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  1. Hair On Hide From NStarLeather

    How much was it? I don't see that on there website?
  2. First Belt of the Year

    Wow! Very Nice...
  3. KwikPrint Hot Stamp Machine Questions

    What do you SE it for?
  4. New Tools

    Looks good!
  5. Looking for all-natural veg-tan leather

    I've called HO (Hermann Oak) three different times asking for a price list knowing that I need to buy 10 hides at a time. The first two times she never retUrned my call. (She) I don't have her name with me I'm out of town right now. The last time I called they stated they would mail the information that I requested . I never received it. I grew up in St.Louis and wanted to do business with them because of that.
  6. Double sided belt

    Very Nice! What size stitching punches did you use for a belt? I want to order a set but I'm not sure what size to use for a belt.
  7. Very Nice! Who did you get your maker dye from?