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  1. Show your Shop

    The best stitching clam I’ve come across is made by a French guy, but I don’t he’s making them now because of bad health... I notice that Nigel Armitage bought one.
  2. Show your Shop

    A lot going on in your work space... you have to show a pic!!!
  3. Show your Shop

    mjolnir, nice stitching clam! Where did you come across that?
  4. Show your Shop

    This pic is from a few months ago. Have expanded a bit more since and it’s a lot more untidy!
  5. New Member from Central California

    Brilliant! Did you make them yourself? What steel are they made from? I bought a 20 tonne hydrolic clicker press a couple of months ago (going cheap). I haven’t used it yet. I would love to make my own clickers.
  6. Good-Looking Miter Joints?

    Here is a pic from instragram
  7. 4am can't sleep

    Have we seen your workshop?
  8. New Member from Central California

    Fabulous idea! Lovely work! You must have a leather clicker press for doing this? Are these for show or are they real armour?
  9. Black Craftool Poly Maul durability?

    I started leather crafting this year... and wont say exactly how much ive spent on tools already but a lot! I will never get my money back from sales and anything ive made so far has been gifted to someone. I’m at a stage in my life where ive worked for more than forty years and not much time for myself. This is my new hobby and I “can” afford some nice tools. But... The leathercraft trade doesn’t require all these nice tools to make good work! Sharp tools good knowledge I think are the most important and good leather! It’s nice to have a good mallet and it may make you feel like you’re getting a better job, But you can use a lot of things as a hammer...
  10. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    Someone once said a bad workman blames his tools when things go wrong... I’ve been my trade for nearly forty years and I continually look for better tools. Every day I learn how to make my work a little better and in turn make my customers happier. The joy we get from a really good quality tool “has” to make our work better. So... The truth is, a good workman is entitled to blame his tools when things go wrong!
  11. Precision/neat work with Landis 1

    Beautiful work on the harness! I’m 55 and only started leather crafting this year... I remember well working with draft horses on the farms. Because I come from the country side in Ireland, There were a few farmers still working with horses up to the mid seventy’s. The first time I sat on the bare back of a draft mare it was like doing the splits! I was only about 8 or 9yo though.
  12. Hello from Gary

    Hi Gary, I have only glanced at this thread and will look in to your site further when i have more time. Going on what ive read so far i would be very interested in adding my craft to your site. As a new leather worker I was looking for some where to advertise my products without going to too much trouble. I’m not really looking to sell huge quantities. Thanks, Ger.
  13. Marble bags

    They look great. What did you use for the print?
  14. Has anyone tried Un-doing saddle stitching?

    When my son was 3 yo he fell against a door jam and split his forehead, While my son was in my arms, the doctor said he’d glue it with superglue so he wouldn’t have a scar. When he finished glueing the cut... he was talking directly to my son, but my son was a bit shy and lowered his head to my shoulder and stuck his forehead to my jacket! My son is almost 18 yo now and still has a scar on his forehead...
  15. Has anyone tried Un-doing saddle stitching?

    Thanks everyone for the great tips. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one here making mistakes!