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  1. I found a large lot of the Ligne/line 20 Segma birdcage snaps. The caps are approx. 1/2" in diameter. Line/ligne 16 snaps are approx. 3/8" I put a few pics of the size. They fit the older Case & Western knife sheath retaining straps I will have some for sale once I get it together. Not sure how to list them for sale on this sight but I probably will list them on ebay in the next week or so.. I am new to this site so if anyone knows how people can get ahold of me on this sight, please let me know. Thanks, Tom,
  2. Large (line 20) Segma snaps wanted

    Hi, I am looking for large line/ligne20 13mm Segma birdcage style snaps. I have a fair amount of older Western & Case knife sheaths that are damaged or missing the strap. I have included a few pics. Thanks, Tom
  3. line/ligne 20 Segma Snaps

    Looking for the large (Line/Ligne 20) Segma/Birdcage snaps. Anyone know where I can get any?? I have a few Case & Western sheaths that need new straps.
  4. Hi, hititboy here. I am new to this site & was wondering if anyone out there knows where to find the large (ligne20) Segma snaps that were used on older Case,Western knife sheaths. I have a few sheaths that need repair. I have included a few pics of the size I need. Any help is appreciated.