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  1. Very thin leather used to wrap peices?

    watched his video. Thanks.
  2. New to this leather making thing. Recently I made a knife sheath, and am finishing up a long wallet. While making the wallet with 3 oz leather I realized rather than use this weight for both the interior panel and the outer shell, I would prefer to use something like 4-5 oz leather and then wrap it with a very thin piece of leather. I've seen this done on some things, like my work kydex holster (probably not real leather) is wrapped. I've also see it in some womens wallets, a very thin layer of leather that is folded over the edges and sewn. Wondering what I am looking for. Is it just 1oz leather? Thank you.
  3. 2 tone dye of tooled leather

    At 4:44 this feller uses some sort of paste, it appears that's the general idea of what I want.... At the end around 10:44 you can see that the original color shows through.
  4. 2 tone dye of tooled leather

    Hey there, second question. I'm about to make a long "womens" type wallet. fairly basic design as far as structure however I planned on doing a "basic" tooling job. Probably just a lace pattern perhaps with a border. I have 2 colors I want to use. the interior I want to make a dark brown and the outside I want to make a very redish "burgundy" However...I would like the tooled lace pattern and border to be the same color are the interior pieces. So, the entire outer shell burgundy but the area tooled I want darker. Is there way to do this without a tiny brush and just painting the tooled area? I kind of wanted a faded pattern where some burgundy shows through in the lace. Thanks in advance for any direction.
  5. Pricking Irons

    Knife is one I made, but this is my first leather sheath. Always preferred leather to kydex.
  6. Pricking Irons

    This is before I brought the sheath to work and burnished the edges better and such. Just checked fit which is really snug.
  7. Pricking Irons

    Yes, sorry these are chisels then, as they have long prongs long enough to penetrate 3 layers of 7/8 weight leather. I've watched Ian Atkinson, great resource. This is actually what gave me the idea to punch all the way through with the chisel. Was your reason it doesn't come out looking good because you couldn't get the chisel back out? Ending up messing with the leather too much?
  8. Pricking Irons

    Hey, new here and just making my first leather sheath. My question is regarding making the holes for stitching. initially I used a laser to cuz out a pattern, then made .03 in. holes to line up during glueing. Of course I then found out how much of a pain it was to try and glue up a sheath with pre-done holes and make each side of the sheath and the welt perfectly. My new plan is to just cut out the sheath shape and welt and line the edges up as good as I can and glue up using contact cement. I'll then use pricking irons to make the holes all the way through. My question is regarding the sizes of pricking irons. I ordered .8 mm tiger thread and I ordered 0,00,000 harness needles (the cheap ones kept breaking) but I don't know how to size the actual "pricks" of the pricking irons. I like the look of about 6 holes per inch which is what I used in my CAD drawing. My other concern besides holes per inch is the actual hole size left over for ease of threading. All the videos I watch the people just do it by hand for the most part, I know my holes aren't perfect but they still around only off about maybe 10% and I'm having a hard time getting the needles through easily. Thank you in advance. I bought these in 4mm. Is this the proper size or should I get bigger? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014549SNG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1