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  1. Laser Engraving

    Much appreciated, the more options the better. i've no problem purchasing the specific digital images catalogue it's just narrowing the focus of where to initially source them in the first place.
  2. Where is the money in leatherwork?

    Really interesting and knowledgeable thread, identifying so many different areas and narrowing the focus (I've disipline) certainly appears a significant key factor. I'm fortunate enough to have direct MOD & equestrian contacts (family and professional level) although that's only one aspect I have in my favour, which I aim to use and exploit where applicable. my primary focus is a combination* of the following: small woolen decorative accessories small leather goods, the list is endless but the discipline has not been fully set. laser engraving. * partner does hand made wool brooches (poppies etc) a lot to think and consider.
  3. Off-roading

    Another +1 for expedition portal. Very useful global forum. I hope to become part of the overland community once I find my ideal LR Discovery 4 (commercial).
  4. Laser Engraving

    Thanks for the reply, and yes understandable reference the copyright issue and looking at alternative sources other than my manufacturers recommendations. Clipart is another option although purchasing a digital catalogue for my SD card is my overall aim.
  5. Some Motorcycle Bags

    Understandable, I’m going to eventually attempt a similar style on my Bonneville Speedmaster. just need a template.
  6. Some Motorcycle Bags

    Very nice. The centre fitmemt brown bags still ok to ride with?
  7. Laser Engraving

    Unsure if I’m in the minority, part of my leatherwork is laser engraving however I’m consistently seeking value for money (or free) web sources to improve images etc. ideally none that are linked to spam etc would help.
  8. what do you do for a living

    Government (MoD)
  9. Cutting costs the UK way

    I’ve a few kitchen & bathroom suppliers near me so I intend to exploit th3m first before going the general retail route. patience is virtue like many things for the right item.
  10. Cutting costs the UK way

    @fredk Thank for the home bargains link, very useful. reference desktop storage, of which mine is always needing improvement I just purchased a Vonhaus 12 multi drawer organiser, I was struggling to source a small one for less than £10 (poundword plus are doing very smallmulti drawers too). £9 inc delivery. Ebay number: 272142662315 Hope it helps someone.
  11. Another New member

    Unable to find via Tapatalk so decided to join and extract info & contribute where possible. UK based, primarily a hobby and go from there, seeking ideas of trying to self-refine the art of leathercraft mainly but not over complicating it in the process, I focus mainly on small accessories and avoiding skimping on quality.