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  1. Gator Journal cover

    Looks good, where did you get the canvas at?
  2. Shotshell pouches

    I could add a holder for those but it’s generally frowned upon to mix the two. Thank you, it just came to me as I was assembling the first one that I now needed to make another belt and not everyone would want to do that.
  3. Shotshell pouches

    Yes rivets each end and sewn with 138 thread, I’ll try 207 ok the next one that’s in the works
  4. Shotshell pouches

    Thank You Thank you It’s 5/6oz Herman Oak
  5. Shotshell pouches

    Worked out a pattern for 12ga shotshell pouch, made a second back piece that snaps over the belt your wearing. No tooling in these as I was building to check the patterns and for samples.
  6. Holster and Gun Belt for my Brother

    Another beautiful piece from you
  7. Leather Satchel

    Beautiful bag and will definitely garner attention
  8. The Same Thing 30ish Years Later

    Both are tremendous pieces are work
  9. Rifle Sling!

    Beautiful slings
  10. Briefcase using Wickett and Craig

    Nicely done as classy
  11. Mini padfolio

    Looks really sharp!
  12. Glueing leather

    Try it on some scrap first but yes it shouldnt be a problem.
  13. A better mauls trap

    How’d it come out?