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  1. Aquilim 315 in Europe

    Thanks for the info! I'll check the sites. Someone told me that offers free shipping in EU when they ship without tracking and I might give a try.
  2. Aquilim 315 in Europe

    Could you suggest a shop that sells Aquilim 315 in Europe? Shipping cost can be sometimes higher than the actual product and I would like to have some options to choose form. Thanks, Georgia
  3. I'm looking 4 European store supplies

    I've bought a stitching pony and some knives from Nice quality at a great price.
  4. Hair on cowhides

    Hello everybody! Could you give me some tips on sewing hair on cowhides? I'll be using a Pfaff 335. Should I handle it in any special way? Should I pay attention to anything in particular? Thanks, Georgia
  5. Full Grain Leather supply in Europe needed

    Hello! You could try Leather Cosmos. They're located in Greece, their prices are great and they're very helpful. They have a large variety in leather, much larger than what is displayed on their site. I shop from them all the time and I like their quality. Hope I could help
  6. Thanks! These feet are lifesavers. I think I spotted them in College Sewing site.
  7. You're right. I need to keep in mind leather thickness plus the cord.
  8. I hadn't considered this fact. I had in mind fabric but leather is so much thicker.
  9. Well I mainly sew bags and I would like to try also duffels.
  10. Thank you! You're right. It's good to know European resources. It reduces the shipping cost.
  11. Hello! I just bought a Pfaff 335 with the valuable help of some members of the forum. It came with the standard walking feet (1/4"). Which other feet would you suggest to buy? I was thinking of the 1/8". Georgia
  12. Pfaff 335

    It looks like I need to do some shopping
  13. Pfaff 335

    Finally the fun begins. I have to learn a lot of things and ask again a lot of questions. Thanks again for your help!
  14. Pfaff 335

    Thanks! It was a bargain and I'm overly excited! I'm very lucky because his shop is very close to my house so he was willing to deliver it.
  15. Pfaff 335

    Thanks everybody for your help. I tested the first machine and it's working great so I decided to buy it. The final deal includes the 335 with plain walking feet, servo motor and 2-year warranty for 650€. I'm anxiously waiting for it to be delivered Georgia