top, front, and back will be one piece of leather, and separate pieces for the sides. Sjohnsone, very nice bag you made! I think it looks great. Looks like my old "mochila" from when I was a kid! PepeUnidos
  11. Guitar Amplifier Cover

    Thanks Bodean! I was thinking about 4-5 or 6-7 for the hide weight. The other decision I need to make is how I’m going to construct this thing, whether to use a single folded panel for front, top, and back with 2 stitched-on side panels like a gusset, or 5 panels stitched together with a box joint. Finally, any suggestions on the leather? If I don’t tool, what finished leather would y’all recommend? thanks for your input!
  12. Guitar Amplifier Cover

    Hello friends! So I have a question for the group - I’m interested in making a cover for my guitar amp out of leather (of course LOL) and I’m curious to know what leather weight would you recommend? If I tool it, I will use veg-tan, but what other leather would you recommend? My design includes a slot on top for the handle, and an open bottom with a belt across it to hold it in place. Since this is for my extension speaker cabinet, I also want to make it sturdy enough for me to check it into baggage check-in when I have to fly it (same leather weight as a suitcase I suppose). for you guitar heads the cab dimensions are the same as a 5E3 fender deluxe. thanks y’all - looking forward to your suggestions!
  13. Hello friends! A quick question: I'm touching up a black guitar strap with white letters and need to clean up the black edges a little bit. After tooling, I dyed the strap black. Applied 2 coats of Tandy super sheen. After that, I applied an additional 2 coats of Supershene to the letters only. Painted them with white Cova color. I need to clean up some of the black beveled on the letters and was wondering if it'd be alright to use a Sharpie pen to touch up the black. Thanks for your time! PepeUnidos
  14. Vintage Craftool Alphabet Wood Grain

    Thank you for looking!