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  1. New Stitching Pony From Korea

    I have 4x8 shopbot CNC. I am looking at making one to. I like the automatic foot peddle clamp the same people sell. Don't know how well it will hold. If your not trying to sell yours and don't mind shearing the files I would like take a look at them
  2. New Stitching Pony From Korea

    What's the web site and how much
  3. Show your Shop

    that's one box. I order a box at a time to save shipping
  4. Show your Shop

    They are big
  5. New to leatherworking.Hobo bag I finally finished

    I have not made one yet. So how much it cost to make and how much will you sell it for
  6. Tiger 25 thread

    the company that makes tiger theard also makes the string for mini blindes , so they have lots of experienced in making it to last in UV light . So why it cost more. Because they can.
  7. Puritan OS36 For Sale, Massachusetts

    What is it, and how much $ ?
  8. Finally Took The Plunge Juki 1541s

    Yes they are very good . I bought two machines from them. I have a juki lu-1508n an a singer cylinder . The singer was used ,they had a lot of them at that time. For $1,000. They were sorry for the delay due to the pope was in town and no shipping was going out. They offer to compensate me , I said no, There kindness was all I need. I could have bought one here in town Texas , But after taking to them I was sold.
  9. Show me your wallet

    What kind of edge creaser on the purple one? And we're did you get it ? How do you make that snap ? I am so new to this
  10. Show me your wallet

    After seeing all the post, I made a wallet , it's elephant. I need help with ending my thread I burned it , but it has black spot there
  11. Show me your wallet

    Wow I love it, is that from a cow they fed skittles candy to
  12. Show me your wallet

    Want to start making wallets. And would like to see what y'all do, in one post
  13. New "thinner" bifold

    I did not make it . But when it where's out I am going to, any one knows we're I can get the screen on the front ?
  14. What's Your Favorite Snap Press?

    Just order a Little Wonder. Can't find any reviews on it , can any one tell me .any thing about it
  15. Show your Repurpose

    Concrete form tubes for leather storage from Home Depot