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  1. Show your Shop

    @Ouird Love your lighting solution on bench. As far as your taxidermy mount on wall... It's easiest to hunt those in the rain.
  2. A big "First" for me ;)

    So I like the Sheridan style of carving. Tell me... What style of music do you play and does it match that? I could guess blues because the ashtray but I see no bourbon in pix.
  3. A stamp I designed

    Looks great @MattW Do you have a name for the pattern?
  4. Can't identify this stitching technique

    It's called a blanket stitch I believe...
  5. Don't be a one trick pony.

    Right... Too easy. Haven't ventured into contemporary bags but I've done my share of the Renaissance variety, steampunk thighbags, and plenty of sporrans...
  6. Wow... Great work and I know it's been said already but... very inspiring!
  7. "vegan" leather suitable for straps?

    What he said.
  8. "vegan" leather suitable for straps?

    And vegans do not drink mead or eat honey. Not because we box up bees or abuse them with smokers while we steal their honey. It's because bees add invertase.... This enzyme helps change sucrose into equal parts glucose and fructose. Just droppin' knowledge.
  9. Log Cabin

    Wow... I love the attention to details you have
  10. Cool way to sharpen bevelers!

    I was video view 666... Wonder if I should worry.
  11. Really?@!

    I think it's entirely generation by generation. I'd be willing to bet that those who like to think they are being safe are of an older crowd. Facebook is a great networking tool. Giving your cell number assures you can get back into your acct should you lose or forget your password or sign-in info. No email boogey back and forth with pass-phrases etc. Another way closed groups are used. Online gamer's who are in teams use closed groups to strategize and not worry about "spies"
  12. Great tip! I have started to pay attention to details like that recently and the quality and aesthetics goes up! Love it!
  13. Right? @JLSleatherDid you mean don't darken the keepers edge ?
  14. Speedloader Pouch

    Something like this?