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  1. Working On A New Hunter Sporran

    I see those now. Thanks for the information. May have to order one or two of those.
  2. Working On A New Hunter Sporran

    Great looking Sporrans and many thanks for the link to the cantles. I do have a question about the cantles. How do you attach them to the leather?
  3. Military Pommelholsters

    Looking good. Toe plugs are the bane of my existence. I cheat on them now. I stich the plug to a thinner piece of leather that is larger, it is turned up and the holster is stiched to the turned up piece. It works a little easier.
  4. Apache Inspired Rifle Sheath

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, I did the beading, first time I have tried my hand at it. I found a great tutorial on the leather forum at paleoplanet (http://paleoplanet69529.yuku.com/). That brass framed remington with the stock is a tack driver. I got the shoulder stock for an 1860 colt army I shoot and was gifted the remington. I found out that there is a bolt for the hammer that allows shoulder stocks to be added. Picked it up and with a little dremel action the stock fits both. although it will probably never be taken off the remington. Oh, and Dwight, awesome sheath and beadwork. The work that went into that beading is excellent.
  5. I made this for a friend, took the inspiration from the Apache Saddlebags that had apliqued leather over wool. This is brain tan deer with beading and red trade will. the front was sewn with buffalo leg sinew, but I moved to linen when my sinew pieces were getting short. Here it is with a few others I have done.
  6. Here is my first attempt at a Saddle Scabbard.
  7. Here is a copy of an 1860 Main and Winchester holster I recently made.