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  1. Dead Blow Hammer

    Hello friends! Sorry about resurrecting this thread, but I was curious if a 4lb dead blow hammer from the hardware store would work for oblong and strap end punches, and setting hardware? I'd plan to cap the ends with some heavy leather to prevent marring my tools, even though the hammer is plastic coated. Thanks for your knowledge and insight, Pepe
  2. Joining Sides/sewing Gussets

    This is tremendous and timely information. I'm about to build a guitar amplifier cover using the exact technique described here, essentially an upside down "messenger bag" style container with no lid, but the top, front, and back will be one piece of leather, and separate pieces for the sides. Sjohnsone, very nice bag you made! I think it looks great. Looks like my old "mochila" from when I was a kid! PepeUnidos
  3. Guitar Amplifier Cover

    Thanks Bodean! I was thinking about 4-5 or 6-7 for the hide weight. The other decision I need to make is how I’m going to construct this thing, whether to use a single folded panel for front, top, and back with 2 stitched-on side panels like a gusset, or 5 panels stitched together with a box joint. Finally, any suggestions on the leather? If I don’t tool, what finished leather would y’all recommend? thanks for your input!
  4. Guitar Amplifier Cover

    Hello friends! So I have a question for the group - I’m interested in making a cover for my guitar amp out of leather (of course LOL) and I’m curious to know what leather weight would you recommend? If I tool it, I will use veg-tan, but what other leather would you recommend? My design includes a slot on top for the handle, and an open bottom with a belt across it to hold it in place. Since this is for my extension speaker cabinet, I also want to make it sturdy enough for me to check it into baggage check-in when I have to fly it (same leather weight as a suitcase I suppose). for you guitar heads the cab dimensions are the same as a 5E3 fender deluxe. thanks y’all - looking forward to your suggestions!
  5. Hello friends! A quick question: I'm touching up a black guitar strap with white letters and need to clean up the black edges a little bit. After tooling, I dyed the strap black. Applied 2 coats of Tandy super sheen. After that, I applied an additional 2 coats of Supershene to the letters only. Painted them with white Cova color. I need to clean up some of the black beveled on the letters and was wondering if it'd be alright to use a Sharpie pen to touch up the black. Thanks for your time! PepeUnidos
  6. Vintage Craftool Alphabet Wood Grain

    Thank you for looking!
  7. Would you recommend thinning Supershene to this consistency as well? Just wondering if anyone's tried this. PepeUnidos
  8. Reading this thread with interest - if applying olive oil prior to dyeing, I want that Sheridan style color, so I intend to do this in this sequence right after tooling: apply olive oil light light coat let dry for a few hours add background dye (water based) let dry add resist (supersheen) let dry 24 hours add antique gel ( water based ) let dry 24 hours buff like crazy add super sheen top coat Would anyone have any advise or suggestions on this sequence? Thanks for your time. pepeunidos
  9. Vintage Craftool Alphabet Wood Grain

    Thank you - great tip! PepeUnidos
  10. Vintage Craftool Alphabet Wood Grain

    Hi Buzzardbait - do you happen to know the part number?
  11. Hello friends - I'm tapping into the vast wealth of knowledge here to ask a few questions. I have a 3/4" Craftool alphabet that looks like woodgrain or stacked logs, part number 8138. Does anyone know if Craftool ever made their woodgrain alphabet of the same in 1/2" format? If so, what was that part number? I'd like to see about maybe finding one. Second question - is there a database sowewhere of old craftool part numbers? Not looking for the tooling stamp references, but things like setters, alphabets, etc. Thanks friends! PepeUnidos
  12. Smoothing flesh side?

    Thanks for the info! This is all super helpful. I have a question: if the flesh side was to be dyed, where in the sequence would that happen? PepeUnidos
  13. Swivel knife sharpening

    What stones would be recommended for sharpening my swivel knife? Some links would be super helpful - thanks!
  14. Thanks for posting this, can I use the pattern? It'll make a nice gift for a friend. Pepe
  15. Greetings from Austin, TX!

    Hello friends! My name is Jorge (username pepeunidos) and I'm just getting started on the new adventure called leather craft! Really enjoying so far. Been trolling the forum for a while, learning a lot. Looking forward to being here! pepe