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  1. Here's the two grooves on either side of the raw veg tan strip...
  2. I don't always have the $$$ to give away for something I can fabricate from crap laying around the workshop. From left to right, rear row--> large bag punches and wide oblong specialty punch, variable size billet tip 'V' shape, several size 1/2 round billet tips, 90 degree rounders and full cirlcle punches. The very far back is a gear tip cutter for steampunk projects. Front row, left to right--> wood handle is stitching groover/border tool. I have a long cutter that goes out to 6", wire shaped tool is freehand groover. the square root looking tool is another billet tip cutter. The fork is obviously a thonging chisel and the handle from fork is a french skiver. I still use these tools everyday... My cost is just time spent digging around garage looking for pipe scraps and the time to make the tool itself...
  3. I am making a harness/blouse and I have a 1/4" strip of leather between two grooves as a border on the pieces. I wish to retain the pale look of the veg tan on this strip and dye the rest to a dark brown. What is the best way of doing this. If I need to post a picture or two to clarify please just ask.
  4. That's because of the moisture content I'm sure. Once tanned properly everything should tool well. Maybe just a leg to start with and get a feel for it.
  5. 9 years later and I'm back haha

    Welcome back... Sounds weird since I'm new. Let's see some pix!!!
  6. Craftool Edge Bevelers

    Bastards! Are they same brand?
  7. Craftool Edge Bevelers

    Does anybody happen to know the mm equivalent of Craftools Sizes? The only info I can find is "The larger the number, the wider the bevel." LOL I have a size #2 and a size #3 but the #2 is still a bit large for 3/4 oz. leather. Any help?
  8. Steampunk Vampire Hunting Kit

    Thank you. I agree about the functional aspect of anything... or else it's just a pile of gears and crap like you said. On a side note... One of my future projects is to be putting picatinny rails and laser sights on a flintlock... Gotta love the anachronistically incorrectness of it. Thank you all for the nice words.
  9. Campaign Chair

    Hella cool...
  10. Fantasy Scale Lamellae Cuirass

    I'm selling it. I have a few more I've made or 'up-cycled' like this one:
  11. Fantasy Scale Lamellae Cuirass

    Well I did do some dumpster diving to get this material. Yes. These particular pieces were actually shaped like willow leaves, so each scale is one of those cut in half. I had to "pick" each leaf off of a tanned side with big pieces cut out from the manufacturing process. Each side only had like 10-15 leaves... The rest of the leather I hand punched to make other lamellar armor and items.
  12. Making a Leather Bottle

    Bring back the photos please...