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  1. Leather Carving Styles....

    +1 for tattoo books, great practice for tracing and tooling
  2. Strap I made will be in a Marvel Movie

    Ohhh nice, that's what you call advertising!
  3. RR Track Anvil

    I am currently working on a new train station, every time I go on site I am nowlooking for rail off cuts
  4. Very nice, love the pattern & colours
  5. Dragon Boat Bag

    Love the concept, only comment I would say is that the stitching should follow the curve at the corners rather than be a straight line
  6. Rattlesnake Knife Sheath

    Very nice
  7. Cutting Toools (Laser or Cricut)

    Very nice, can I ask what laser cutter you have? the learning curve on the software is not so much of a concern for me, as I have dabbled with it in the past also do you have a ventilation system for the cutter?
  8. Prototype Hair-on/Alpine Grain 3-piece-body tote

    Simple style, a heavy duty canvas (printed or plain) would also work well where the hair on leather is
  9. Cutting Toools (Laser or Cricut)

    Thanks for the response, Are my blades sharp enough? probably not, sharpening is a skill I need to improve I mostly just lightweight veg tan & suede but was wanting to do some filigree work which my hand cutting skill is not up to yet
  10. Ok so some advice please: I am considering buying a cutting machine to do intricate lace / filigree work, just wondered what peoples experience is? A laser looks very cool & would cut / score / engrave Something like this <link> But the downside is the cost, smell, space, ventilation Then I came across the Cricut Maker <link> Which is a lot cheaper, but will it do the job, I can't seem to find many reviews on using leather with it. I am a hobbyist so this is not for mass production, my knife work is poor as is my drawing / tracing so this would help greatly, any comments welcome.
  11. Beautiful work, one question: has the deerskin part a drawstring or some such? I ask as it looks quite open at the top & an invite to pick pockets. but this could be paranoia on my part from commuting in London
  12. Nice, I hope your etsy goes well for you
  13. Show your Shop

    Well I assume that as he wrote the comment he has a GSOH /fingers crossed
  14. Show your Shop

    /hug lol
  15. Show your Shop

    So now I have shop envy my study is full of my books, paints & gaming rig, so I have a shelf for my LW stuff & I use the dining table so here is my shelf