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  1. Pen Pouch

    Looks really good. iI also like the divider section too, looks like its removable?
  2. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    Thanks Fredk, i just ordered a couple of things from LePrevo, I see how I get on. I do use Parcel Motel a lot, They're good for some deliveries depending on each U.K.'s delivery charges. Also they're good for the U.K. Sites that don't ship liquids and some electrical goods to Ireland. i don't have much problem with the tools, I've seen lots of sites for them and there's plenty of recommendations on this forum . I find the leather more difficult to get my head around... there's such a variety of it! Trying to decide which leather to buy when you can't touch it or see it in person... I'm the type of person that knows what I will use the item for when it's in front of me. I ordered a couple of hides from Tandy earlier this year and it was badly marked and cuts (and boot prints?)and the back was so rough... I ended up buying a leather splitter from china to clean the back of it. I can use it all but I have to work my projects around the marks and every piece has to be split. Another piece of waxed shoulder for belts was like bear fur on the back and a cut through the middle where my belts would be. Pigskin lining also was poor. Theres a small leather shop in Dublin, but it has so little supplies it's not worth going again. The guy there was friendly but he mustn't have much demand for hides? I bought one hide and a pigskin from him and they're were much better than Tandy. Anyway... I'm rambling. I don't have a specific project in mind at the moment but I'd like to build up a supply of good leather for when I do. thanks again for your help.
  3. Notepad cover

    That's a cool design, is it your own? did you dye the lining or buy it that color?
  4. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    I've looked at their site and it looks good, just didn't want to purchase more leather I wasn't happy with... Thanks. I also looked at their hardware, do think they're the best for that stuff also?
  5. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    All right! USA is sorted for leather... Now what about the rest of the world?? I've only ever bought from Tandy UK and that's not great. Would love to have a couple of other suppliers like you guys? Anyone? Anyone?
  6. I agree! and why don't you guys sell single hides? Then maybe you could ship them faster than 8 to 10 weeks?
  7. Leather show 2017

    I know Italy is known for their quality leather, and I heard somewhere that they do shows too but I don't know when or where? I was in Italy earlier this year and I bought some leather but it was soo commercialised for tourists. I'd rather see the real craftsmen than stalls with nothing but bags. Also I don't want to go to a craft fair and only see maybe one leather craft stall... i lived in New York for 14 years, pity I wasn't working with leather then!
  8. Purse for my mom

    That's a great job on the bag! Your Mon will be very happy to have a bag that her son made with his own hands. I think it's rare these days that sons and daughters go to that effort to make their parents happy. It's a credit to you! keep up the good work.
  9. what do you do for a living

    Linoleum and commercial grade vinyl flooring contractor (Carpet and vinyl installer) i Am 39 years installing flooring. I used to own a carpet shop in Mamaroneck New York, I left USA march 1st 2001 before the Towers came down. I only sell and install flooring for the commercial sector now. Ger.
  10. From Spain with love

    Just had a look at their website and it looks good. do you think they would have an English version? Or do you think they would ship to Ireland?
  11. Bridle bubbles

    I've had this happen to some wallets I made from natural veg tan leather I got from Tandy leather (England). i dyed and applied leather finishes but nothing worked. I put it down to a bad piece of leather. ive received other leather from Tandy and wasn't happy with that either. Since then I've been looking for another supplier. Bridle is so expensive though.
  12. From Spain with love

    Welcome. Website and Facebook look great! where do you buy your leather and buckles? Ger.
  13. Leather show 2017

    I've never been to a leather craft/tool show... Is there any in Europe for the rest of 2017? how would I find information on what show's are coming for 2018 in Europe? regards, Ger.
  14. Shoe sole cutting dies

    I had thought that too until I saw Tipperman clicker die cutting do it on video...
  15. Shoe sole cutting dies

    Turn the leather upside down to cut the other foot.