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  1. Are girls allowed? :P

    @karlova Firstly, welcome to the forum & secondly I really like your daysack & accessories wallet, aweome. There's no better pride, well being and pride in designed, crafting and seeing the finished product.
  2. Military Surplus

    As @fredk has highlighted sourcing your suppliers within the military surplus environment can be an ongoing relentless challenge. Unsure how may governent affiliated websites are stateside however most are primarily bankrupt stock or auction job lots, and from the UK it's networked via DS&E which is part of the MOD chain, which is the British version of the US DOD. Good luck with your venture.
  3. Hello from Northampton, UK

    Wednesday evening' you say? Interesting and also dangerously tempting... Thanks for the info.
  4. @Wizcrafts To be honest no, which is strange as the section is small and in it' infancy. Thanks for making a specific section though, appreciated.
  5. I recently acquired a basic laser engraver, A5 NEJE 500mw type just to see if I and the machine are user friendly and potential to possibly upgrade to an A3 size. IIRC I did previously mention on another thread trying to purchase a premium digital image catalogue which is compatible with my equipment.
  6. Hello from Northampton, UK

    @dibsandthemachine Welcome to the forum, I've got family in Southfields area, and yet to my shame I've still not visited the Tandy factory. Regards
  7. Hi there's, new guy from UK

    Welcome to the forum.
  8. Stitching horse.

    Nice piece, I’m currently making one from pallet wood so good to see variations.
  9. Show your Shop

    @farmersracer you sir, I doth my cap. A workshop & motorcycle storage combination. Things I can only dream of, i’ve Also a Triumph (Speedmaster).
  10. That colour really stands out, nice project.
  11. Medieval Money Pouch

    Nice job.
  12. Thanks for the advice, just out of curiousity what's the situation from the leathercrafters viewpoint towards 'copyright or ownership' of an individual handle. As my work is a combination of certain small accessories and periodically bespoke 'one off items' made to order only.
  13. Show your Shop

    Well, it’s good to see this thread (pun intended) flowing well & increasing with various and interesting contributions. My original old work space (the closet page 4 I think) is thankfully redundant & my new self made bench is edging towards completition (for now at least). i’ll echo @Mjolnir viewpoints on a great thread, long may it continue.
  14. Show your Shop

    Tranquil working environment, I like. @Sledzep01 nice DIY mini pony, I currently use same method.
  15. work bench

    Cheers Mike, it’s one a few options I’ll certainly consider.