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  1. Dog Collars Using Angelus Paints from FrogJelly

    Love them, are the paints oil or water based? what did you use to seal it?
  2. Dog Collars Using Angelus Paints from FrogJelly

    Love them, are the paints oil or water based? what did you use to seal it?
  3. Thanks, so I take it that there is a bag / storage in front of the arrows?
  4. Celtic Bag

    All that is the application of the dye used on the bag generally, but to the flesh side, did not want to line that piece in case it came out too thick to close properly
  5. Very nice, out of curiosity can we see a photo from the top? does the swing hook & flap open, if so why as the arrows seem to go through it? thanks
  6. Celtic Bag

    Thanks all yes I do appreciate a craft aid as I can’t draw / trace very well yet
  7. Celtic Bag

    So I wanted a new day-to-day hand bag, it needed to be sturdy - I tend to chuck it about, be worn as a back-pack & look a bit different. I have made a couple of bags before & I am still learning - gussets & edges I do need to work on still, my carving is getting better; but again more practice needed. No pattern, just made up as I go, So its a veg tan I got from Tandy (c.5mm thick) hand stitched with a thread, again from Tandy, the colour is the eco flow light brown cut 50/50 with water & buffed with snow paste for weather-proofing, lined with a finished pig skin lining. All comments & suggestions from improvement welcome, thanks for looking
  8. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    You could wet form the ridges in a thin leather & then attach the shaped piece to a thicker leather to make it thicker & longer lasting.
  9. Plain ol wallet luxury leather

    Love the colours
  10. Last minute gift

    I judge it to be ingenious:) what are you making?
  11. Ancient Greek Armor

    Thanks, the two sets do show the difference between pro (yours) and hobbyist (me) but I am still in awe of yours
  12. Ancient Greek Armor

    No where near as good as yours but the owner is happy & it has survived battle. Not sure if I can insert the picture (Currently mobile) but here is a link to it on my Flickr page
  13. Ancient Greek Armor

    Wow! Is all I can say, I just finished an armour Set so I feel your pain on sewing it.
  14. Now that is pretty, I have yet to find a brogue punch in my budget
  15. Looks good but what is the middle picture?