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  1. Getting started: first handbag

    Love it! I like the way you hide the strap connectors with the straps. Great idea!
  2. Pfaff 335

    Thanks for the feedback DrmCa! The vendor also sells an Adler but I think 335 is more suitable for me. He hasn't given me additional information on the servo motor but I'll have in mind your suggestion. Georgia
  3. Pfaff 335

    Thanks Glenn! The vendor is on vacation until the end of August and he hasn't attached another photo to his ad. When he returns I plan to visit him in person. Georgia
  4. Pfaff 335

    Thanks Gary for the feedback! I think it's value for money. Plus the vendor is local and offers a 2-year guarantee. I believe that your phrase "The maximum stitch length is somewhat limited and I think that #138 is the largest thread I've used" pretty much concludes the vendor's warnings about the stitch length and the thread.
  5. Pfaff 335

    Thank you for the help and the welcome! This is a photo of the actual machine that the vendor has fully repaired and offers a 2-year guarantee. He is on vacation until the end of August so I can't visit it him in person till then but afterwards I'll be able to test it and ask further details according to your suggestions. If I remember correctly he told me that it can't support stitch length similar to the one of newer machines but he could just want to sell me a more expensive one..
  6. Pfaff 335

    Hello everybody! I've been sewing mainly fabric bags and just experimenting with leather but I would like to start making leather bags, purses, wallets etc. I found an old Pfaff 335 with servo motor. I know it's suitable for binding but it is used also for leather. The vendor warned me that I might have trouble with the length of the stitches while top-stitching. Would you suggest this machine for a newbie?