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  1. Sajou Order.. What colors?

    What's the price
  2. The Cat's Meow

    Love it ,. And my wife said no to me making a alligator vest for my cat. Maybe I'll make a alligator collar.
  3. Removing Chicago Screws

    If heat don't work. Try a hacksaw blade cut the slot a little deeper then with pliers pull it apart or a screwdriver
  4. How good are Wuta products and delivery time

    Amazon has the wuta edge creasers with 2day shipping , only a few left in stock . Shipping on the other wuta tools ,,,,well as they say you wate long time .
  5. How good are Wuta products and delivery time

    I have order them on Amazon. They are good , not the best . In most cases better than Tandy. The edge creaser works great . Hope this helps,
  6. Do you have Veg tanned Kangaroo or any other leather 

  7. Birkin Hermes hardware

    Were did you get the patterns
  8. Cobra Buckles--Where to Buy

    Try this
  9. Were do you buy your hardware....... Looks good
  10. Invisible stitch from both sides of leather

    Thanks, I have never seen that befor , but aren't you worry that the roof my come down,. Cool shop
  11. Croc clutch!

    Is that your pattern. If so have thought about selling it PDF file.
  12. Croc clutch!

    We're did you get the croc.
  13. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    Thanks for the help. This is a hobby for me, but I would like to make money at it one day
  14. Post some photos. I'll buy some
  15. Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    How much would you charge for that . I have a friend that wants one, and I don't know how to charge hem