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  1. Kydex/Leather Gorget

    Is the toaster oven for Pop-Tarts?
  2. Attaching shoulder armor

    Whats wrong with riveting these to the jacket directly?
  3. Dispatch Bag

    Looks good. Alot of fine stitching there. I have to admit... When I saw the title of this post I thought it was a bag used for killing some kind of animal.
  4. Contrasting color thread

    Allow dye to dry before buffing then apply resolene 50/50 with water via airbrush. Allow to dry completely. Wash your hands thoroughly before sewing.
  5. My hobby room

    @bikermutt07 Is that a wrapped sword above your head board shelf?
  6. Chest-piece Armor

    Nice job. I'm loving the Sheridan leather tooling on your paultrons. Like a nod to the future(past?) Is that yellow or white acrylic paint in the double lines by the tri-weave border? Does the double ranger belt attach to the cuirass or is it a stand-alone belt for sword and/or axe? and finally... LOL, How man hours do you think you have from start to finish? You should change your profile from " Specialty:Armour mostly but no pro. " to " Specialty:Armour. " Great work!
  7. First post

    Pretty sweet stuff for just a year into it...
  8. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I believe most modern leather embossing is done on leather around 5-6 oz. and thinner. A little trivia for anyone interested-- "BruichLaddich Grain" was originally developed by thrifty Scots on the Isle of Islay as a method of utilizing the mash byproduct of the whisky distillation process. Utilizing vintage charred oak barrels that have served their whisky aging purpose, Highland cattle skins are layered within the barrels and interspersed with copious amounts of leftover barley mash. Over time, sometimes as long as 12 or more years, the skins develop the familiar pebbled, shrunken grain. The mash also imbues the skin with its customary Cognac color. Hides aged 30 years are the connoisseur's choice, and only available at the most exclusive made to order boot makers. Most are private firms who only accept commissions via referral. In less democratic times the skins were reserved for nobles. Known in the U.S. as "Scotch" grain, a misnomer. Scots' grain is correct for those unable to properly pronounce BruichLaddich. Much of what passes for genuine Scots' grain is leather squeezed with embossing rollers to simulate the effect of mash aging.
  9. Show your Shop

    Did I miss the wood stove? Seems like one belongs in here...LOL
  10. New to forum, showing some work

    Wow... That looks good. I love the dog. Can you do a treeing walker?
  11. Overpriced Stamps?

    Am I crazy or is $40 for a James Linnell 1/2" stamp seem a bit steep for a single stamp? I thought Tandy was bad at $27 for their top of the line stamps... Is there an alternative source for the dragon scale patterns? If I were to spend that much on a single stamp, I would end up stamping EVERYTHING with it to justify the cost... LOL
  12. getting my logo stamp, suggestions?

    I have always had the fear of my business name in a stamp in an obvious place messing up an otherwise awesome project. Since my name isn't " Louis Vuitton " I too remain on the fence about this.
  13. Paint remains tacky

    Great bit of info try try out. Thanks fredk !
  14. 100 year old chaps

    Try posting other pic by itself.
  15. 100 year old chaps

    I too, would love to see photos of this journey you are taking...