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  1. New stitching pony

    I've been looking at these on Ebay, I've got some stitching and lacing to do soon. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wood-Horse-Leather-Craft-Desktop-Stitching-Sewing-Table-Pony-Clamp-DIY-Tool-FEDS-/162658662384?hash=item25df3637f0:g:zcwAAOSw1blZoBpV
  2. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    Contact Mark at Stickershock23.com is the GO TO guy for Vinyl He does a LOT of work for us Model Rocket guys. Often he makes stencils for painting, then you remove the stencil. He also does large commercial stuff. He's done stuff for me...
  3. Removing oil stain on tooled veg tan

    I don't think I would use Kitty Litter. That is a special purpose product. I would hit up the auto parts store in your area and buy a bag of Oil Dry. It's a specific product to absorb oil. I think it would do a better job, and unlike Kitty Litter, won't have any perfumes or other chemicals in it that might leave something behind you don't want.
  4. background idea

    Eyebrow raising! Gives me a great idea for Dragon and Wyvern Eggs in a Large Wall Image I have planned for the future.
  5. Shoemaking! [first ever shoe I made]

    They look fantastic! I'm guessing the hardest part was getting both the same size? I have a desire to make shoes, but not going to tackle it. Best I might do is an Outback Hat, since Walk-A-Bout hats seams to have disappeared.
  6. I too would be interested on what is used to dye Raw Hide. Must be someone here that has the answer?
  7. What is this Everclear you speak of? And where do you get it? Is this the stuff you drink? I bought a 1/2 pint of Everclear at the booze store a few weeks back to mix with diet Mt. Dew for pain. Worked great.
  8. I have a problem I need help solving with finish work

    7.99 plus tax of 6% and shipping. Comes to $22.24 for 4oz bottle. Nearest Tandy is 80 miles from me. It would be nice if someone that has a bottle could give me the make up of the contents. I might have something around here similar that would work. Have to remember, I am going through SSDI procedures and currently have no income. Living graciously off tax payers contributions and help from relatives.
  9. I have a problem I need help solving with finish work

    Well, they are pretty much ruined now. No one has come forth with a reasonable solution (without buying something I don't have money for) so what is there to loose at this point?
  10. I have a problem I need help solving with finish work

    I tried washing off the shene with soap and water. No luck. I can't think of what to use next to try and wash the sticky off. Maybe Mineral Spirits, or Lacquer Thinner?
  11. I have a problem I need help solving with finish work

    The Super Shene dried for over a week before I put the oil on. I don't any deglazer, and like I said before... I don't have any money so what I have is all I have. Was thinking maybe putting them in the oven for a few minutes?
  12. Hello everybody

    Welcome from Lower Michigan, USA
  13. This is the Sheath I'm making my son. I used Dye for the letters, and Super Shene on top. I then used a few coats of Neats Foot Oil on the back side to bring some softness into the leather. The formed part was soaked in water and clamped to shape, making it very stiff. The Flat piece was not soaked. It seams the water soaked stiff leather brought the Oil to the surface more than the piece that wasn't soaked. Now, both pieces are sticky as heck. They have been sitting for 4 days now. Also, a couple patches for rocket friends. One is dark, and one is light. The dark one is a patch to sew on and I didn't not put anything on the back. Just used Neats Foot Oil. The lighter one I put dye on the back as it is a tree ornament for the Xmas Tree. Both were finished on the front side with Super Sheen and the Darker One is very sticky. The lighter one is sticky, but not as bad. So how and the heck to I deal with this sticky finish now? It's obvious that it isn't going to go away with time. I can't ship the patches the way they are, and my son's sheath is useless the way it is. I need some expert advise on how to deal with this.
  14. I don't know anything about saddles. But to me, it looks like it would be uncomfortable for my nuts! Unless you rode in a reclined posture. Could it be a female saddle?
  15. Birthday gifts

    They both are elegant! I'm sure any woman would be honored to own them. The Black Veggie Tanned leather brings up a question... Can you carve and tool the Black, or any other color for that matter? Thank You Kindly