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  1. Box

    First one I did without a jig as well and it wasn’t pretty, although it was functional.
  2. Box

    I’m sorry for your loss, glad to bring back a happy memory. Thank you. The key has been using a pre-angled board to cut the miters and having a sewing jig to hold the corners at 90degrees. I will definitely post the finished product with the pillows when done.
  3. Field notes cover

    As the assigned driver and senior firefighter, I have a ton of tasks to keep track of throughout the day and on calls. The field notes works great for keeping things straight during organized chaos. Thy are pretty quick to do and simple. The diamons where my simple solution to add a little flare. Thank You
  4. Box

    Thank you, have the jigs for cutting the angle and then holding for stitching makes them much simpler. Thank hopefully the recipient like it.
  5. Box

    Finished one of two boxes for watches, still need to do the pillows.
  6. Straight Razor Roll

    Nice looking roll!
  7. Metal purse logos

    Depending on what exactly you want try a local trophy shop
  8. Optimum Workshop?

    I’ve not been at this long but and am in the beginning of starting to build out my work area. I have one bench that serves as a dye area, small bench with granite for tooling/setting and small cutting. I will me adding a larger table that is 6ft x 3ft (may end up 7ftx3ft top) with shelf underneath to store leather. This new table will be used as a cut/layout table. I have my CB3200 against a wall and a bench with my sander/burnisher and drill press.
  9. Show your Repurpose

    I tried using the smaller taller arbor and it needs dismantled and polished. So I went with the wider arbor.
  10. Field notes cover

    Put this together over the weekend for work use.
  11. Mike6642

    Very nice and will make a good keepsake
  12. Themed Address cover

    Very nice work
  13. Been practicing carving and tooling.

    I like the mares leg, need to do a holster or scabbard for my dads. I just did two box lids and when I did them I did the cutting one night put them in bags then in the fridge. The next day I got em out worked on one took about 90 mins, took a quick break stretched my hands and then did the other took another 90 mins. I stretch my hands often and put the tool down every couple lines or spin it in my fingers to keep them loose.
  14. New rifle sling finished

    Good looking sling, hope the rifle is up to the same standards.