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  1. On line classes

    I was reading a post about on line instruction. I can’t seem to find it again. Can someone help me out with this?
  2. Holster Patterns

    I am looking for a pancake holster that I can convert to fit my pin pointer for metal detecting.Can someone help me? Jim
  3. harder than it looks

    Great work. I know how you feel. I just started taking Enbrel for my Arthritis. I don’t want to start on any tooling project.You do good work. jim
  4. Holster and Gun Belt

    Beautiful work.
  5. Phone Cases

    Very nice work. I thought they were a women’s purse. I think the buckle makes them seem larger. Nicely done. jim
  6. Indian Leather working Tools

    How much are the head knifes? jim
  7. What's happened to Hermann Oak?

    I have a HO on the way. The last one I ordered was a 3/4 oz and I was not crazy about the quality. I ordered a 6 oz. Holster cut. If it is not better then the last one, I will try Wicker Craig I will give you a try. Thank you jim
  8. Another 1911 rig

    Nice rustic look.
  9. Very nice, that’s why I won’t show it to my wife. Jim
  10. I did almost the same to make a finish for my stamping table I made. It is 1/3 boiled turp., 1/3 boiled leanseed oil and 1/3 Bees wax. It smells the same as paste as you buy in Home Depot. It works really good, it protects from any spills. I did not boil the turpentine by the way. I purchased it that way from HD. I only melted the wax with a pot of boiling water and a bowl on top of the pot. They also sell boiled Leensead oil at HD, it is to dangerous to boil the turp. or the leenseed oil. Jim
  11. How did you get into leather work?

    My story is your story, I tried my hand on belts. Made them for some members of my metal detecting club and family and friends. If it weren’t for this site and the fabulous folks that meet on it, I would not have stuck with it. Dont forget YouTube, Nigel Armitage and all the other folks who took their time to help others.Thank you all. Jersey Jim
  12. I don’t think the type of dye matters. I read the Al Stolman book on color. I tried it with the brown and black Fiebings oil dye.
  13. I made a few coasters for a friend. What would be the best finish to use ? It would have to at least resist water.
  14. First holster for 2018

    Looks great, what kind of belt loop did you put on it? Jim
  15. Nice stitch job, very clean. Check out Harbor Fright, they have a 2 ton arbor press for a very reasonable price. Jim