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    How to make my work better, so feel free to criticize and share some hints.
  1. B-day gift

    Brother wanted a wallet for his birthday - this is what i made for him. Please tell me what you think.
  2. Bracelets

    Was thinking the same thing
  3. Bracelets

    Wanted to do a survey/test vote what most ppl like better - if a bracelet is full colour or only the front and the back is in natural; most friends that i've asked voted for the natural back look but as always as many ppl as many opinions
  4. Hello! Got some new colours to my collection, and what better way to check them out if not on some simple bracelets. Personally i like the cherry one the most but all are nice. What do you guys/girls think?
  5. wallets

    Long; bifold and minimalistic
  6. Greetings frome Poland

    Hello fellow letherworkers. I've been visiting this forum frome some time now and I found it very interesting and helpful. I'm quite new to leathercraft. I try to upgrade my skills and hopefully become a good crafter someday. I'll post some photos of my latest work in the show off or gallery section. I'll be grateful for your honest opinions and some hints.