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  1. Yep, that's just plywood, you are fine. There are versions of plywood that wouldnt do that, but they dont make industrial sewing machine tables out of it.
  2. Thread snips /nippers/ snippers...

    I think my current plan is to see if I get a pair of marx or ginghers for christmas... If I do and I like them I will keep them, if not to ebay they will go. I will report back either way. I have $2 snips and $10 snips... I can see where about 3 of the extra dollars goes but not 7... I just dont want to spend $30+ only tho think I would have been better off to buy a dozen $2 snips.
  3. Thread snips /nippers/ snippers...

    I have a thread burner, it is awesome. You cant thread the needle if you use a thread burner.
  4. Source for 4-5 oz veg tanned pigskin?

    Here is the thing, a lot of pigs are slaughtered before they can grow a thick skin. Pig skin is tasty so a lot more of it is put into the food channel rather than the leather channel. Most people who want pig skin want it thin as it is really strong even when thin. I have no idea why it is bullet pointing but it looked cool so I left it.
  5. black friday?

    anybody know of any good Black Friday/ Cyber Monday/ Holiday deals? I know Tandy is selling small skins (mainly goat and lamb) for $10 limit 5. They also have some SB foot sides for $60 limit 1. Any other good deals floating out there for the advanced hobbyist?
  6. Thread snips /nippers/ snippers...

    So I have used several kinds of thread snips( or what ever you want to call them) I have noticed that when cutting the heavier threads they get dull quick. I currently have some supper cheap stamped metal ones that are just mangling the thread instead of cutting them. Tried resharpening them but that hasnt been going well. My questions are: 1 What is the preferred name for this device. 2 Any recommendations on brands or styles to look at. 3 Advice on sharpening them. I need some wisdom about these tools and don't want to spend years of my own time to gain it so give me what you got in that department.
  7. Gluing wallet before double loop stitch

    My fu is glue stitching when you need to. If YOU dont need to glue it, then dont. I also hate those tapes...
  8. Cracks on belt

    Not really, think about it when you get anything wet it gets darker. I am sure there are some space age chemicals that would condition the leather, but you would probably get cancer from using the belt. Chalk this one up to experience. The next one you do you will know to oil the leather before working it a bit and then stain accordingly. If you dont want it to get too dark apply a light coat of oil and wait like 2 weeks to a month it will disperse evenly through the leather and not be too noticeable. I am reminded of a russian expression, I will paraphrase in english. "The first pancake is always lumpy." This is the approach I use when making something with a new leather. As for the best time to condition the leather it might be a case of multiple times, as there are just too many variables. Never forget that leather is an agricultural product and thus there will always be a fair amount of flying by the seat of your pants. Good luck, have fun, make some cool things.
  9. Post Leather sewing machine

    Affordable is really dependent on your budget.
  10. Black Friday, who's doing it?

    I will probably go to Tandy on black Friday. I will keep an eye out for deals at other places too.
  11. Vegetable tanned watch strap lining and sweat?

    Between the oils in your skin, the thinness of the leather, and the fact your wrist doesn't change in size and shape all that much... I dont think it will really matter.
  12. Adler patching machine question...

    Here is the rub with leather sewing machines, there are 3 kinds out there. One is the crusty "toy" I will only get used for 10 hours a year and kept in the garage kind (chinese made found on ebay for sub $500), Antique pre 1918( when people lived and died never traveling more than 50 from where they were born in their lifetime) machines because you had to repair and make things yourself if you lived more than 15 miles from someone who could and was willing to do it for you. Lastly are industrial machines, they are designed to do ONE thing and they do it very well and can do it all day everyday with proper maintenance, they are made to make money and therefore they will cost a bit of money. My opinion is, and it is worth exactly what you are paying for it, If you are making two holsters a month a good stitching chisel, pricing iron or probably the best choice a crimson hide chisel set would do you fine. It will take a lot of time but the cost is super low. If you are trying to make 2 a week, this is tough... you would be making 100 in a year that means you could up your price by $35 and absorb the cost of the machine in a year... Now if you were trying to make one a day then yeah buy a $3500 machine and dont look back, hell you will need a $3000 clicker too unless you want to spend 2 hours a day cutting leather. Now if you just want a machine to say you have one, be patient and keep your eye out and your ear do the ground go talk to luggage and shoe repair shops they might have some good leads on used stuff and folks who can find you a machine that fits you needs. Either way good luck, have fun, be productive, and make some cool shit!
  13. Tandy has a september special for what they call "Rustler sides" they are SB foot hides I have seen them in black, mahogany, brown , espresso, tan, orange tan. Some have pebble grains some have smooth tight grain, Right now they are $89 and are about 20+ Sq Ft. I may have bought 5 of them.
  14. Got thread wound around the hook

    I got it to start unwinding and got all the thread out. Anyone with a cobra 26 looking at this in the future is a good video on how to pop out the bobbin case.