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  1. Hi, yes it's still available. Just the basic set was sold. DM me a message with your phone number please. We can meet. Hi Tom, Yes the basic set was sold. Thank you for your helping.
  2. Leathercraft Tools for sale (Package)

    SOLD! EDIT: Only the Basic Set is sold!
  3. Up for sale. The basic set was SOLD.
  4. Hi guys, I'm selling this Edge Creaser combo from Campbell Randall. I just used the station + 1.5mm tips. That's all I have used until now. All the remain is brand new , never used. The reason I have to sell this is I'm upgrading to better system. This system is still perfect with me but I think now is the time to upgrade. Original price: Model BF110 Hot Iron Glazing Station (110V) $225.00 BF Series Edge Creasing Tool - 1.5 mm BF-68906-1.5 1 $42.25 BF Series Edge Creasing Tool - 1 mm BF-68906-1 1 $42.25 BF110 Thread Burning Tip BF-68909 1 $27.00 Adaptor for BF Glazing Tools (110V) BF-61110 1 $26.50 Total: $363 USD + shipping. My price : $250 USD + Shipping This Hand press is totally brand new, I never used it... I got it as gift but never think I use snap or rivets. Hand Press : $199 (Elite $165) -1/4inch round spot : $99 (Elite $65) - Multi purpose snaps : $149 (Elite $105) - Line 20 snaps : $149 (Elite $105) - Line 24 snaps : $149 (Elite $105) - Rapid Rivets : $149 (Elite $105) - Wide DC Rivets : $99 (Elite $65) - Tubular Rivets : $129 (Elite $91) TOTAL : $1122 USD (ELITE $806 USD ) + tax + shipping My price: $600 USD + Shipping. I will sell the whole package (not separate) I live in Toronto, Canada. If you guys is in local, you can meet me to get it to save the shipping.
  5. Hi all, I'm still looking to trade this one to KSBLADE. Or if you want to buy it, the price drops to $270 USD + Shipping by now.
  6. Hello, Bought this set by accident. I should get the #9 instead. I would like to sell this or trade to KSBLADE pricking irons #9 3.0mm. My price for this set is $300 + shipping. I live in Toronto, Canada. If you want to meet up and get it for free shipping, DM me. if anyone wanna trade to KSBlade, let me know please. Thanks
  7. I'm interested in some items. Could you please send me the photos of the set to my email: jayker2002@gmail.com Thanks
  8. Skiving Machine

    is it still available for sale? If so, please give me the shipping cost to Toronto, Canada with the whole machine, motor, head, and table. Thanks
  9. Forgot the Edge paint roller from this ads as well. I have 3 edge paint roller (brand new in box, never used). New is $24.99 + shipping. My price is $20 + shipping. Get all 3 is $50. Cheers, -Jay
  10. Hello, I'm looking to buy some brand new Tools I never used. Here is the list and the price. - Barry King edgers size 0 + 1 new $59 / each + shipping - my price $50/each. Get both of them is $90 + shipping - Vergez Blanchard pricking irons set #10 (new in plastic, never open) new 2 + 11 tooth : 269.99 . new 5 tooth: 119.99, set will be $390 + shipping. My price is $300 + shipping for the set. - Vergez Blanchard Number & Alphabet Stamp set size 6mm (all new) new is $129.99 + shipping. My price : $90+ shipping. - French style Awl, working perfectly with Blanchard, AmyRoke or KS blade pricking irons. I did sharpen it by my own. It's razor sharp, can cut leather and ofc it's using with pricking irons without any reason. Please look how shiny it is and the blade style. My price $50 + shipping. - Kyoshin Elle edger (barely used) : my price $20 + shipping. I have no idea why it showed error when uploading photos. Please check the google drive link below for the photos. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TkloH7HreskIj-zskuB8asBJIugMXAN6 Also, I live in Toronto, Canada. If you guys in local want to buy it to save shipping, feel free to contact me. P/S: I still have the package in this post. This is a great package for beginner for sure. If you guys want to get it, let me know as well.
  11. Bell Knife Skiver

    Yes I did. But I did talk to Bruce sometimes, and maybe he will give me some suggestion about buying bell skiver machine. Just dont want to waste money and time for buying stuff then sell it again. Save me some times - Jay
  12. Bell Knife Skiver

    Hi Bruce, I'm thinking to get one of this skiving machine. Could you give me the link of this machine? Thanks
  13. I have the set of #10 brand new. Let me know if you want. - Jay
  14. Hello, I'm looking to sell the whole package of mine. All in good condition (99%). Some are never used. 1. Seiwa chisel : 2 + 6 prongs 3mm http://goodsjapan.com/seiwa-diamond-leather-stitching-chisel-leathercraft-pricking-iron-tool-2x3mm-758-p.asp http://goodsjapan.com/index.asp?function=DISPLAYPRODUCT&productid=770 2. Japanese Adjustment Edge creaser http://goodsjapan.com/index.asp?function=DISPLAYPRODUCT&productid=455 3. 2 Trim knife with HSS Steel. Very sharp and last long for trimming leather edge. 4. Saddler Hammer (Handmade) 5. Tandy gauge 6. Tandy paint roller 7. Small tool for edge paint. Easy for cleaning, easy to use. 8. Safety Blade from Tandyleather + extra blade 9. Tandy Chisel 1-2-4 diamond teeth + 4 lacing teeth 10. Roller (good to use after you gluing). 11. Rotary cutter (never used) + extra blade 12. Edge beveler - small but sharp and last long. 13. Super Skiver from tandy leather 14. Not in this photo, hammer from tandyleather. For details photos, please check this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17OBh8WIY9BrbWiCn9TPaaWYsnFQCnJF1?usp=sharing I want to sell the whole package to save my times. I did pay around $450 + shipping for this whole package. But I will accept $250 USD + Shipping if you guys want to get the whole thing. Everything is in good condition and enough for beginner. I live in Toronto, Canada. So if someone in local want to get it, don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for viewing.