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  1. Singer 111Wsv65 Info, Please...

    I guess I should have explained why I tried to placed word (Editable) versions (almost all word processing files can at least import word). I had know idea the format would create so much attention. These manuals are available in the original scans in PDF many places. I converted them and cleaned them so I could use pieces of them to put together my own manual for a 111WSV65. I thought editable versions might be useful to others. If anyone wants an editable version of Singer_111W152_W153_W154_W155 let me know I will figure out a way to share it.
  2. Singer 111Wsv65 Info, Please...

    I also have the converted manual for Singer_111W152_W153_W154_W155 I can only put in PDF. Word version exceeds my upload capability Singer_111W152_W153_W154_W155_Rev1.pdf
  3. Singer 111Wsv65 Info, Please...

    Not sure if useful to anyone, but here is the Singer 111W100 manual converted to word Singer_111W100_Rev1.docx
  4. Singer 111Wsv65 Info, Please...

    I appreciate the comments. I guess I will see if I can get it to sew (with minimal costs) and go from there. Thanks.
  5. Singer 111Wsv65 Info, Please...

    Yetibelle, Kohlrausch, dikman thank you for taking the time to give me that feedback.
  6. Singer 111Wsv65 Info, Please...

    Hi All. I am hoping to learn anything about the 111wsv65. I have borrowed a machine that belonged to my late brother in law. I am trying to decide if I should 1a) try to buy it 1b) just do a one time borrow. Either way the machine has not been treated with TLC and needs cleaning , maintenance, replacing missing parts. I have a couple of large army tents that I would like to do repair on. So that is my primary goal, but I can think of lots of projects that this machine might be good for. Based on this thread I am look at manuals: 111w100.pdf and 111W152_W153_W154_W155.pdf so: 2) Any idea of the $ value? 3) Is there a better operating manual or service manual I should be looking at? 4) Replacement parts: Who is a reputable source? 5) I have done some searching and this model # comes up blank. What model number is most similar that I should use to order parts?