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  1. American St Louis crank splitter

    The screw in front the blade is not important as well. You can use that one for this. About the top part (that is the important part and easy to break). I got mine before with broken top part when the seller shipped to my house but he made another one for me by steel (strong one). Contact this guys on ebay : https://www.ebay.com/usr/linkstrap?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2754 Ask him to make you the new top part with steel. He did it before and I think he can help you out. Best of luck to you. P/s: great price for this beautiful machine anyway.
  2. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    +1 vote for this video for sharpening the knife. Do exactly the same way , first is 700 grit, then 1000 and polish the last step with 6000 grit stone). After that is strop. My knives working perfectly now. I love the strop you have. How can you apply the compound smooth like that? Hope you can give me the idea. Thanks
  3. Vintage American Splitter Machine

    Are you looking for a splitter machine for yourself? You're in the right place. This is Vintage American LS440 Model A Leather Splitter. I did restore it by myself and you can see this machine appears to be in very good condition (100% working condition). No broken or damaged parts, everything is in great shape. For the blade, you don't need to resharpen it. I did sharpen it by hand by myself. Please take a look at the photo and see how good condition it is. If you're in the US, Bruce Johnson in this forum is the best guys who can help you to sharpen the knife with reasonable price. Buying this machine, you don't need to do anything, it's ready to use right away and working great without any problem. But I'm not Master with these machine (too hard for me to understand), that's why I'm selling it. I recommend you spend times to learn how to use it and know which screw you should adjust. That's how this machine working. I posted 12 photos (click on the link below). Please view the photos carefully, to see the condition of what is being sold. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Xf_llTlQy0aid8NFnhS9SYHBxG9WgBUL The machine will be shipped from Toronto, Canada. I would like to do local pickup as well if you guys are in Toronto. My asking price is : $800 USD (paypal or cash if local) + shipping to your door.
  4. Really like this one. Try to contact him for price but he didnt give price list
  5. Tandy Splitter

    wow, that looks really nice. I will try to do it on my machine. I live in Toronto, Canada. Sorry about that.
  6. Tandy Splitter

    It looks very easy with him.. but not really easy with me thou lol. Because I wanna thinner the card pocket for wallet (so that the size is a bit bigger). I did try sometimes and it just cut a bit in front then get off the leather. I dont know what is that problem...
  7. Tandy Splitter

    Hello, I didn't see any link from your comment. Please share it again. I know someone using the credit card to put in between. Credit card is 1/16" thickness then from there you can know exactly the thickness.
  8. Tandy Splitter

    Hi, Could you please send me some photos of the machine then I can see how it works? I got the same problem with you. After I polish the blade, I can't use the machine anymore. Did try so many times but still doesnt work at all. Thank you & Happy new year!
  9. Tandy Splitter

    Hi Dwight, Going through the website and saw your comment. Could you please make video about how to use this machine? I got mine too but got stuck so many times. I did polish the blade, it's sharp but can't make it work. Hope you can do a short video to demonstrate how to use it. Happy new year to you -- JAY
  10. WTB - Landis Model 30 Splitter Machine

    You're so lucky to find this machine at that price. That's awesome. my problem is I live in Canada, and it's really hard to find. Even on eBay, the price right now is around $600-700
  11. WTB - Landis Model 30 Splitter Machine

    I saw some Vintage American with a good price right now on eBay, but I would like to try Landis. I dont know it's much different or something different but I would like to try.
  12. WTB - Landis Model 30 Splitter Machine

    Hi Tom, Thank for this link. I did contact John from there but it's sold out - Jay
  13. WTB - Landis Model 30 Splitter Machine

    Last time I saw someone selling it at $1000 for this (fully restored). I dont think $1500-$2000 is a right price. The newest one from http://landisinternational.ca/ca-en/landis-splitter.html is just $2205 CAD (around $1900 USD). People should know how much it could be. I just want to give myself a try. Thanks
  14. WTB - Landis Model 30 Splitter Machine

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy a good Landis Model 30 splitter machine for myself. Really need it to finish some work. I want to get a good one because I dont want to restore it. (not easy to find parts in Canada). I live in Toronto, Canada. If anyone has a good Landis 30 for sale, please DM me the price + shipping to my house. Thank you so much,