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  1. Stitching horse.

    Nice piece, I’m currently making one from pallet wood so good to see variations.
  2. Show your Shop

    @farmersracer you sir, I doth my cap. A workshop & motorcycle storage combination. Things I can only dream of, i’ve Also a Triumph (Speedmaster).
  3. That colour really stands out, nice project.
  4. Medieval Money Pouch

    Nice job.
  5. Hello and Goodbye

    I'd like to echo all others positive comments & hope @Mjolnir Remain's part of this website/forum.
  6. Thanks for the advice, just out of curiousity what's the situation from the leathercrafters viewpoint towards 'copyright or ownership' of an individual handle. As my work is a combination of certain small accessories and periodically bespoke 'one off items' made to order only.
  7. Show your Shop

    Well, it’s good to see this thread (pun intended) flowing well & increasing with various and interesting contributions. My original old work space (the closet page 4 I think) is thankfully redundant & my new self made bench is edging towards completition (for now at least). i’ll echo @Mjolnir viewpoints on a great thread, long may it continue.
  8. Show your Shop

    Tranquil working environment, I like. @Sledzep01 nice DIY mini pony, I currently use same method.
  9. work bench

    Cheers Mike, it’s one a few options I’ll certainly consider.
  10. work bench

    Thanks Mike, Would that mixture harden the wood surface more or mainly give it the long life protection?
  11. Tapatalk

    Thanks for the link & info. yes, I’m aware of the add’s side of Tapatalk, I just thought an open debate on what the overall feedback on the consideration And option from as many members interested.
  12. work bench

    Phase 2 1x 4x4ft x 18mm sheet half'd & joined together for strength, just need a protection agent but I don't want marine varnish. @SonderingSusan nice bench you have there.
  13. Tapatalk

    Thanks for the reply & info. IMO there’s more positives than negatives in relation to Tapatalk due to its wider audience, I fully understand and respect others viewpoints on the subject however when I first started in leatherwork I was gobsmacked of how little amount of publications were available in leatherwork, hence why I’m glad this site/forum become available. I’m not against rooted or jail broken devices & I’m aware it does have its fan base for the unrestricted user, however for the general end user then Tapatalk is a asset & more importantly to promote the site overall (increase web traffic too) then another social platform for should be embraced or at least considered. lastly, in relation to uploading images for critique and troubleshooting I’ve found Tapatalk just as easy to use as the other forums I’m a member of. just my tuppence worth.
  14. work bench

    Well due to further frustration of acquiring a HD table with no success I’ve decided to use the current scrap wood laying around to build a table frame, my woodwork skills are lousy but my current work space is irritating me Beyond belief. Will be shopping for a hard top tomorrow to complete phase 1.
  15. Tapatalk

    I carried out a search & apart from the subject of a mobile app will the site admin consider Tapatalk option at all? (or is it case of economics) genuinely curious.