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  1. Ancient Greek Armor

    Thanks, the two sets do show the difference between pro (yours) and hobbyist (me) but I am still in awe of yours
  2. Ancient Greek Armor

    No where near as good as yours but the owner is happy & it has survived battle. Not sure if I can insert the picture (Currently mobile) but here is a link to it on my Flickr page
  3. Ancient Greek Armor

    Wow! Is all I can say, I just finished an armour Set so I feel your pain on sewing it.
  4. Now that is pretty, I have yet to find a brogue punch in my budget
  5. Looks good but what is the middle picture?
  6. Not leather work but....

    I too would take one, as long as you ship to the uk
  7. Nice, just rember not to store your portable hole in there
  8. How did you get into leather work?

    I have allways been slightly arty, mostly in painting minis & scenery making, many of my friends are crafty, I wanted a new hobby where I could make things that I could share, so had to pick a skill that none of my friends did (or how else can I trade), the construction nature of LW appealed, the whole measure twice cut once & the process of deconstructing an object mentally to work out the pattern was a mental challenge that I needed to distract me at that point in life. I had some capital from an inheritance so after some research I decided leatherwork. i went to Tandy & pretty much brought one of everything, my 1st project was some Mocs that’s fell apart, the 2nd was a top hat that is so solid it could be a dangerous weapon, but I was hooked and have tried a few various things, each project teaches something new. and yes I swap / trade with friends, my current project is a suit of armour! My mum would have approved.
  9. Rope Can cover

    Nice & tidy
  10. My First Quiver

    My perverse sense of humour would have reversed the pelt so the arrows come out of the butt, but that’s just me: looks good tho
  11. On a side; do you name your tools? i have some craft friends & one evening (alcohol may have been involved) we had a very lengthy discussion and ended up naming our hammers i have a nice 1lb poly hammer that is now referred to as Henry my cheap rawhide hammer, that could not get on with has a rude name that I won’t post here
  12. Ohh i have looked at that exact laser before, do you use an extract system with it, does it smell when cutting leather, what software do you use?
  13. Sealing Leather

    Thanks for the response, he will be wearing clothes underneath; it was more to stop the leather dye from staining the clothes, external aging & wear will just add to the character of the armour a lining is an option. thanks
  14. Sealing Leather

    Some advice please; I am in the process of making a set of armour for a friend who does Hema Sword Fighting, I am a total amateur at this but I like a challenge so we have designed & made the pattern and he has got the leather a 9oz veg tan side My question is as the leather is died on both side what would be the best product to seal the dye - this will be worn during intensive activity & it will get sweaty, I am worried about the sweat causing the dye to bleed out & I want to protect the leather. Thanks for any advice.