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  1. Singer 29-4 New Member, "New" machine

    OK then, a nice 29-4 for sale in Maine. $500
  2. Hi, Thanks for letting me join. There is so much good info on this site. Congratulations! I have just acquired a Singer cobbler's patcher machine. A few parts were missing but that is now resolved. I want to be able to use #69 bonded nylon thread but it isn't working. The thread is being chewed up on the top and the bottom. I know that it is all about tension on vintage machines, as I have become a repair-person after my Touch & Sew died. Tension, needle size, threading, etc. but my main question is: why the heck didn't they make the bobbin bigger? I can't believe a machine that is supposed to be able to stitch leather shoes and boots has so small a bobbin!!! I really need for this machine to sew bonded nylon size #69 thread since my main leather projects are belts and purses. If you guys have a true 29-4 and can walk me through exactly what each part is for and how I can get this thread to work, I would be most grateful! Thanks so much. Here is a recent purse I finished. I am a fan of simple design.