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  1. YinTx I like it...been practicing those circles. Looks really good. Like I said before your a natural. Hope to see much much more. As to what you see, you will always see that. Good luck my friend.
  2. I was curious about the welt to. I have done it before but more for added space, now I know what it’s really used for lol
  3. Very good work...definitely got the wow factor. I have got one I have been working on but keep putting it aside...get back to it in time. Lol
  4. I have used elephant ear before, it is soft and was easily overdyed. You can buy it in the states from exotic leather dealers along with other kinds. Very nice wallet.
  5. I was reading over some of your comments, very interesting.  One I read you discussed lips and not cutting them.  Would this also apply to teeth.  I do some skulls and in the smaller sizes cutting just doesn’t seem to work.  Thanks for your help.

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    2. Wykoni


      Is some of your work on here, love to see it

    3. immiketoo


      Sure, my work is all over the site. here's a few samples. Threw my very first carving in for contrast. 












    4. Wykoni


      Just beautiful

  6. Wykoni

    Panama straw

    Is that hand stitching on holster, very nice
  7. Wykoni

    Electric Tooling

    I have looked at the power mallet myself. I have the power source so my investment would be the 700.00. That kind of throws me off but not so much the artistry of the craft. I kind of look at it like this. The Michael Angelo was a great sculpture. He did his work with a hammer and chisel..why...no jackhammers at the time. It's a personal choice but it doesn't eliminate the artist, but enhances his art. I have talked to some fantastic saddle makers who are great artist and many look at it as a time saver. They make their living by making beautiful saddles so quicker is better. I would think if you carve leather poorly, even with a power mallet it would be poor, just a bit better...Isn't art kind of a personal thing anyway?
  8. Wykoni

    Maul vs. Mallet

    I am more like David, I think if you concentrate on your work, verses the hitting instrument you will do better with the hammer. The hammer has a larger sweet spot as he says. In the past few years I have moved from maul, to large plastic hammer to rawhide small hammer. I primarily do holster work, so maybe if you do saddles with heavier leather something else would be in order.