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  1. Black Powder Possibles Bag

    Thats really cool. what weight leather did you use?
  2. Sweet, i'm going to try that.
  3. My first

    second knife was made for a 3/4"x3/4"x2 inch square steering column from an old truck. its a chopper that stays in my pack. thanks for looking
  4. My first

    ok, i was more excited for the leather first pic was started on my son's birthday, he wanted to forge a knife. He banged out a knife shaped object and got busy with school, sports ect so i took over. i can't remember what steel we used but the elk antler we found and the copper came from a city worker friend. it was my first time trying file work and working with copper. sorry for the bad pics
  5. first time leather working. learned a lot from this site, thanks to everyone.both were hand forged and hand stitched. I'm getting into muzzle loaders so a possibles bag is next. critiques are welcomed
  6. Blonde Girl Guitar Strap

    That's awesome