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  1. From Russia with love

    Black-beige cardholder
  2. From Russia with love

    I've mentioned that the world is almost equally devided on those who love saffiano and on those who hate it . very few keep neutral position or indifference... pros: it is quite rigid (though it depends) and scratch resistant, maintains the "likenew" look for a long time. cons: "plastic looking" or nonnatural looking, does not have pattina (for those who cares). Another set (long wallet + notebook cover + key ring) from saffiano.
  3. From Russia with love

    Thanks for your kind words, friends!
  4. From Russia with love

    It's been a while since my last post was busy with appartment improvement. So now here is a little tray from dark blue deer leather. At the bottom it has 3 layers - deer + cow (for durability) + deer.
  5. From Russia with love

    as an experiment made a braided keychain from waxed shoe-lace. In spite of simplisity and cheapness it occured to be quite convenient. It is comfortable to hold it and it does not hamper in front pocket.
  6. From Russia with love

    thanks for positive feedback! not at all, to my regret. not all 100% of works are worth sharing. Unsuccessful experiments do not go to trash - I keep them as reminder of how not to do next time. At the moment that is something from another league for me.
  7. From Russia with love

    Thank you . you are right! 90% of the time I use only one strap. it is really bad habbit as it does harm for back. I only use two straps when I fully load my backpack. I've never thought of making backpack with one strap, but this needed to be considered.
  8. From Russia with love

    Somwhere a year ago I made two bags for mom and wife. Shopper bag from crazy horse leather. They use it every day and not only for sshopping (can't help noticing that I'm happy about it) as this more than words shows that this formfactor is very comfortable. this one is my mom's:
  9. From Russia with love

    Hi everyone, couple of months ago made this one "for fun". I saw similar wallet in instagram and wanted to repeat it to evaluate this concept. Made from veg tanned leather 4-5oz. Fiebings leather dye. YKK zipper. 0.5 mm thread Occured to be quite spacious- can store up to 20 cards + cash and also 1 USB flash drive. However a bit large to wear in front pocket.
  10. From Russia with love

    Thanks for explanation. Will explore this store for sure! Nice color!
  11. From Russia with love

    What does "seconds" mean?
  12. From Russia with love

    thank you, sir! That is No.1 in my wish list. It is very a hard-to-get item for reasonable price here in Russia. We do not have distributors. Orderig directly from US makes the end product very expensive. As soon as find a customer for Horween, it will be a pleasant experience.
  13. From Russia with love

    Dear Friends, Happy New Year! all the best wishes to you and your close people! Another item submitted to public scrutiny. Simple cardholder with stud.
  14. From Russia with love

    Thank you, my friend! your reply reminded me of the following: years ago when I wanted to by a wallet, a jacket, a bag (in general anything from leather) first I needed to smell all this stuf. That drove my wife nuts:) to onlookers a man sniffing at a wallet seemed quite odd)) but for me that was one of key reasons to buy or not buy a thing. Some leather had practically no scent, some had an unpleasant chemical scent, some smelt like fish ))) At the moment my vote in "best aroma" nomination goes to natural veg tanned cow leather (like Herman Oak or Argentina) and veg tanned horse leather (Avancorpo from ShellCordovan).
  15. From Russia with love

    Made for my classmate's husband. Can't immagine a more boring combination of leather and thread, but she told her husband was very ascetic, so no contract mixes. ok.