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  1. What leather for bags

    I just made one with garment or upholstery leather and it's too soft. If you want to make a tote, use something with some stiffness to it. I use 4-5 oz. veg tan and it is not too heavy but still keeps its shape.
  2. Hoping to be able to use this thread. Need longer stitches but machine is wicked old. Cowboy Bob, do you have a part I can get to make it stitch longer? It did stitch in a groove I put in some scrap chrome leather and did a great job, but then I fiddled with it and messed up the tension. Need to make time to mess with it again.
  3. Setting snaps

    hello again. I have a problem setting snaps. It seems they just don't want to set properly for me. I thought I would outsmart them and get some snaps from FastSnap Corp. being a "military grade" snap, but nooooooooo, same problem. Is it really a post problem? I mean, I really have to line up the leather and put a leather washer on the post so that the leather is even with the post once you push it through before you whack it? I like to use line 24 and have a setter from Gold Star. Any help appreciated.
  4. Singer 29k51 Stitch Adjustment

    where is the bell crank lever?
  5. Bob, what does it take to get a Singer 29-4 to make bigger stitches. What do I need to replace and is there a replacement

    part for it?

    1. CowboyBob


      When they were new they made 7 stitches per inch,how long is yours?I did a search on the forum I know it's been talked about many times b4 & here's one thread about it.


  6. Singer 29-4 New Member, "New" machine

    OK then, a nice 29-4 for sale in Maine. $500
  7. Hi, Thanks for letting me join. There is so much good info on this site. Congratulations! I have just acquired a Singer cobbler's patcher machine. A few parts were missing but that is now resolved. I want to be able to use #69 bonded nylon thread but it isn't working. The thread is being chewed up on the top and the bottom. I know that it is all about tension on vintage machines, as I have become a repair-person after my Touch & Sew died. Tension, needle size, threading, etc. but my main question is: why the heck didn't they make the bobbin bigger? I can't believe a machine that is supposed to be able to stitch leather shoes and boots has so small a bobbin!!! I really need for this machine to sew bonded nylon size #69 thread since my main leather projects are belts and purses. If you guys have a true 29-4 and can walk me through exactly what each part is for and how I can get this thread to work, I would be most grateful! Thanks so much. Here is a recent purse I finished. I am a fan of simple design.