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  1. Second Holster

    Very nice work! As usual. Not knowing anything about guns... What is the string made from? and how does it work?
  2. Are girls allowed? :P

    Welcome to the forum. I absolutely love your work and I think very sellable anywhere. If you don’t mind a bit of critique... I think if you used edge paint on your leather it would bring your work to a new level of perfection? Delighted to see another lady leather craft person on board.
  3. When to use and when not to use adhesive?

    I used the rolls of double sided tape from Tandy and while it is really handy and no mess I found my needles getting caught in the glue while I was hand sewing, I’ve decided not to use it any more because of that. I don’t have as much trouble with contact adhesive and it sticks better.
  4. Edge paint

    Looks like Giardini are charging €24.90 for one of those roller pens.
  5. Good to know. I live near Tullamore, Co. Offaly. I lived in NY for 14 years.
  6. This is wrong. I ordered a sample yesterday morning and had the same problem, I contacted them and got a reply saying they had fixed the problem. I re-ordered a few minutes ago and the order went through with free shipping in Europe. I payed with PayPal because their site said it wasn’t secure?
  7. Edge paint

    Who said so?
  8. Edge paint

    @immiketoo is right. Your problem is the applicator.
  9. Tooled Car Seats

    Wow! Your work is absolutely amazing.
  10. Latigo for Belts

    From what I know... the draw back I’d that you can get dye stains when it gets wet, you can’t tool any designs on it and it’s more expensive than veg tanned leather. The only pro’s I think are it’s a softer leather than veg tanned while it’s still strong and doesn’t stretch. It’s probably why it’s used for horse tack and dog collars? Dye stain wouldn’t matter?
  11. Grey dye

    Vinegaroon. I can’t remember who suggested this on LW but I tried it and it produced a grey dye. I purchased steel wool that painters use for sanding paint and a bottle of vinegar. Put a small wad of steel wool into a jam jar and fill it up with the vinegar. Wait for 12 to 24 hours and that’s it. when I dipped a piece of 4mm veg tanned leather to test it turned a light shade of grey and each time I dipped it in again it turned a shade darker until it turned black. I slowly dipped dyed a leather belt and it turned a charcoal grey and when I applied neatsfoot oil it turned very dark grey almost black. Don’t forget though... if you use this vinegaroon you should neutralize the leather with baking soda. hope this helps.
  12. @immiketoo Excellent video. I don’t do any tooling of leather yet but it’s a joy to watch your video. Thanks. i did buy some leather tools from a retired leather worker and among the tools were some swivel knifes and a lot of blades, some with the plastic protection still on the tips. When I’m home later I’d like to post a picture of them and maybe you could tell me what I have?
  13. Removing Chicago Screws

    @RockyAussie Brilliant ideas! Im always damaging stuff while trying to fix it. Why not damage cheap tools to save the good stuff!
  14. Removing Chicago Screws

    Wait... why would you change the hardware? He asked for it the way you did it? If he wants new hardware ask him to pay for new collars? Sometimes you get no thanks for being nice. If you damage the collars while changing the hardware will he still pay you?
  15. Stitching Iron

    Very nice stitching! I’ve always thought that it doesn’t matter what size thread you use if you can sew it really well. Your watch band looks really good for it. But if your stitching isn’t so good you’d be better off with a thinner thread so as not to highlight it.