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  1. Thank you ! that fixed it and i went with a smaller needle aswell to get less blowout. /P
  2. the problem isn't the knot, the problem is that the bottom stitch is tighter and digs into the leather more than the top stitch. Looked a lot worse with a TRI needle, using a RTW now, couldn't find any S.
  3. My top stitches look great but bottom stitch is to tight and cuts into my leather when I loosen the top stitch nothing really happens except that the loop shows up in the bottom. Or maybe I'm using the wrong size needle? Or am i just being picky about how it looks? Using a Juki lu-563 - #15 thread and size 160 needle
  4. Any proper 3d application like 3d studio max or Maya can extrude a black and white image and apply it to a cylinder they way you want.
  5. Bottom disk on my tension is broken off and i cant figure out how i get to it so i can replace it ! Its a singer 29k8. /P
  6. I have a singer 29k8, is it possible to upgrade bobbin size from small to big ?
  7. Singer 29k8 - made 1897

    Thank you so much ! Notest i was missing the Oil cup spring aswell ordered them both. Whats the thickest thread / needle i can use on my 29k ?
  8. Singer 29k8 - made 1897

    Any chance you can scan it and post it here Glenn ? Would love to see if i can find the missing part aswell. Thank you so much for taking the time to look for it ! /Stor This made me do some research and and its crasy how much they go for
  9. Singer 29k8 - made 1897

    Thank you Thank you for taking the time, i appreciate it very much ! Thank you so much for sharing and taking the time, this is a good start.
  10. First of all let me thank all of you that make the effort to share information on this forum, been a huge help while i started leatherworking ! So finally i got my hands on a singer 29k, its a 29k8 and according to the serial its made 1897 so happy 120 year birthday Its been served and a few years ago and no one have used it after that so all i needed to do was to feed it some oil, everything runs smoothly and im looking foreword to learn to work with her. I got it for 200€ and a nice bonus was that i also got the original stool with the singer. Done fair amount of research but cant really find much information about 29k8, closest i got has been in a few manuals that have 29k73, anyone have any information to share about 29k8 ? Here is a few pics /stor