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  1. I have been trying for some time to occasionally use black or tan color highlight over my original color. Problem is that the highlight changes the original shade. Do I need to coat with something like rislone, atomic wax, or leather balm and let dry before applying the highlight or antiquing? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  2. Quick barrettes

    We have had several cuff / bracelets on Easy for quite some time and it's still slow. However the cost to list item is well within acceptable. Take good pictures, write great descriptions of product, be patient and you will sell products. It's mostly about price point and your description of products. Be patient.
  3. Tooling question.

    I went to a local marble counter top company and offered to buy a piece of scrap from him. He gave me several that were leaning against the wall and told me that I could have any that I wanted if I took a dive into his dumpster out back. I did and filled my need. BEST PART - he refused any offered payment as he said he was going to throw it all away anyway. Currently using a perfect piece for a portable work table.