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  1. Saddle Purse Pattern?

    Thank you, Matt!
  2. Saddle soap

    Ooo, I have been using the heavier leathers. No wonder the saddle soap isnt working! Thank you, so much!
  3. Very nice! Love the color!
  4. Sheridan Styled Photo Album

    Beautiful! I really like the carving in the middle.
  5. That frog is cute! And I like the lining. Great job!
  6. Howdy! From West Texas!

    Thank you! I had a bunch of key chain blanks that I started out on. Needless to say, very few "turned out"! Haha! I have been blessed to have people donate leather scraps and leftover project material, and I buy remnants from Tandy to practice on.
  7. Carving Lesson 101

    Thank you, for this! It helps a lot, and cant wait to see more! Val
  8. No retention strap. The clip on the pistol itself holds it pretty securely. I put it on and jiggled up and down while bent over. No slips! No wet molding, just folded it over and sewed it. So far, it fits good. But time may tell, haha. The harness is the hardest part, trying to get the straps the right length. My hubby helped me out. I made this because I have not been able to find a ready made holster that works for me. Too many belly rolls, haha! Lessons learned: be sure straps are not too wide for the buckles! Thanks, ya'll for the comments and encouragement!
  9. Saddle soap

    Thank you, Bikermutt! Ive been told saddle soap will soften leather. Been using it like crazy, by the directions on the bottle and I dont see much change. Maybe a different kind?
  10. Saddle Purse Pattern?

    A friend of mine is requesting a purse similar to this. I realize its a lot of work, and there are techniques I need to learn. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you, so much!
  11. Howdy! From West Texas!

    Better picture of the front
  12. Howdy! From West Texas!

    Hey! I figured it out! Here is a pic of a quiver I made. Tried to find uses for that thick, heavy leather I had bought. This was fairly easy. Copied the pattern from something off pinterest. The symbols on the front refer to swiftness, accuracy, deadliness, etc.
  13. Shoulder holster I just finished. Made with 6-7 oz leather (I think, cant remember for sure). Purchased already cut straps. Tried to antique the holster to show off the tooling, but wound up antiquing the whole thing. Still have much to learn. Sunflowers and dragonfly are stamped and painted. Holds a 380. Got the holster pattern from my daughter and had to cut it down to fit the pistol. The yoke was designed by me. Critiques welcomed. I know the stamping on the straps is substandard. I tried to tool some scrolling and wound up stamping over it. There are extra holes in the straps as I had to adjust for size. But it fits well and I will be wearing it for awhile to see how it feels. The rectangle on the holster is where the clip goes that holds it on. When I was fitting it for the holster, I noticed it scratching the leather, so I made a place for it to scratch without messing with the tooling. It was fairly easy, except for figuring out how long to make the straps.
  14. Saddle soap

    What is the best way to use liquid saddle soap?
  15. Howdy! From West Texas!

    Still working on getting pics on here. Ugh!