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  1. Hi Trox good morning, I have a similar Da k267-373 like you , just want to confirm if it is a manually oiled machine also can it take threads up to #15 or #10. Thanks
  2. Hi R8R, and constabulary your advice helped a lot, after some oiling and cleaning the machine is running good, I opened the top lid and didn't find any oil tank or pump, so Iam guessing it is manually oiled, One more question for you guys,, what is heaviest thread I can use with this machine,,, it is a Da k267-373 Thanks
  3. Hi R8R thanks for a quick reply The tension assembly for bobin was already missing, Iam talking about the small round knob directly above the main tension knob,was that something very important. And about the foot resistance, when hand crancked every thing runs smoothly for some rotations then all of a sudden it offers resistance some times small and some times too much, the machine was sitting for almost 7-8 months will that be a problem, also a tiny piece of thread Is tangled below the bobin assembly and it's not coming out, I don't have the guts to disassemble the bobin assembly. Thanks
  4. Hi guys how are you doing, I finally got the adler it is a 267-373, it is running quite well, but, I bargained it to 350 dollars front 500.i have some questions, 1) should the middle walking foot touch bottom feed dog when the lever is down, because while turning the wheel the machine poses some resistance when the foot touches bottom feed dog. 2) I am not sure if it is auto oiled or manual, the previous owner use to put oil in 2-3 location on top and some location at bottom and in the bobin .If it's manually oiled then how much oil should I poure 3) when I tested the machine it was having two tension adjusters one small at top and a bigger at middle of machine, but I lost the smaller one at top in transport, the machine is still sewing good, I want to know will it be a problem using only one adjuster. Thanks all.
  5. Yes constabulary the optical condition is not pleasing, and for the missing parts the guy says he intentionally disassembled the machin and he is having them all, surely I'll try both the machines and also will look for cracked or damaged timing belts, I'll revert back once I get my hands on the machines , thanks for reply
  6. Wiz, I will definitely try both machines before buying, thanks for reply.
  7. Hi wizcrafts, I was about to ask that, I wont be stiching at very high speeds, will that be a problem, On my 31k Iam used to stich all my leather hand crancked Thanks for your reply.
  8. Hi constabulary thank you for your reply, these are the pics of adler durkoff and the Ls2, seller is selling adler for 30000inr (aprox--500 usd), and the Ls2 for almost 150 usd, the adler is in good condition with motor and table, Ls2 does not look very good in working order but some parts missing. brmax, yes this adler is german made
  9. Hi dikman thanks for the reply, 138 thread is alright for my work.
  10. Anyone reply please, the durkoff is 267
  11. Hi all, Iam from India and Iam new to leather stiching, Iam using a 31k15 for all my works(backpacks, sling bags.etc) I use heavy canvas and leather, Iam pushing 31k to its limits,hence Iam going for an up grade, so now I have to choose between two options 1) brother ls2b837 and 2) adler durkoff walking foot lock stich, but the second one is three times more expensive, also it in beter condition than Ls2, so what do you guy's think I should go for, my needs are - should sew through thick material -should be able to use heavy thread- and should be with less mentenenc. Thanks all in advance, waiting for your reply