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  1. Asian craftsman?

    Fanny pack to carry your basic needs.
  2. Asian craftsman?

    It's been a while. Pls watch my simple video.
  3. Asian craftsman?

    Hello. I have made small business with my crafts. Before, I was trying to find scrap leather, now I always order whole hides! Best luck with you!
  4. Hello från Åland Islands

    I thought of Bjorn from Vikings.
  5. Asian craftsman?

    My website is live at
  6. Asian craftsman?

    My latest craft and my very first attempt on making a leather bag. Patterns are from etsy, but had to figure out how to put it together myself.
  7. Asian craftsman?

    Thank you for your advise and sub!. I will more focus on steps rather showing all in timelapse.
  8. Asian craftsman?

    Pls support my channel. Simple video of making the LV applewatch band.
  9. Finishing Edges

    That's what I thought too but when I put thin coat, fibers are still out. It's a little frustrating.
  10. Finishing Edges

    Hello. I have been trying to coat edged of my card holder made with chrome tanned, it seemes to look well until when I folded it and put in my back pocket, the time I took it out, some edge coat stick to the other side of the holder. Did I applied coat too much? Tutorials on youtube doesnt seem to work for me..
  11. Hello

    Welcome ! I have interests in carvings aswell .
  12. Asian craftsman?

    Spot on. There's only limited resources in here, that's why most of my stuff came overseas, specifically in China. I'm still surviving my small business, can't really afford other brand. Which ABC letter? Those for hot stamping, I just got locally. You can check hexnhit on IG. I got my maker's mark from them, they did an excellent job in it. They also offer letter stamps. Both for hot stamping and cold stamping. Have a great day!
  13. Hello, again

    I remember buying local tooling scrap and tried carving just a year ago. I only have the basic tools though
  14. Asian craftsman?

    I've made a card holder made of chrome tanned leather because I want to practice edge coating. I have this money clip accessory ordered way back, I didn't apply edge coat because I don't have color close to the leather. This is the minimalist money clip wallet (Empty) (Load with card each side and few cash) Pls feel free to visit my Facebook page, YouTube and Instagram . Facebook: YouTube: Instagram : kdotcrafts
  15. New

    Welcome !