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  1. New Member from Kentucky

    Welcome on board. What part of Ky are you from? I am located in Winchester just outside of Lexington.
  2. Adler 69 parts

    Bob from toledo as usual came through for me on the parts. Thanks Bob. NOw if i can get it timed right. been a chore!!
  3. kids belt

  4. kids belt

    OK thanks exactly what I was looking for. Just wanted make sure I was thinking correctly.
  5. kids belt

    Looking for advice. When making a kids one inch belt 21 inches long. Do you do the normal one inch spacing on the belt holes or 3/4 inch spacing. also 5 or 7 holes. Thanks
  6. Adler 69 parts

    Thanks guys I appreciate the information.Never have ordered from overseas not sure what to expect or how long it takes.
  7. Can someone tell me where I can find a rotary hook for my Adler 69 machine. Thanks
  8. new to me Adler 69

    It has been set up tO run 138 thread . They said it will run 138 top and bottom but suggest running 92 on the bottom. i was just wondering what others are doing.
  9. I have sold my CB 3200 and ordered a used reconditioned Adler 69. The 3200 was a great machine but just not what I needed. The 69 has a lot smaller dia. cyl. I will post some pictures when i receive it and get it mounted on a table that I am making for it. My question to anyone using this machine do you run a 138 thread top and bottom or a 138 on top with a 92 on the bottom.
  10. Cb 3200

    I may be away from the Pc for a few days. So for those who have a interest in this machine please send me an email so I can respond to you in a timely manor. Thanks
  11. I have a like new 3200 for sale. i have only sewn about 12 projects on it. A great machine i just dont use it. I know later on as my leather work grows I Will regret selling it but for now it is for sale to fund a different machine.
  12. Cb 3200

    Feel free to make a reasonable offer.
  13. Cb 3200

    I may be willing to drive part of the way to meet someone who wanted to purchase this machine.