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  1. I made this as a retirement gift for a friend. It's only the second luggage tag that I made. The color looks purple in the image, but it is actually blue.
  2. I traced the letters in pencil with a stencil. Then I carefully used an x-acto blade and sliced the traced letters, not cutting all the way through the leather, just enough so that when I painted it I wouldn't have any bleed over. Painted with black acrylic leather paint and then wiped the dye across the top after the paint dried (there was a little paint smear, but oh well). This was a first attempt sort of thing. I only do it as a hobby, not for making money, and give out some original gifts for friends...... Im happy with it. Go for it and try out new things, you'd be surprised at what you come up with.
  3. This is my first attempt at making a luggage tag. I made the design from combining a few variations that I saw online, and came up with this. The next one I make will have a wider fold over snap. I made it from 2 / 3 oz veg tan and 2 / 3 oz veg tan gator embossed, stained Moccasin Brown. This one is most likely going to go out as a Christmas gift to a friend. Let me know what you think (keeping in mind that I am a novice). Thanks
  4. The "JUNKMAN" is on 2/3 oz veg tanned leather. I used a stencil and traced them out. I then carefully sliced the outline of the letters with an x-acto blade and painted them black using a toothpick with acrylic leather paint. I dyed the red over the top and you can see that the black smeared a little. It was a tedious pain in the butt, but I'm happy with the outcome for a novice.
  5. My cousin wanted a wallet made from the tops of an old pair of work boots. He's a junkman that goes by the name "Junkman" and goes through work boots like crazy. The outer is from the boots and the inner is 2/3oz veg tan.
  6. Just some Tandy veg tan. 2/3 for the shell and 6/7 for the badge insert. Still getting the hang of it.
  7. Police badge wallets only come in the standard "tactical" black so I decided to make this blue line one for myself. Still a novice but I'm having fun making stuff. Now i'm getting all sorts of requests from friends at work.........
  8. I got some alligator scraps on eBay with the intent of making a few small items. I also got some alligator printed leather from Tandy and took a crack at that. Can you guess which one is the real gator? I think they came out pretty nice for a newbie. I can't decide what friend i'm going to gift these to.
  9. Prestige593

    Adding a pocket to a messenger bag?

    This is an awesome idea. I think that by doing that I can even add a small pocket on the inside and the stitch lines will be concealed by the large pocket on the outside. The inside one will be very small, maybe just to hold business cards in, or a double to also hold a phone. Thanks for the idea. I just need to figure out how to make my cuts on the outer edges of the bottom where it folds over so that its not too bulky. Maybe just a diagonal on the seem that gets stitched. Thanks for the idea.
  10. This is my first attempt at a messenger bag. Its a simple fold over design with no liner. I would like to add a pocket to the outside of the front panel that will be concealed by the flap (circled in red). Maybe something for a cell phone or something small. My question is, how do I make the measurements for the pocket panel? I feel that if I make a simple rectangle and stitch it on 3 side it will be so flush to the bag that it won't have any inner depth. Should I cut the pocket panel in a trapezoid and stitch at right angles? This sounds like it would make sense to allow for room in the pocket. Maybe angles at just a 1/4" or something?
  11. Prestige593

    2nd Wallet

    Made my second wallet. Used 4-5 oz for the back and 2-3 oz for the pockets and ID window. I bought the Nigel Armiatge wallet pack plans and modified the design using his dimensions. On the next one I think that I will have to add a few MM (He is in the UK, so dimensions are metric) to the design to account for shrinkage from the dye step. This one came out a little tight, and I hope it stretches out a bit. It was made for a friend.
  12. Prestige593

    First post, First project.

    I used 2 coats of USMC Black Fiebings dye and 1 coat of Fiebings Resolene. Next one I am gonna try and use mink oil from my shoe polish kit and see what that does.
  13. Prestige593

    First post, First project.

    Thank you everyone for the nice comments and encouragement. I originally had planned on rounding the corners but decided against it because I didnt want to risk a mistake of unevenness. I also really didnt think about the stitch holes and how they would look at the angle, but will take that into consideration for the next one. Also, thanks for the advice on using lining leather next time, I didn't even know that existed. The only downside is that I already have a few expensive hobbies and think I added another one........
  14. Prestige593

    First post, First project.

    Hello, This is my first post and my first project. I needed to make a new leather fishing pliers holster so I walked into my local Tandy shop a few weeks ago. A few $100 later I walked out with a bunch of tools, chemicals, and leather. I am still going to make that pliers holster, but made a wallet to start off with. I am brand new to leather crafting and only know what I know from this forum for a few weeks and YouTube. I plan on gifting this to a buddy for his birthday. I stamped his initials in it with some of my wife's metal stamps (not really made for leather). Made from 4/5 oz veg tan shoulder, stained USMC Black, and hand stitched with Lt Grey thread. A simple 2 pocket card wallet lined with material liner from Joanne's. I found the wallet template online. Very simple and I had fun making it. I don't think that I'll line the inside with fabric on the next one. The cement came through the fabric in some areas and was a little messy. Let me know what you think. Mark - Hollywood, FL