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  1. Celtic Hand Bag

    Thanks, working on building sites: I need sturdy
  2. Celtic Hand Bag

    Thanks: Carved & then I used neat dye for the background, tandy bronze for the panel & an acrylic paint for the teeth, then a antique gel wash overall
  3. Celtic Hand Bag

    So I finished my bag, its to be worn as a back pack to keep hands free.
  4. Help Please - Making Chest Armour

    Thanks Dwight, the amount of work is not an issue as I am not on a time limit, will look in to segmenta
  5. Help Please - Making Chest Armour

    Thanks Fredk, will give it a go
  6. I have agreed to make a friend a suit of armour, I have never done this & its a challenging project. A bit of background: my friend does regular sword play with nylon blades, but they still bruise & he's after a bit of protection & looking good at the same time, he prefers leather over metal for manoeuvrability. I have started to make it out of foam sheets to be able to visualise and agree the appearance, test for size & ultimately use as a pattern. This was my draft & this is the style he wants. (sorry can't seem to rotate the image) So I start to make a "pattern" copy out of foam & split pins What I am trying to understand is how to make the lower banded section (orange) and still maintain flexibility - my thought being if I just rivet them all together it will be one large immobile piece. My Google Fu has failed me on this one and so any advice is gratefully received
  7. My first leather project

    Look good, giving it a go is the only way to learn
  8. Tandy Leather Expedition Briefcase Kit

    I have made two of these bags, one was the kit & one I cut myself using the kit as a pattern I agree that the holes are large, but for a first time it was easier, also the handle is weak; on the self cut I put in a backing strip. that bag is my daily laptop bag & it's still going strong 5yr on
  9. Possibles bag

    A great use of scraps, I did have to google "possibles bag" to find out what is is & I have to say yours looks the best of the ones I saw
  10. Celtic Carving

    So this was a few firsts for me, painting a carving, using a stain block & using antique gel. I am very happy with the result - this will be a panel on a hand bag I used Tandy resit for the block & then a 3 way mix (antique gel / water / dye) for the stain. I used undiluted dye for painting in the background, a sharpie for the lines, the bronze is a tandy dye & the teeth were a citadel acrylic paint.
  11. Cutting costs the UK way

    When you have a blood test, if they use disposable rubber straps on your arm for pressure: keep it as they are great for holding rolls of leather nice & tight. i have also used them for holding wet leather on a form
  12. Greetings

    Hello from the UK. I am a hobbyist leatherworker who has only be at if for 5yrs or so, I craft for my own pleasure & for the fun of making things for others. I have a flickr account for a record <linky> I have come here for inspiration & a place to turn to when Google ails on technical queries Nice to meet you all