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  1. I found one for around $200 too, same answer... walk away...?? Looks very clean from the pictures, but the guy has no clue about machine, got it on a bulk state sale and is like 100miles away from me to just go and test it..
  2. Singer 51W55, any feedback..??

    No we where sewing Aramid like crazy (Spectra and Boron too), the idea was to fold it in a "Origami" shape so they where no weak ends/edges (work great on test and on the field too).. Growing up in Colombia was pretty dangerous but if you where on the right place you got to play with a bunch of cool toys (we got a whole shipment of Adler's with tons of spare parts and a open book DHL account from Germany) but seldom use the Kevlar treads (don't ask me why, recommended by Trevira and the other suppliers)
  3. Singer 51W55, any feedback..??

    I grow up with the Pfaff "Codo Derecho" (the beam type) produccion and prototyping all kinds of Bicycle, camping equipment and camera gear, not until I start to sew Kevlar I got into walking foot's, but never had a Post or a beam with a walking foot.. In any case the use will be mostly for a few layers of heavy Cordura and tubular webbing but needs to be able to saw it with out difficulty.. Time to keep saving and looking for toys..
  4. Singer 51W55, any feedback..??

    You guys just save me a bunch of money, thanks..
  5. Singer 51W55, any feedback..??

    Thanks senor Uwe, the google part i got even a PDF of the parts, but what I want was you last words "I never hear of it"
  6. Sorry I search but did not find anything on the site.. Tall Pedestal, rolling foot.. Thanks ricky
  7. sure it will need to be kind of a "Bro-Deal", i was trying to give a real alternative for dealing with the inside of the building constrains.. I will also suggest to make a "Big foot print" platform using 2x6 so is very rigid and can spread the load of the machine (Awesome monster and work too by the way) so the load and vibration can be spread more evenly..
  8. What about taking out a window and use a fork lift to lift it up.. This is pretty much the method to bring big items into your tiny apartments all over the Nederlands, Belgium, etc
  9. Kevlar thread ??

    FYI: in motorcycle road riding and racing Kevlar was the "Thing" for about a year, 1999-2000, sure the fiber it self is wonderful but the leather surrounding it get cut and catastrophically fail instead of a few lost stickes.. I look for pictures to show the evidence.. As far as I know Aramid, is a commercial name for Kevlar (invented by Dupond)
  10. Brass Drilled Solid Rivet

    Check "Aircraft rivets" they come in all kind of shapes. well they can be made in all kind of shapes with the right "Buck" (The back plate..
  11. Consew Model 28

    I already have absolute respect for your opinions after a few posting I read, as usual you make perfect sense.
  12. Consew Model 28

    Thank you for the tip on the Bobbins, the leather for my car seats is coming next week and I need to start practising a long lost skill..
  13. Consew Model 28

    I did read the rules, about starting a new posting but since this is the only one about this machine I'm making a exception.. why so little information about them..? Visit three shops in Minneapolis and they all look at me like I'm a martian and have zero parts for it, even sometime as simple as Bobbins... I need some few basic parts where can I get them..?? I will never be a "Pro" I'm kind of a hack actually but I do want my machine to run as well as it can.. thanks ricky
  14. Soft Horween Leather Sale $4 foot and under

    Sorry I did not see it.. Another stupid question, I'm making seat covers for my landcruiser, I want to have some "Caracter" on them like a old bomber jacket, soft and comfortable and i dont care if it get scrap up, sounds like your leather will do the trick, or i'm mistakes (I read like 8 reviews about it) No idea what i will do with 118feet of grey leather but if i works for the seats I'm interested (some of that awesome Orange/red too) oh stimated (Slow) shipping to Minneapolis please..
  15. Soft Horween Leather Sale $4 foot and under

    any change you have a picture of the shade of Grey.. sorry i'm not familiar with most terms..