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  1. Our most popular stamps

    Ok, well, It's been nearly 20 hours now.still no response. Anyway, We don't need any more stamps. So I'm not going to give it a second thought. & no longer interested in playing the waiting game. Thanks for your kind words though. ;-) Chas
  2. Compounds For Stropping And Buffing

    Hi Bruce, That's interesting news. I look forward to reading your test results and personal thoughts. Yeah, for me, so far, my experiences have only been positive ones. A tub will be my next purchase size. The Flitz tubes of product I've bought contain 150grams or 5.29 oz. about the size of a large tube of toothpaste. I want to try it as an abrasive to help keep all of my swivel knife blades with a keen edge sharp,. Ah, as well as my round head knife and any of these important blades, in my possession. Only clean, polished and sharp will do. Chas
  3. Hello Ben, Since you had mentioned Ray Pohja, I had read this short article about him, and thought you might enjoy reading it as well. The post showing the Ray Pohja belt, found in a thrift store, was what got my attention about him. How I Remember Ray Pohja By Tad S Mizwa Much like young Ray Pohja entering the Porter saddle shop and meeting Lowell Jett who gave him encouragement, Ray became my Lowell Jett and much more...over a 63 year friendship. I too snuck into the Porter shop, drawn to the tap-tap-tap from the stamping benches. There sat Ray, munching an apple at lunchtime, studying a saddle skirt flower pattern he'd just cut. I was 19 years old, green as grass, but I could see that Ray, just 24 himself, was the best one there. One Saturday morning, Ray cut an all-knife scroll design and gave it to me to study. I used that same design on two black belts I made 50 years later, for then-Governor and Mrs George W Bush. The President referred to this as his lucky belt. Photo: Ray Pohja, left, and Rex Allen, right. Ray stamped a saddle for Rex while working for San Fernando Saddlery. Photo courtesy of Tad Mizwah. When I had a tiny Western store/saddlery in Houston, Ray made belts plus three saddles for me to sell. More than that, I would write to him asking how this or that procedure was done. He wrote detailed instructions-dozens and dozens of letters, sketches, design rub-offs and flower tapoffs. Ray sold me dozens of stamping tools and tips on how to use them. Some years ago, Ray lent me his sketch-book of design ideas, for me to study. Some of these were so complicated, with cross-overs, cross-unders and inter-locking elements, that my eyes could scarcely follow the zigging and zagging. It was like following the movements of a bowl of spaghetti. Yet the major design elements, the flowers and the large leaves were very much balanced. Ray had an uncanny ability to SEE A DESIGN AS A WHOLE, in its entirety, a startling gift if there ever was one. So long, Ray. I will always be grateful for the ways that you inspired my leatherwork and for your friendship all these years. Tad S Mizwa Leona, Texas Thanks for your input and participation on the forum. I am relatively new here, and look forward to learning, sharing, and being a small part of the community. Chas
  4. Our most popular stamps

    arbalet, I sent you a PDF catalog request much earlier today, (3:00 pm ) but received no reply or the file. Are you still sending copies to the LW membership? Just curious. I have already looked at the Etsy page, thanks for the link, you posted. Be well. ;-) Chas
  5. Favorite bone folder?

    Oh, I have horn, just reluctant to chop off a tip. Haha Yeah sure, but I live in Edmonton Alberta. Would you mail it to me? I will PM you my mailing addy and particulars. I'm just not sure how the Canada customs folks will agree with this...? Too much snow on the ground, to search for any drops, until spring. Glad I got this thread reactivated for you, as it sat stagnant for a bit. ;-) Chas
  6. Favorite bone folder?

    Sounds as though you have it covered, in multiples. I try not to use my fine dining cutlery, in the hobby arena. ;-) But do have numerous wood working and outdoor tools, other implements which could certainly double as a folder. Preferably keeping things in their proper perspectives, I would like to acquire a few more leather tools, and a fine bone or antler folder would be a great addition to my ever growing leather tool collection. Chas
  7. Compounds For Stropping And Buffing

    If you are confident, in using it frequently, sure, buy a tub. I think if I had purchased a tub, I would find many more places that it could be utilized. It's not cheap here, in N. central Alberta, but if I had gone online sooner, probably would have a tub of it, on or near my hobby work bench. It's such a wonderfully useful product. From your precious jewelery, right up to tools in the work shop. I think it's good value, for the dollars spent. Chas
  8. Can you restore old, dry and weak leather?

    Neetsfoot oil can be bought at or through the Tandy Leather stores. I also bought my Lexol at Tandy, but not sure if they still carry it. Hang on, let me call our local store. Un momento!! ok, just got off the phone with Anthony, store manager. They no longer carry Lexol products, but look for Dr.Jackson Hide Rejuvinator. From his description, that stuff works wonders, even on bone dry leather. & you can find your local or nearest Lexol dealers from their website. Good luck, and have fun... Chas
  9. Mauled By The Bearman

    If I had only known about your awesome mauls previously, I would have ordered one. Man, you really do great work. Thanks Chas
  10. Favorite bone folder?

    I figured as much, & your explanation makes total sense. You wanted a good look. ;-) Yes, them actual bone folders are really nice looking, and likely work great. I will try to make a deer horn folder soon... What are you using these days, yourself? Chas
  11. Favorite bone folder?

    It sounds as though having a few different folders is the norm, for most here. I will have to make an actuall bone or antler folder for myself. Chas
  12. Can you restore old, dry and weak leather?

    Yes, there are several great products that bring life back into dry leather. Perhaps how effective they work, is how far gone is the leather? Try pure Neetsfoot Oil, it's a good choice. So are the Lexol products. Some old western saddles are still in great shape, having been taken good care of, through the centuries. Since we are in the leather hobby or business, why not build yourself a nice new knife sheath/case? Do both. ;-) Chas
  13. Who's making quality mauls these days?

    Only because that flat side maul is 1lb, but both circular mauls are 2lbs. One is below your weight preference, and two are slightly heavier... Chas
  14. Who's making quality mauls these days?

    Personally, I like a heavier mallet or maul. So the 2lb is comfortable for me. You get used to it... But I frequently use saddle skirting guaged leather, for my projects, so a maul of heavier weight leaves a nice deep impression. If doing fine figure carving, with smaller tools, then I can go to one of my lighter mallets. Chas
  15. Favorite bone folder?

    The more natural they are, all the better for my hide... With 3D printers being such everyday items today, it won' long, before the new era of products are in the stores. See the pics below. even a futuristic violin type instrument was 3D printed... Chas