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  1. Large (line 20) Segma snaps wanted

    Hi, I am looking for large line/ligne20 13mm Segma birdcage style snaps. I have a fair amount of older Western & Case knife sheaths that are damaged or missing the strap. I have included a few pics. Thanks, Tom
  2. line/ligne 20 Segma Snaps

    Looking for the large (Line/Ligne 20) Segma/Birdcage snaps. Anyone know where I can get any?? I have a few Case & Western sheaths that need new straps.
  3. Hi, hititboy here. I am new to this site & was wondering if anyone out there knows where to find the large (ligne20) Segma snaps that were used on older Case,Western knife sheaths. I have a few sheaths that need repair. I have included a few pics of the size I need. Any help is appreciated.