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  1. Another Clicker post

    So my needs are simple for now. I need a press to chop out smaller pieces from piles of post commercial leather waste. My pieces hardly ever exceed 6" in any direction, most being around the 2" x 4" size. What kind of tonnage am I looking at for punching through 12 oz. to 14 oz. latigo? What would be my cheapest and easiest options? I see refurbished 'clicker presses' on eBay and I'm not sure if building the whole setup from just a ram and a stand is a good route to follow or if a completed setup is. I possess the skills to put something like this together... It's just a lot of work when I should be leather working. Currently I use a double jack sledgehammer with the handle cut short and welded steel homemade dies. This can't continue... LOL
  2. Leaf Carving Tutorial

    Sa-weet! Love to see more. Beautiful work!
  3. Utility messenger bag with a little surprise

    That's some crazy senoritas inside that bag there...Ay yai yai!
  4. Print your own self bonding linings

    Crazy ideas... I love 'em! Nice and thanks for the heads up on this!
  5. Dead Blow Hammer

    There's a rule? I thought it was just no hammers against hammers... LOL
  6. Weaver Leather Supply

    Tandy doesn't charge for a wholesale account if you are a manufacturer of leather goods.
  7. Dead Blow Hammer

    Being a carpenter I tend to use whichever is closest to me at the time. The years of swinging a hammer has given me the wrist turn to control the blow however i wish. I never use a deadblow for leatherwork though.
  8. Good youtube videos for beginners?

    Absolutely made my day. Thank you!
  9. Minimum Thickness Of Leather To Carve It Is...

    2-3 oz. Just hold the knife over your layout and IMAGINE the knife cutting and your done. Anything deeper is through the piece. I use a different swivel knife just for the thin leathers. Lighter, less steep of an angle and this makes a kerf just a tad wider than my normal knife yet sharp enough to cut without applying hardly any pressure. The weight of the light knife is enough. I made the thin leather knife from a common one, just re-shaped the bevels on the blade.
  10. Are girls allowed? :P

    OMG... I am in love with Bonny. What a patient dog to pose for you. I am liking the rough nautical look you have in your items. You definitely have a style. Don't get discouraged by Etsy. I haven't sold a thing there either. I think they show your items at the very last if you don't give them money to market your stuff for you. Again, Great work! And if Bonny comes up missing... I have the dog. Just kidding.
  11. “Raised” Effect/Beveling

    Absolutely beautiful @JRLeather2 Absolutely beautiful...
  12. Finally finished the gentleman's steampunk corset

    Like I previously said. There are ways to attach buckles using rivets that are more secure and will indeed hold the back fat my friend! Al Stohlman sets the benchmark in his books.
  13. Finally finished the gentleman's steampunk corset

    LOL... So instead of the hour-glass shaped panels they would be more diamond shaped...
  14. Finally finished the gentleman's steampunk corset

    The straps are too short, squared ends look bad, and improper technique for attaching them. IMHO.
  15. Steampunk related goods

    What's the status of the free advertising? ... Any publicity for my wares would be awesome....