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  1. Please Explain The Use Of Linen Thread...

    I used 3 cord linen in the CB3200 and it works great. Only downside is that backstitching on the reverse side looks like crap.
  2. Tandy Carriage Thread

    Ran Carriage thread through the CB3200, worked and looked great. If only it was sold in large spools.
  3. Tandy Carriage Thread

    I just purchased the carriage thread from Tandy, although I am going to attempt using it in my CB3200 tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. Please Explain The Use Of Linen Thread...

    Wiz, I just purchased a CB3200 to sew leather straps onto heavy canvas backpacks. Everything I make is plastic free, so I don't use polyester thread. Any suggestions on linen thread for this machine?
  5. Linen Thread Sizes In Mm?

    Im looking at purchasing a Cowboy227, can that handle 18/3 cord linen?
  6. practice sewing cowboy 227

    Mike, great work. Im also looking at the 227 for making backpack straps. What size thread can that 227 handle?