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  1. Hello

    Thanks Mike, I've just ordered a 2nd reducer pulley, (first was a modern fit for the white/cream motors, only cost £5), sadly it turns out that I need a splined untapered one, $60 including postage, not available in the UK at the moment, so have had to order from the U.S, currently waiting for it to arrive. I don't have a lever on my original black Singer motor, the Pitman joins the motor via a spring directly, so no help there. Thanks for the link I will investigate. I have seen a vintage double wheel cast one on ebay, debating whether that might be good? It would go with my vintage motor, but takes up more space and does need quite a bit of cleaning up, though seller says it works/turns. Oh and mine is a 1425 speed.
  2. Speed Reducer Pulley In The Uk

    Guessing that was Cechaflo? He showed in another video how to change the reducer pulley too. I don't have a lever at all, my pitman goes straight from the side of the motor direct to the pedal, as it's an original Singer motor. I'm loathe to change it, as it matches the machine, and is fairly quiet too, so am very much hoping the pulleys will do the trick by themselves.
  3. Hello

    Hi Primosand, Just realised I put a misprint in my description of which machine I did get? I actually purchased a 331k5, and yesterday we made some sample leather piping together. I also turned over and sewed four layers of the leather I'm going to use easily. She did very well, considering my leather needles have not arrived yet, the top thread was bonded nylon, and I think the bottom was poly/cotton or even cotton? (bobbin came filled from the fabric upholsterer who sold it, and doubt very much she uses nylon). Your reducer system looks amazing, did you make or buy? Are they fastened together, (if so how?) or just whirling on the same axle? I assume the bracket has an axle at the bottom they are both on? Would love that same set up, looks like it gives excellent speed control!
  4. Thanks very much guys, The needle bar is so obvious once you point it out . Yes I went onto ebay, posted 135/16, and loads popped up straight away thank goodness, so am ordering them and the 17's. I was beginning to panic I'd bought a machine that would be obsolete when my half dozen needles ran out... Huge relief, thanks so much, and one of the benefits of the internet, as without it, you would never have known how much I needed all your bits of info! It's also possible you've sorted a conundrum, I was given 2 plastic packs of needles, both half empty, and on putting them all into one, I found four of the needles are 2mm shorter, so based on your advice, I wonder if they are 135/17's? Not sure which is in the machine, as don't feel like fiddling with that needle just yet, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! . Re scarves, the longer needle has a scarf with a ridge either side, while the shorter has a completely flat scarf, though you say the 16/63 doesn't have one at all, so could these both be 135's even though 2mm different? I see from my earlier comments I still didn't understand the needle system when these numbers were first offered. Pretty sure I finally do, and thanks for your patience.
  5. Not sure about calling mine a jumping foot anymore now she's arrived? The feet do appear to walk and there are two of them, though accept one of the feet may not be 'driven'. Yesterday I saw a true jumping foot machine, I think it was a Singer 45 or 95? Can't remember which, but it only had one foot, which really did bounce vigorously up and down! Most definitely a true jumping foot, it was sewing thick belt type leather, and he did a lovely slow motion bit, from underneath, where you could see the feed dog coming up, and propelling the jumping foot up from underneath, fascinatiing piece of filming.
  6. Servo out of budget at least for the time being. I do have an original Singer black clutch motor, it is a direct drive I think? There is no lever between motor and pedal linkage like the white ones have, that you can extend, just a bracket on the side of the motor. It is lovely and quiet though, which suprised me, and goes like a Ferrari! I've never been scared of a sewing machine before, but when practicing some piping in leather today, and needing to hold it down in the path of the needle, she took off like a bolting horse, though I did manage to keep my fingers out of her way. Other times, she'll go at a very manageable speed, she's definitely acting like a tempermental mare, great character, but somewhat unpredictable! I don't think I'm using different pressure, but will be very glad when the small pulley arrives! On the plus side, even with a standard needle, she sewed very happily and speedily through four layers of my leather, with the middle two containing the piping. Mostly the stitches were good, though not perfect, top 96%, underneath about 92%? Partially down to me, I did realise once or twice I was holding too tight at my end, due to the speed, hopefully the small pulley will sort that problem soon. Will see if I can get some of 135/17's and 16's too, thanks for that info. Will use cautiously initially, in case some adjustments need to be made, so probably after slow pulley fitting would be wise. What is the needlebar? Sorry about daft question, but would hate to move the wrong thing?
  7. Thanks for suggestion, though for some reason best known only to Singer, the k5 uses a different needle system to the k4 (and all the other k's too).
  8. Thanks everyone for all the info, will make a note of it for future reference. The seller solved the problem for now, by including some spare needles thank goodness. Their modern size is marked next to the 16-113. They are 120/19's, so I shouldn't have any problem finding them. See what you mean about the 16 being a system not a size, and for a 16 machine, very logical, but also confusing to a domestic machine user. Now I just need to slow her down to a speed I can work accurately with. Have ordered mini pulley, and Cechaflo's youtube video describes fitting, wish me luck! Every now and then I got her to go fairly slowly, then the next run (samples) she'd career off again, I think I was using the same foot pressure, tried both feet separately, then together, finally settled on just right foot. She is a speed fiend though, if she were a car I'd be having a great time! Would certainly get stuff done in a hurry, nice even stitches too. Not sure I'll be doing any top stitching though, I think they may be a bit short to be decorative even on longest setting? We'll see when the foam arrives and I try stitching all the layers together...
  9. Hello

    Ooh I really like the stuff you're making! As to bargains, I've been a bargain hunter since I was a chiild I think, and that was a very long time ago. My 331k5 arrived this afternoon, freshly oiled and threaded, with one spare spool, half a dozen new needles, and a piping foot (as well as a standard foot) but not defluffed or recently cleaned. Cleaned it up, and put some fabric under, to find out its a strong willed Ferrari! Seems happy enough with thick fabric, haven't put my leather samples under yet, trying to get control of her first! I have ordered a small pulley (Cechaflo on youtube shows how to fit it). I notice you have a huge pulley underneath, I saw one chap who put the biggie on the top back of the table. Didn't like that arrangement much, but yours underneath looks far more convenient as its out of the way. We currently have an original black 1960's Singer clutch motor, much quieter than expected, and quite a pleasant sound, rather to my surprise? A servo is out of budget for the time being. The machine cost £145, about $200,, so happy with the price, her ad wasn't that good, if I needed to, I know I can sell it for more, though she's probably a keeper. Dark now, so will do photo of headrests later.
  10. Hello

    Thanks for the proffered luck, I've been watching Cechaflo avidly for the last few days, and as you say, he is amazing. I've ordered the little 'slow down' pulley on the strength of his video. I've got used to the quiet way he does it now, and find it soothing, though sometimes the captions disappear behind the ads. The car belonged to my late son, who I lost almost 3 years ago, aged 25, it was his first car, not my mom's, though she had a Riley Elf in the 60's (mini with boot and fancy radiator). I discovered a Singer 132k6, but while asking the owner if it was suitable and waiting for a response (it was) someone else upped and bought it, and the others are out of budget, so I've ended up with a Singer 132k5, which has the same 'jumping foot' a chap on this site called it, sold as a walking foot, but not compound, thought it's for light leather, so we'll see how we get on? It was cheap enough that it will do for normal fabric reupholstering at home if it fails on the midweight leather, or maybe I'll start making some light leather products, once I find out what constitutes light leatherwork. Practicing on cheap stuff definitely a good idea. I may still go for a professional to do the headrests though, as on the mini they are quite a complicated shape with the piping waving all over the place, it's a really eye catching design that could easily catch me out I think, even with Cesars help? The machine doesn't arrive until Thursday, and I just tried to upload the ebay image and it says it's too big? I've tried to make it smaller, so here goes, and yes it's worked, so another skill gained in how to reduce photos :). I really like the wooden table and iron legs, so if I do get a 132k6 later with a more industrial table, I may well swap them over, and sell this one on?
  11. What a brilliant idea, though looking at the item on eby/Az I think it will be easy enough to make one, those with thick leather scraps available could cut very posh ones out of saddle leather? Now then..... I wonder which of my belts I could shorten to get a little piece of thick leather?
  12. Oh do you mean the hobbling and jumping feet are the same thing? I think the phrase you were looking for is 'dragging his leg behind him'
  13. Reading the phrase hobbling foot made me laugh, no I don't think that would sell well in a PR sense :). I am however reassured by you comparing my coming 331k5 to a 132k6 as having the same jumping foot, as I narrowly missed a 132k6 which had been used for leather car upholstery for the last 47 years. So although mine may be a lighter version, it would appear the foot system, though not maybe the best, may at least be adequate. I think I know what you mean by the jumping foot, but cannot really begin to imagine what a mere hobbling foot does? Thanks very much for the info and the humour
  14. I've just been told I need 16x113 needles for my coming 331k5 machine. First problem is they don't seem to be available in the UK, though are in the U.S. with attendant postage costing far more than the tiny item. But can anyone tell me, what is a 16x113 needle? Being a previously domestic only person, to me a 16 is a very small dainty needle, surely wrong in a machine designed to sew leather, albeit lightweight, and fabrics of uneven thickness. Are the industrial sizes completely different? Is there a substitute I can use? What is special about it, what does it look like? Anything else you can think of interest re these needles would be great? Thanks hopefully?
  15. Oh dear, I had a feeling you might say that. What kind of stuff does constitute light leatherwork? The 331K5 is definitely a walking foot, and is the only one I've actually purchased, though it doesn't arrive until next week. The 451 has out of focus pictures (ebay), so I didn't know what kind of foot it has, you just can't see clearly enough, as they neglected to do close ups, so thanks to you I now know it isn't a walking foot, so probably won't pursue it, though as it's only a couple of miles up the road, I may go and have a look before making a decision? Zigzags may come in handy for other sewing? My Bernina 830 (bought new) does zigzag, but is fussy about the thickness she'll condescend to sew, my sofa covers were a challenge for both of us. Flash Gordon hadn't crossed my mind, but yes that too :). Thanks for getting back to me