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  1. Had one, good machine, different beast. No comparison. If you are doing leather regularly, CB3200 all the way. Fabricator is for canvas, upholstery, light leather.
  2. Durkopp Adler 767

    The Efka motor will most likely be 220v. Impossible to say if this is a good deal without seeing the machines.
  3. Durkopp Adler 767

    The bells and whistles are nice, but you aren't doing high volume, which is what the bells and whistles are for. You can buy a brand new machine with the same sewing capacity with a warranty for the same money.
  4. LK-1900A-HS

    So I thought this machine was sewing fine but I kept getting weird skips, loose stitches and occasional birds nests (which can be VERY challenging to free up in a machine like this!), especially on heavier items and multiple layers. Slowing the machine down helped a bit but there was still some phantoms that did not want to leave. After a super thorough clean and lube, and an even more thorough inspection and inventory of issues, I ordered a slew of minor parts and dug in with the engineer's manual. Turns out on a machine like this even small deviations from adjustment specs can have big impacts. Much more so than a plain mechanical machine. Today installed a new hook, new check spring, new tension disks, new bed hinges and rubber (the old hinges were bent bad) and a few other missing screws and such and the oddly missing eye shield. Never a good idea to run a machine this fast without one. I already broke one needle last week and it shot across the shop like a bullet. Took the plunge and adjusted the timing from scratch. Turns out it was sewing ok, and "timed", but not timed exactly right to the 135x17 needle system, and the shuttle driver was adjusted WAY outboard and hitting the needle! Reset the needle bar, driver and adjusted the shuttle carriage. The adjustments on this thing are cool, very easy to time it and set the needle/hook gap. Replacing the tension disks and check spring was way more challenging than anticipated, and required some exact setup so the tension adjustments would respond correctly from the control panel. NOW it sews great. Can sew much faster and I'm not getting any weird lock ups or tension issues. Still have to repair the bottom corner of the machine where the hinge pin is. Prob JB Weld will do the trick. The hinge holds on fine and it tilts fine but I'm a completist. (is that a word?) Happy sewing.
  5. BTW I own a Singer 4411 (same as the 4432 but less variety of stitch patterns). It would stop cold before the first stitch into veg tan. Clothes and quilts and such, all day. Great machine for that.
  6. 1. No 2. Nope 3. Nada 4. SPAM ALERT Those machines are for home use, and not for leather, at ALL. Do some searching and reading here on the forum and you will start to see several machines stand out for the work you want to do. Many are advertised under the banners at the top of the page. Cowboy CB3200 and CB4500 Cobra class 3 and 4 Adler 205 series
  7. On most motors, I can squeeze a wrench on it if I temporarily remove one or two of the mounting screws that affix the motor in the housing.
  8. Singer 211g156

    Oh, I know. Been there many times. Given the choice, I'd sooner ride a bike than drive through London.
  9. Singer 211g156

    It's only like a 3 hour drive? Worth it. I've driven farther to pay more for a machine.
  10. What model is this?

    No, no and NO. 335 will struggle with anything above 92 thread, and for $1k shipped it will probably be a clunker.
  11. Yep. The side with two flats on it for a wrench goes inbound toward the motor. If it becomes stupid hard to get a standard adjustable wrench on it so you can torque the locking nut on, it's on correctly.
  12. Firefighter Sewing machine

    In the meantime: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/bainbridge--sail-palm-right-hand--P002_068_003_501
  13. Firefighter Sewing machine

    That is a sweet machine, if you are sewing a blouse. Nowhere near what you need for leather.
  14. Juki DSC 246-6

    "-6" was the older designation for Juki machines with auto functions, mainly auto thread trimmer, auto backtack, etc. Now it's a "-7" designation.
  15. Techsew 1460 update

    Have to ask... why isn't Techsew walking you through this?