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  1. Juki ddl 227

    I would like to thank everyone for their input I very much appreciate it
  2. Juki ddl 227

    Any thoughts on a singer 29-4 I know it's an old cobbler machine but I'm just starting out and wanting to get into leather holster and western type setups
  3. Juki ddl 227

    I would like to thank everyone for confirming what I already thought.
  4. Juki ddl 227

    That's what I thought but the seller keeps telling me it has a walking foot and I don't think that was ever an option for that model please correct me if I am wrong
  5. Juki ddl 227

    Up to this point I have hand sewn all my projects. I have the opportunity to purchase a Juki 227 with walking foot with clutch motor and table for only $200. I know Juki as a quality company but will this model with a walking foot be something that can do wallets and small bags. I would like to thank everyone in advance for their input
  6. 4 Slot Bifold Template & Directions

    Thank you for sharing