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  1. Croc clutch!

    665 the winner? Will the thread match the edge paint or a contrasting colour?
  2. Handmade leather tools

    It will be great to see all the stages. I think a lot of leather workers will be interested.Thanks.

    With the quality of workmanship and the accuracy he has to cut leather including his exotic leathers and also how busy he seems to be, I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t use a hydraulic clicker press.
  4. Handmade leather tools

    Nice work. I must have a go at that also. I notice you beveled the small knife on the left side and the skiving knife on the right side... I bought a cutting knife with it sharpened on the left side and while it was very well made it tends to cut away from me when I’m trying to stay on a line. Have you noticed anything like that with yours?
  5. Croc clutch!

    Looking forward to seen the different stages of this project again. Looking good already.
  6. Continuing Stitch Line with New Thread

    When stitching thicker leather you could use this option.

    He is cutting around a template of some description or using a clicker die. I find Pinterest and Instagram another great source of information and inspiration for leather work. (Other than

    Your work is absolutely amazing! Anyone who’s learning carving would do well to follow you on Instagram for inspiration. How many years have you been working with leather?
  9. Where to get printed leather

    I’ve seen some printed leather on buyleatheronline. Maybe they ship to Australia? I’ve bought from them and the quality was good.
  10. Stiching thinner leather <3/4oz

    This belt I’m making is using the technique i described above. I used 4mm irons and .8mm tiger thread.
  11. Newbie here with some questions on sewing machines...

    This a 5 foot belt I’m working on for a satchel. The stitch marking is 4mm and the thread is tiger .8mm. This belt has taken me about 4 hours to sew.
  12. Stiching thinner leather <3/4oz

    I’ve had the same problem and I’m not entirely happy with my stitches yet. Here’s something for you to try... If you’re right handed. Looking at the front of your project where you’ve marked your holes, (but this time start with your stitching close to you and work your way back) put your first needle through from the back, then cross your needles (right hand needle on the back of the first needle) pull the thread down to the bottom of the hole and pass the other needle at the back (top) of the same hole. Do NOT cast your thread over the needle but do pull up on the thread in your left hand and down on your right hand. Don’t pull too tightly on thin leather. I know this is not the way everyone else is thought, but like You I’ve been having problems with my stitches. I watched a video of a very good leather worker do it this way. It has worked for me. But you must be consistent with your holes, and the way you produce every stitch. When you’re finished tap the stitches lightly with your hammer on a marble slab. Ger.

    Lol... is he teasing ya?
  14. Show your Shop

    And so, the wheel does a full circle... That picture was taken when I first set up my work shop. I thought it looked good. Here is the working version taken this morning. Doesn’t look as well, but it works for me.
  15. Curved Seam/ Hammering Out

    Not sure about the eBay metal soles... years ago all shoes soles were made from leather and I suppose the cheaper ones were nailed together instead of being stitched. at least I remember my father turning his shoe upside down and slipping it over the last and hammering small nails into the soles. He did this fairly often if I remember correctly. I still have about 2 square feet of sole leather that he used to cut New soles from. It must be about 3/8 inch thick.