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  1. Hello from Ireland

    Thank you. Where are you located? looked at your shop, nice work. Ger.
  2. How do I get a 1.5" Buckle on a 2" belt.

    An example: I made this gun sling belt yesterday and had to reduce the width of the belt to fit the buckle.
  3. Identify These Tools!

    2) A single tooth lacing chisel to match the 4 toothed one. (for making holes around corners)
  4. Maul. Doubts with the purchase

    I second that!!! I would love to see how to make a maul.
  5. Hello from Ireland

    Thank you and welcome to the forum. I only started leather work this year so if you need any help just ask.
  6. Clicker die needed

    As they say in Ireland... Fair play to you! Thats a nice thing you did.
  7. Tooling English bridle leather

    Thanks Ferg, Didn't think so... My brother wants a another shotgun sling and asked for some tooling on it, I have some nice old English bridle and I thought about using it.
  8. Tooling English bridle leather

    Hi all, Can waxed English bridle leather be carved and stamped like regular veg tanned tooling leather?
  9. Feedback on buyleatheronline

    Received my leather and while they quality is great, the thickness didn't turn out as well as I'd like. That's the problem with not being able to put your hand on the leather before you buy. And as you say, the cost keeps adding up. Metropolitan leather sent out a free sample card of their leathers which is a help.
  10. Strength of leather at different spi

    While billybopp is right, you were probably looking for a bit more... You've explained it very well yourself in the question. Making more holes closer to each other will weaken the article.
  11. Leather "duffle" Bag

    I just borrowed almost the exact bag from a brother in law to take measurements from. Do you have a pattern for that? Looks really good! I'm going to try it with all leather.
  12. I've used contact adhesive for years in my business... we buy it by the case (4 gallons per case) when a brush dried out, I would put it into a fresh jar of contact adhesive and it would loosen up by the next day. I'm not sure if this will help you now? (Looking at that picture...)
  13. Feedback on buyleatheronline

    I only looked at them online but didn't buy anything yet. Someone else had said they'd bought from them and were happy. I ended up buying some leather from Metropolitan instead, haven't received the order yet to let you know the quality. I thought most of the leather suppliers would ship almost anywhere?
  14. Card holder and watch strap

    Beautiful work!
  15. Beginner Looking for Tools in India

    Why would you not buy tools online from Europe or China?