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  1. Screwdivers

    I bought a full set of these a couple months ago and I can say without hesitation that Craftsman screwdrivers have become absolute and complete garbage. Every flat head driver in the kit had the plating coming off the tip on the first use. All of the flat head drivers were essentially unusable after a few uses. Nothing major, just basic adjustments to a machine and a couple uses around the house. The tips would flare out and chip and would often not even fit in the slot anymore. Garbage. Returned the whole kit. I got a set of Klein's that I'm happy with for now.
  2. I use the Gingher version of these, the "knife edge" thread nippers. I have big hands and they are very comfortable and precise to use.
  3. Cowboy or cobra?

    What is it that people are even answering here? This is like if I posted a topic called "Ford or Toyota?" and my only post in the topic was "rubber tires". What is the actual question here?
  4. Cowboy or cobra?

    I'm glad you are asking (whatever it is you are asking?), cause there is literally zero information on this site about either Cobra or Cowboy machines. Hopefully someone will come along and enlighten us in this thread. Seriously though: SEARCH FUNCTION. Both brands have been discussed to death here.
  5. Stool for sewing at

  6. Stool for sewing at

    This is what I use, since I already had it from my drum kit - https://store.dwdrums.com/p/hvy-duty-dw-throne-w-motorcycle-seat-top If it will survive multiple national tours being tossed around inside cases and my 220 lbs sitting on it for hours, sewing is no prob.
  7. Consew sewing machines

    Can I ask why you are narrowing it only to a few Consew machines with minimal thread capacity?
  8. So on page 117 of the parts manual for the 2810, it lists "Juki Grease A" part number 40006323. This is the same grease listed for the 9000 series machines, and a few others. I'll prob grab a tube at some point.
  9. Thanks for the reply. If and when it needs a little more grease, what do you use? Does Juki have some special grease they recommend?
  10. Consew sewing machines

    Or something like a Consew 2040, etc if it has to be a flat bed.
  11. You misunderstood. The machine is designed to have zero oil on the upper parts. Grease only. I'm trying to figure out how often to re-grease - there is no mention of it in the manual. (the hook get's plenty of oil, I did the paper splash test)
  12. I am copy/pasting here a post I made in another topic to get a more specific conversation going. I have a new Juki "semi-dry" machine (LU-2810) that is lubed by an oil pump underneath for the hook and lower feed, but lubed by grease and wicks on everything above the bed. Zero oil on these upper parts. None. The manual has one page about lubrication and it's basically just about how to fill the lower oil tank. There is no information about grease - like what grease, how often to re-grease, etc. (monthly, yearly?) It is seemingly "permanently lubed" north of the bed according to the manual. I come from bike shops and factory maintenance jobs. (I was also facility and equipment manager at a big screen print shop) I live by the book for maintenance but this seems like machine suicide. There must be SOME kind of recommended interval for greasing these machines? Like...the needle bar not needing oil...that's just WEIRD. Anyone have an engineer's manual for these types of Jukis? One thing I learned long ago is that if it is truly engineered for grease - DON'T oil it. Oil eventually dilutes the grease and may not supply proper lubricity for a given part. Thoughts? One thing I love is I don't really have to worry about staining at all. No need to wipe down the foot every time I start up.
  13. Binder

    I have the 1" sailrite binder. Works well on a flat bed machine with 1" pre-folded woven bias tape or similar material. It will NOT do a very thick assembly. It's nicely made though. Curiously, Sailrite does not sell binder specific presser feet along with it. It works WAY better with a generic binder presser foot set.
  14. Timing a zig zag machine

    Sailrite has some great vids about timing their Ultrafeed machines. Pretty exhaustive in detail. I have a generic clone of one (Family/Feiyue/Yamata) I got from a Goodwill depot store for $3. (yes...THREE dollars) Watched a few vids and after a bit of fiddling it runs great.
  15. Sewing Machine Game.....

    Here is a good vid of that machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6apOFMN2PTA In the vid comments is a link to the manual: http://strongbolt.work/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Rex_Chandler-26-188-and-TDU-N62.pdf 135x17 (or for leather 135x16) needle up to a size 23 so you are safely looking at a 138 thread or maybe up to a 207 with some tweaking. I keep posting up about the Sailrite/Reliable 12 coil servo motors. They have fantastic power and slow speed control. I've used ancient clutch motors, newer clutch motors, basic and more advanced servos and out of all of them the Sailrite has been my favorite. (The Reliable Sewquiet is basically the same motor) https://www.sailrite.com/Sailrite-Workhorse-Servo-Motor-110V https://store.keysew.com/catalog/product/f12bce0ab9754bbc84a8055aaf375ffc Or add a speed reducer pulley if you really want to go very slow. https://store.keysew.com/parts/sewing-parts/sr-2 You're looking at $150 - $200 for total speed control investment. Grinding the "bite" off of the presser feet and backing off the pressure should help a lot with the marks.