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  1. stamps as suggestion

    They both look really great. I love the dragon story ;).
  2. Advice on a skiving tool please

    Hunhunt, that is good to hear. The blade wasn't "scary sharp" so I have sharpened it a bit, but had to work too much over the weekend to spend any time on it. It is better, but will buy a good oil or wet stone in the next couple of days and really get stuck into it.
  3. Advice on a skiving tool please

    I got the knife from. https://www.carbatec.com.au/marking-and-measuring/marking-knives/kiridashi-marking-knife The packaging is basic, everything is in Japanese but there is the name TopMan on it. It has a 21mm blade.
  4. Advice on a skiving tool please

    Don't know what happened there. I don't have a head knife as I have only been interested in leatherwork for a few months. , They look a bot serious for me at this early stage and from what i have learnt, you should invest in a good one. This is the knife I bought: hopefully it loaded.
  5. Advice on a skiving tool please

    I'm uprised you could understand a bloody word I said! I have turned auto text off in my settings, and I am starting to think it was a mistake. Head knives might be something I invest in later on. They look a bit scary.
  6. Advice on a skiving tool please

    This is what I bought. The angle is very strep but I an gring that out a bit over time. Similar Japanese metal to yours garypl.
  7. Advice on a skiving tool please

    Thank you for the comments. I found one locally, similar to garypl's and will have a look at it today. Cheers, Leah
  8. Advice on a skiving tool please

    I want to buy a skiver. I am using a safety beveller from Tandy and want something that is not disposable and holds its sharpness longer. Hobby Tools in Australia have this wood knife https://www.hobbytools.com.au/kirschen-carving-knive-with-long-wide-blade-skewed-edge/. Does anyone think it would be good for skiving? Has anyone used a ceramic blade? Sounds like they stay sharp longer but take a lot of effort to sharpen. Any thoughts welcome.
  9. Safety Beveller (skirver)

    I will try the Schik Injector blades. Thanks Howie for the suggestion. I live in Perth too,so hopefullythey aren't expensive here. Do they stay sharp longer?
  10. First ever bag!

    That's how good I wanna be! Especially like your lanyard. Did you keep track of how long it took to make? Leah
  11. Safety Beveller (skirver)

    Hi, I am new to leathercraft and bought a safety beveller, like the one Tandy sell (see second image). It is great for the first 5 minutes but the blade dulls quickly. I mainly make wallets and small goods. Is it worth sharpening the replaceable blades, or can anyone recommend what they believe would be the best skirver to buy. I was thinking maybe a french skirver like the one in the first image.
  12. Greetings from Australia

    Hello Damien, Etsy is cheap to get into. I think I pay .20c per listing and a listing lasts for 3 months. Might be worth listing a dozen or so pieces to test the water?! I have a silver jewellery site on Etsy and have not sold much, but am selling a bit more of the leatherwork.
  13. Greetings from Australia

    Thanks Rockoboy, I had a look at the Leatherworker's Assoc. of WA and there is a heap of things there. Mightcheck out some of howie696's posts now.
  14. Greetings from Australia

    Hello from sunny Western Australia, I have been dabbling in leatherwork for only a few months but have taken to it like a duck to water. Ironically my mother's maiden name was Last - so maybe there is something in my DNA. Virtually everything I have learnt is from youtube. A big "THANK YOU" to everyone on this site who has placed information on youtube. Even little videos on things like thread comparison are really helpful and can save money. I have watched so many tutorials that I am sure I have seen at least one of everyone's. I note gmace99 is on here (UK Saddlery) I have watched lots of your videos and learnt heaps. Thank you so much. PS: you're not that bad a cameraman. Don't think I will ever take on making a saddle, but... who knows.... I have just opened an Etsy shop: LTLAustralia I only do small leathergoods and don't charge much compared to the time it takes to hand stitch, etc. Until I feel I am reallllllly good, I will be happy to sell cheaper. I don't want to use any machinery - I enjoy the traditional ways. The range of info and the knowledge base on this forum is fabulous, and I look forward to learning a heap more. Cheers, Leah