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    Hunting, fishing, shooting,reloading, and now......leatherwork!

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    Just a rookie at rifle slings,guitar straps, holsters, knife sheaths, multi tool sheaths, key fobs, and belts.
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  1. Recent projects

    Very nice! Love the splotchy one.
  2. Hello from Georgia - Introduction

    Good lookin' sheath! Welcome to the forum!
  3. Sig P320 Holster

    Clean! Man that's nice!
  4. Thanks. Yeah I did that with a dremel tool. Went with the ol' carving in the tree look. Ewayne I used Ecoflo Bison Brown and neatsfoot oil.
  5. Here's a mystery braid bracelet I made for my wife for Valentines day. This is 7-8oz leather so I could only get 2 sets in it. I beveled the strands too and that seemed to help getting them to lay across each other.
  6. I see I'm not the only one that made his wife something for Valentine's day. Good job Gus.
  7. One of latest works

    Nice. I've been thinking about making some of these. Where do you get the wooden thing?
  8. Finished Wallet

    Thanks bikermutt thanks!
  9. Very cool idea. I think you nailed it.
  10. Finished Wallet

    Thanks updn!